aqfer Launches NextGeneration SIReady Marketing Data Lake

first_img Aqferdigital marketing platformsmanaged service providersMarketing TechnologyNewsSaassystems integrators Previous ArticleMimecast Appoints Brandon Bekker to Lead EMEA regionNext ArticleRising Star in Digital Telco Market Calls on Oracle Innovative Framework Enables Systems Integrators and MSPs to Customize Platforms with Speed and Cost Effectivenessaqfer, the leading SaaS provider supporting a data-centric marketing architecture, announced the launch of its next generation marketing data lake platform. The solution enables systems integrators (SIs) or engineers building digital marketing platforms for managed service providers (MSPs), ad tech companies or marketing agencies to drastically reduce the time and cost associated with customizing solutions for marketers while simultaneously increasing data integration and management functionality and dramatically reducing support and operating costs. The framework allows SI’s to focus their engineering resources on the initiatives that will directly increase enterprise value. This next-gen release further enhances aqfer’s CDP offering, providing repeatable solutions that are highly customizable, cost-effective and future-proof.As data-driven digital marketing continues its rise in importance, it is crucial for marketers to automate processes and take back control of their data in order to protect it and increase their speed and agility. A recent study found that over half of marketers still find data management difficult to implement.Marketing Technology News: The Measurement Advantage: Marketing Leaders Are Four Times As Likely As Laggards To Exceed Business Goals, Grow Revenue, And Gain Market Share“Our marketing data lake does exactly what the best technology should do — it decreases the effort needed to process and serve up the right data to guide smarter marketing initiatives. What used to take four to six weeks can now be done in two days,” said Daniel Jaye, CEO and Co-Founder, aqfer. “We are proud to say that no other company can match aqfer’s level of customization with the speed and cost savings that aqfer can provide to SI’s. Through our white-labeled approach, aqfer is establishing a new standard for marketing effectiveness.”aqfer is committed to delivering agnostic cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the way SI’s build out marketing data environments for their clients to help them always be prepared to capitalize on the latest developments in technology and meet every big data marketing challenge in an ever-changing marketplace. aqfer’s marketing data lake serves to redraw the engineering roadmap at every company. The framework is designed to deliver in a repeatable approach that is fully customizable, extensible at every layer and most importantly can be used at scale for data from all stages of the customer journey.Marketing Technology News: Uberflip Reveals Meaningful Content Experiences Positively Influence Marketing and Sales ConversionsThe aqfer marketing data lake includes:Data integration service: Allows marketers to get their detailed data from all marketing partners curated and collated for consumption for analytics and activationDistribution service: Empowers marketers to activate their data with partners however it works best for them in a secure and privacy compliant mannerAdvanced data analytics: Gives marketers the actionable data insights they need to succeed in real-timeMachine learning: Includes predictive analytics tools and allows marketers to build custom lookalike audiences and better decisioning.Marketing Technology News: Outdated Technology Preventing Banks from Investing in Disruptive Technologies, According to Fenergo Survey aqfer Launches Next-Generation SI-Ready Marketing Data Lake PRNewswireMay 15, 2019, 10:35 pmMay 15, 2019 last_img read more

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals SSDs and HDDs

first_imgBest Amazon Prime Day Deals: SSDs and HDDs By Michael Sexton on July 16, 2019 at 11:07 am Dani From ‘Girl Next Door’ is Absolutely Gorgeous Now at 36 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared Extremetech may earn affiliate commissions from the shopping links included on this page. To find out more, read our complete terms of use. You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Amazon’s Prime Day sales event is back again this year with countless deals on just about everything money can buy. Included in this are some excellent deals on SSDs and storage devices. After carefully sorting through the available deals, we’ve compiled this list of the best storage deals going on right now.Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD (R/W: 3,500/3,000MB/s)Adata has made quite a name for itself in the SSD market by offering affordable high-performance SSDs. This model of the company’s popular XPG SX8200 Pro product line has 512GB of storage space and it’s one of the fastest NVMe SSDs on the market with a read speed of 3,500MB/s. Right now this SSD is marked down from $129.99 to $74.99, and it drops an additional 6% with a clickable coupon on the store page that drops its final price to $70.49.Regular Price: $129.99Price From Amazon: $70.49Western Digital Black 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD (R/W: 3,400/2,800MB/s)Western Digital got a late start into the SSD market but has since become a force to be reckoned with. This WD Black drive can hold 500GB of data and it features a fast read speed of 3,400MB/s. The drive is also marked 47 percent off, which drops its price from $149.99 to $79.99.Regular Price: $149.99Price From Amazon: $79.99Intel 660p Series 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD (R/W: 1,800/1,800MB/s)Intel’s 660p isn’t the fastest NVMe SSD on the market and its read/write speeds are both capped at 1,800MB/s. It features a 1TB capacity, however, and it’s one of the least expensive NVMe SSDs of this size available.Regular Price: $149.99Price From Amazon: $79.99Samsung 860 QVO 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA-III SSD (R/W: 550/520MB/s)Large 2.5-inch SSDs like this one are slowly heading off the market as they are being replaced by smaller and faster M.2 NVMe drives. If your PC doesn’t support an M.2 slot, however, getting a 2.5-inch SATA-III SSD like this one will provide a significant performance boost over an HDD.Regular Price: $129.99Price From Amazon: $99.99Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD (R/W: 3,500/3,000MB/s)This model of Adata’s XPG SX8200 Pro offers just as much performance as the 512GB version, but with twice as much storage space. It also offers more gigs per buck compared to its less expensive counterpart. It’s marked down from $219.99 to $149.99 after a 32 percent discount, and it drops to $134.99 after applying a coupon that knocks off an additional 10 percent.Regular Price: $219.99Price From Amazon: $134.99Samsung 970 Evo 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD (R/W: 3,500/2,500MB/s)Reading data at 3,500MB/s, this SSD hits the limits of what the M.2 interface is capable of when connected using PCI-E 3.0 lanes. The drive was built using Samsung’s V-NAND 3-bit MLC NAND, which offers excellent performance. The drive is also rated to last for up to 1.5 million hours before failing.Regular Price: $299.99Price From Amazon: $169.99Western Digital Blue 3D Nand 4TB SATA-III SSD (R/W: 560/530MB/s)If you need a large and fast storage device, then this SSD will be perfect for you. Its enormous 4TB capacity can hold more data than the average person will use for several years. It’s also one of the fastest SATA-III SSDs and it can write data at a speed of up to 560MB/s. During Amazon’s Prime Day sales event you can get this drive marked down from $549.99 to $429.99.Regular Price: $549.99Price From Amazon: $429.99Seagate BarraCuda 4TB 3.5-Inch SATA-III HDD (R/W: 190MB/s)If that 4TB SSD is out of your price range but you still need large amounts of storage space, then a traditional 3.5-inch HDD like this one is a sensible alternative. Its read and write performance are significantly slower at 190MB/s, but it’s also significantly less expensive at just $79.99. This drive also comes with a large 256MB cache that helps to accelerate file navigation.Regular Price: $99.99Price From Amazon: $79.99SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External USB3.1 Type-C SSD (R/W: 550/500MB/s)This compact external SSD easily fits in your pocket, which makes it easy for you to take large amounts of data with you anywhere you go. The drive was also designed to be durable and water-resistant with an IP55 rating.Regular Price: $549.99Price From Amazon: $429.99Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD (R/W: 210MB/s)Seagate’s FireCuda SSHD offers a balanced compromise between an HDD and an SSD. It packs in a large 2TB capacity with an 8GB SSD NAND chip.  It’s read/write performance can’t compete with an SSD and lags behind at 210MB/s, but frequently accessed files get transferred to the SSD chip and will load significantly faster as a result.Regular Price: $94.99Price From Amazon: $59.99Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the relevant retail sites for more information. For more great deals, go to our partners at Natalie Portman’s Female Thor Name Revealed ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think The Hate for ‘Captain Marvel’ May Never Stop 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beard 3 Comments Here’s Why It Matters That ‘Thor 4’ Comes Before ‘GOTG 3’ Wesley Snipes Fans Have Something to Say About ‘Blade’ Reboot Tagged In et deals Post a Comment 3 Commentslast_img read more

Quantum Cryptography Demystified How It Works in Plain Language

first_img You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet By David Cardinal on March 11, 2019 at 12:08 pm The Dangerous ‘Toy Story 4’ Scene One Million Moms is Protesting J.K. Rowling Confirms a Hermione Theory We Suspected All Along Celebs Who Were Sadly Killed By Their Fans We’ve already covered the basics of quantum computing in our article on How Does Quantum Computing Work, so now it’s time to dive into one of its most publicized applications: quantum cryptography. Quantum cryptography holds both promises and threats for our current cryptographic infrastructure. The most obvious threat is quantum computers could decrypt data that’s been encrypted using many of our current systems. But it also holds the promise of secure communications channels for key distribution. Eventually, using quantum technology, it may even be possible to build entire encryption systems that are considered unbreakable.Quantum Computing Decryption: Looming Crisis Or Another Y2K Blind Panic?Almost all widely used encryption systems rely on keys — typically large, random, numbers that can be used to encrypt or decrypt data. Current encryption packages are most often built using either symmetric or asymmetric keys — many using asymmetric keys to transmit a shared, symmetric key for doing the actual data encryption. Both types of keys would be vulnerable to hacking using quantum computers. Symmetric systems rely on a shared secret key, and cracking the key requires about double the computing work for each additional bit. With that kind of scaling, it’s been possible to keep using larger keys as computers get more powerful. However, by implementing Grover’s algorithm, quantum computers can essentially cut the key length in half — a nearly inconceivable reduction in the amount of time required to crack a key. The good news is that now that we’re aware of the challenge, doubling the key lengths in use should be an excellent defense.Asymmetric systems (like Public Key Infrastructure — PKI) use public/private key pairs that are mathematically generated. In the case of the widely-used RSA family of algorithms, the math is fairly complex. But it’s possible to crack if you can factor a very large number into its two prime number factors. If a key with enough bits is used, this is a nearly intractable problem for conventional computers, but quantum computers can use something called Shor’s algorithm to find the factors much more quickly. A rough estimate of the compute power needed is two qubits per bit length of the key. So a 1,024-bit key would require a quantum computer with 2,048 bits. Experts expect those to be possible within a decade, and some think sooner. Note that today 1,024-bit keys are already considered potentially unsafe, as they can be cracked given enough time on a large computer, but once a quantum computer can handle the task it will take very little time.Much like the situation with the software migration required by Y2K, there are other encryption techniques that aren’t easily cracked with quantum computers. Examples of (non-quantum) encryption systems resistant to quantum attacks include McEliece and NTRUEncrypt. That means the problem is migrating the large number of systems and data already in place to newer ones. Also, like Y2K, it remains to be seen how real, and how widespread, the threat will be, as sufficiently large quantum computers will be expensive when they are finally available. That means they’re unlikely to get used for trying to hack information unless it’s considered extremely valuable. To run all of Shor’s algorithm, a quantum computer also needs to be paired with a powerful conventional computer, which will drive the cost of a key cracking system up even further.Secure Communications Using Quantum Key DistributionWhen you hear the term quantum cryptography, more often than not what is being referred to is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). QKD doesn’t actually encrypt user data but makes it possible for users to securely distribute keys to each other, which can then be used for subsequent encrypted communication.Whatever encryption system is used, there is almost always some type of private information that must be kept secret. For symmetric key systems, it is shared information in the form of a key, while in asymmetric systems each node has its own secret key while sharing a matching public key. In both cases, there are vulnerabilities when initializing communication. Symmetric key systems often rely on physical sharing of keys — some financial institutions use actual couriers with portable storage devices — to bootstrap. Or they may rely on a connection secured using an asymmetric system to share the encryption key needed for subsequent use. One reason for that is asymmetric systems like Public Key don’t require sending the secret (in this case private keys) over the channel, while symmetric systems are more efficient, and often more secure, for large volumes of data once keys have been exchanged.While QKD isn’t in widespread use, it has been in commercial use in Europe since 2007, and in the US since 2010. For high-value transactions like inter-bank communication and election result transmission, the benefits of QKD are sometimes worth the cost. Another impediment to the wider adoption of QKD is that current systems aren’t interoperable between different vendors. Fortunately, that’s starting to change. In a research effort directed at finding ways to secure the power grid, teams at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Laboratories have demonstrated the first successful use of QKD between different implementations. The University of Bristol has also just published research on doing something similar to help secure multi-vendor 5G wireless networks.But What About True Quantum Cryptography?While harder than QKD, it will eventually be possible to encrypt data using quantum computing techniques that are particularly resistant to eavesdropping and various other forms of hacking. The most popular approach currently is the Kak protocol. Essentially it’s a quantum version of the well-known double-lock algorithm, which allows two users to securely exchange data without sharing any keys.The double-lock protocol is remarkably simple. We’ll use common convention, and assume Alice and Bob want to exchange information, without it being modified by an eavesdropper, Eve. They also want to know if anyone is successfully eavesdropping on their communication channel. To do this they trade locks in a three-step process.In Kak’s protocol, Alice and Bob use encryption functions UA and UB as proxies for the physical locks of a traditional two-lock protocol.As the first step, Alice locks her data (in the digital case, encrypts it using a secret key), and sends it to Bob. Bob, in turn, adds his lock (encrypting Alice’s already encrypted data with his own secret key), and sends it back to Alice. Alice removes her lock and sends the result back to Bob. Bob can then remove his lock, and read the original data.This all works really nicely with physical locks and keys, but it’s a little more complex when digital encryption is involved. For the protocol to work, the encryption processes have to be commutative (because the encryptions are applied in the order Alice, Bob, but then Alice needs to be able to remove her encryption before Bob removes his). An example of one possible, and popular, encryption, is multiplying by a large number. So far, so good. But now imagine that Eve is listening. As the data goes back and forth, she will be able to see the data multiplied by Alice’s key, the data multiplied by both keys, and the data multiplied by Bob’s key. From that, she can compute the supposedly secret keys of Alice and Bob.Subhash Kak proposed using certain quantum rotations as a way to create a version of the double-lock protocol that couldn’t be eavesdropped. The rotations he proposed could be applied in either order, but any attempt to listen in by reading out intermediate data would result in corrupted data. Other researchers have continued to evolve the protocol with features to make it even more tamper-resistant, but unlike QKD, there aren’t any commercial implementations yet. While it is going to require much more powerful quantum computers to make true quantum-based encryption a reality, researchers are getting closer.Last fall, a team of Chinese researchers successfully used quantum-entangled photons to create and share one-time pads between a satellite and a ground station in Austria. Encryption using one-time pads is provably secure as long as the pad is not compromised, is random, is used only once, and is longer than the data being transmitted. Quantum technology helps with the first three of these, but its performance is still quite slow. Still, the team was able to encrypt, transmit, and decrypt over 2GB of data using their quantum system.In the meantime, quantum computers can do one simple task that’s important for encryption quite well: They can generate truly random numbers. It’s unlikely ultra-expensive quantum computers will be deployed just for that purpose, but once they’re in use, it will be a useful capability.Now Read:Quantum Computing Can Soon Help Secure the Power GridHow Does Quantum Computing Work?Google Announces ‘Bristlecone’ Quantum Computing Chip[Top Image Credit: iStock, Gauntman1, Museum of Science, Milan, Italy] Quantum Cryptography Demystified: How It Works in Plain Language Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. 10 Comments Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads We Finally Know Why Black Widow’s Death Was Necessary Tagged In extremetech explainsquantum computingcryptographyquantum cryptographyquantum key distributionpublic key cryptographyqkdasymmetric photographysymmetric cryptography Post a Comment 10 Comments The Most Offensive Video Game Characters of All Time The Real Reason Marvel Didn’t Bring Back Snipes For ‘Blade’ Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parentslast_img read more

247ai Named A Leader in Conversational AI for Customer Service 2019 by

first_img[24] Named A Leader in Conversational AI for Customer Service 2019 by Independent Research Firm PRNewswireJune 12, 2019, 5:31 pmJune 12, 2019 conversational AIcustomer engagementNews[24] Previous ArticleArtificial Intelligence – the Driving Force Behind Modern InnovationNext ArticleIBM Celebrates Women Business Pioneers In Artificial Intelligence [24]7 AIVA listed as differentiated in Omnichannel, agent augmentation, human and AI blending, vertical specialization, vision, and roadmap[24], a global leader in intent-driven customer engagement solutions, announced that it has been recognized as a leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI for Customer Service, Q2 2019. [24] received a differentiated rating in six out of ten criteria, including vision, human and AI blending, and vertical specialization.This industry report evaluated the [24]7 AIVA conversational AI platform against 10 criteria, finding that “[24]’s vertical features stand out from the pack. Deep libraries of domain-specific intents and quick- start bots for verticals show [24] is strong in an area where most vendors fall behind.”Marketing Technology News: Agency Veteran Joao Machado Joins as Sabio’s SVP of Product MarketingThe report continued, “[24] is moving toward a toolkit approach, allowing brands to get something simple up and running on their own. But for complex use cases, [24] can provide the army of resources required.”“Companies are strategically investing in conversational AI capabilities to interact with customers in a natural and effortless way,” said Lisa Matherly, vice president of Marketing for [24] “To be named a leader in the ‘The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI for Customer Service is, in our opinion, a strong testament to our vision, and our investment in blending the best of Human Intelligence and AI to deliver a superior customer experience.”Marketing Technology News: Vidyard Expands Offering to Bring Personalized Video App to Any Sales Professional, No Matter How They Worklast_img read more

OppSource Hires Former RevJet Director to Grow Business Lead Enterprise Deals

first_imgOppSource, a leading provider of next-gen sales engagement for B2B sales teams, announced the hire of Derek Gavigan as Vice President of Sales. Gavigan will be leading the company’s sales team while developing and executing a comprehensive sales strategy as the software company continues to grow its base of elite enterprise customers.“As we continue to grow, we need sales leadership that can help us with our focus on enterprise SaaS sales,” said Mark Galloway, CEO and Co-Founder at OppSource. “Derek has a great track record of success in pursuing and closing large enterprise SaaS deals. In his role as VP of Sales, he’ll be 100% focused on growing OppSource’s business by leading sales, coordinating with our board members, and helping us take on the large enterprise opportunities we are pursuing. Derek’s makeup in terms of culture, style, and approach are nothing short of a perfect fit for our growing business.”Marketing Technology News: L.A. Lakers Partner Wish Jumps to No. 1 in Earned Social Media Value Among NBA Jersey Patch SponsorsAn accomplished enterprise SaaS leader with over 15 years of experience bringing innovative and disruptive technology to market, Derek has worked for organizations from sales enablement tools like BigMachines (acquired by Oracle) to marketing analytics platforms like Adometry (acquired by Google). He brings a wealth of knowledge to OppSource on how to penetrate markets, drive customer relationships and help the organization scale in a way that drives accelerated growth and sales performance.  His mix of experience across multiple SaaS start-ups and large enterprise software companies will help to drive the company’s culture and philosophy as they move customers into the new age of sales engagement.Marketing Technology News: Tellius Named by Gartner as a 2019 Cool Vendor in AnalyticsAbout OppSource: OppSource helps B2B sales organizations more effectively engage with buyers to drive profitable revenue growth across the entire sales team. Their next-gen sales engagement platform is designed to help B2B salespeople orchestrate the myriad of touch points required to engage with today’s buyers. In addition to automated sales TouchPlans™, the platform’s integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence captures, transcribes, and analyzes conversations to minimize data entry, improve productivity, and provide actionable insights that advance pipeline progress, anchor coaching efforts, and accelerate salesperson onboarding.Marketing Technology News: BabbleLabs Raises $14 million Series A Financing from Dell Technologies Capital and Intel Capital to Accelerate Speech Technology B2B salesDerek GaviganNewsOppSourceSaasSales Engagement Previous ArticleAdstream Expects Inevitable Merger of TV and Digital Ad Buying To Drive Marketers Faster Toward Process AutomationNext ArticleMutare Unveils Mutare Voice Spam Filter at Cisco Live OppSource Hires Former RevJet Director to Grow Business, Lead Enterprise Deals Globe NewswireJune 13, 2019, 1:34 pmJune 13, 2019 last_img read more

Salman Khan Doesnt Believe in Marriage Says its a Dying Institution

first_img Anushka SharmabharatBharat castBharat release date First Published: June 4, 2019, 11:00 AM IST Salman Khan’s Bharat is set to arrive at the cinema screens in less than 24 hours now, on June 5. Co-starring Katrina Kaif, the period drama is one of the most anticipated films of the year. While Salman is actively promoting his upcoming venture, constant marriage reminders and questions as to when he would get married do not seem to leave his side.As celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor among others tied the knot eventually, after much speculation, Salman seems to be unwilling in following in the footsteps of his peers and contemporaries. Once again, the 53-year-old actor made his apprehensions, or rather his stance, about wedding clear when during a recent interview he admitted that he does not believe in marriage and that as per him, the institution altogether is dying. Read: Delhi HC Dismisses Plea Seeking Stay on Release of Salman Khan-starrer Bharat Over Its TitleHe also admitted that he is rather happy with companionship of a person. During a recent interaction with Bombay Times, Salman responded to the question of marriage by saying (via, “I don’t believe in marriage. I think it’s a dying institution. I don’t believe in it. Companionship? Yes.” Salman has been hounded by the media about his marriage for years now. His previous relationships, rumoured or otherwise, always lead to him being bothered by media persons about when he would get married and to whom.Read:Miley Cyrus Grabbed, Forcibly Kissed by Male Fan While Walking to Her Car With HusbandWhile we still wait for our favourite celebrity to make the big announcement, sooner than later, his upcoming film Bharat arrives tomorrow, on the occasion of Eid. Apart from Salman-Katrina pair, the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial also has Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Sunil Grover and Aasif Sheikh in pivotal roles. Bharat is expected to earn anywhere near 35-36 cr on its opening day.Follow @News18Movies for more last_img read more

Theres Nothing Vulgar About It Says Tarun Tahiliani Who Designed Priyanka Chopras

first_imgPriyanka had also shared a series of pictures and videos of herself in the saree to Instagram. In the image’s caption, she talked about the power of wearing the garment and explained how it embodies both “elegance” and “femininity”.The Instagram post garnered more than 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments from fans, including one from her husband, Nick Jonas, who posted a series of flame and love-heart-eye emojis.Follow @News18Movies for more designer Tarun TahilianiInStyle magazinenick jonaspriyanka chopra First Published: June 9, 2019, 11:05 AM IST Designer Tarun Tahiliani has defended Priyanka Chopra over the backlash she received for a magazine cover recently.Earlier this week, Priyanka posed for the very first cover of InStyle (US) wearing a champagne-coloured blouse-less saree, and while some praised her, others accused her of cultural appropriation and exploiting her own background. Priyanka’s saree for the cover was designed by Tarun and features hand-embroidered detail and Swarovski crystals.Now, in a recent interaction with Mid-day, Tarun has come out in Priyanka’s support and said he found “nothing vulgar” about the saree, as is being claimed by online haters.”In fact, not using a choli makes it a global statement. The transition from alluring Indian beauty to this modern goddess for a mainstream fashion cover only speaks of her (Priyanka) versatility. She is truly a modern Indian icon,” Tarun said.Speaking to InStyle in an accompanying interview, Priyanka explained that sarees are one of her favourite pieces of clothing but the majority of the ones she sees in her daily life are a far cry from the garments she grew up seeing.“My problem is when it comes to Indian fashion, there are always these shiny, sequined, over-the-top Christmas-tree outfits,” she said. “Those are not the saris I wear. I grew up with my mother wearing saris to the hospital, as a doctor. She’d wear these beautiful ones made of French chiffon.“And the nape of her neck would smell like Dior’s Poison. That, to me, was a modern woman. And that’s what I want to show the world. Indian designers make such incredible clothes that are inspired from beautiful embroidery and patterns.”last_img read more

Amy Jackson Shares a Pregnancy Checkup Picture with Beau George Panayiotou See

first_img Amy, who is expecting her first child with her boyfriend and fiancé George, shared a series of pictures to wish him on the First Father’s Day. The couple is expecting their first child together, sometime in September or October.Amy and her partner George Panayiotou got officially engaged on May 5 this year. The couple celebrated their engagement with a party in London and shared images and videos of their engagement celebration.It was in March this year when Amy had revealed that she is expecting her first child with George. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram, with a post that read, “I’ve been waiting to shout it from the rooftops, and today, being Mother’s Day, it couldn’t be a more perfect time… I already love you more than anything in this world, the purest most honest love. We can’t wait to meet you our little Libra one.” the work front, Amy has worked in a few Bollywood films including Ekk Deewana Tha, Singh Is Bliing and Freaky Ali. Her last release was Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0.Follow @News18Movies for more The world celebrated Father’s Day on June 16, pouring out love and admiration for dads around the world. While many celebs shared pictures with their dad, the Ek Deewana Tha actress wished his fiancé George Panayiotou on Father’s Day with cute and adorable pictures. Amy took to Twitter to share a picture where she and George can be seen looking at the screen during her pregnancy checkup. She shared the picture with the caption, “If there’s one thing I’m certain about in this life, it’s how much of an amazing Daddy you’re going to be. Here’s to the first of a lifetime full of Fathers Days we love you, Happy 1st Father’s Day.” Akshay KumarAmy JacksonAmy Jackson boyfriendAmy Jackson Instagram First Published: June 19, 2019, 2:28 PM ISTlast_img read more

Daenerys Targaryen was Eaten by Her Own Dragon in Game of Thrones

first_imgWhat happened to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) at the end of Game of Thornes was indeed heart-wrenching for the fans of HBO’s long-running fantasy-drama series. Now, new claim suggests that the betrayal Daenerys suffered at the hands of Jon Snow (Kit Harington), wherein she was killed by the latter, was not the eventual fate of the Mother of Dragons. In fact, there is a possibility that Dany may have ended up being chewed up and swallowed by her own dragon Drogon, the only surviving beast out of the lot of three.A forensic anthropologist named Dr Carolyn Rando has claimed that Drogon eating up Dany cannot be ruled out as a possibility. Rando told HuffPost, “I don’t think we can discount that he was going off to eat her.” However, considering the fact that the dragons were close to Daenerys, who called herself their mother throughout the series, Rando added, “It seems like the dragons in the show have some sort of semblance of understanding of human behavior a little bit. And so they see her as a parent. So it was a grief type of thing.” In the final episode, when Jon murders Dany and leaves her bleeding, Drogon is in the same space as the couple was. Reacting to Dany’s death, Drogon even sets fire to the Iron Throne, melting it down with heat and anger. He then glances at Jon and carries off Dany into the horizon. Some speculative theories also suggest that Drogon took Dany to Valyria, the ancestral home of House Targaryen or he’s going to Volantis to get Dany resurrected.Follow @News18Movies for more Carolyn Randodaenerys targaryenDaenerys Targaryen deathDaenerys Targaryen dragons First Published: June 27, 2019, 2:30 PM ISTlast_img read more

S Jaishankar the Man Behind Modis Foreign Policy in First Term Given

first_img foreign secretaryModi Govt 2.0pm narendra modiS Jaishankar First Published: May 31, 2019, 1:35 PM IST New Delhi: One of the surprising faces in the newly constituted cabinet under PM Modi, former foreign secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar has been allocated the Ministry of External Affairs. Jaishankar was the foreign secretary from January 2015 to January 2018 and has previously held positions like the high commissioner to Singapore, and ambassador to China and the United States of America. He had played a key role in the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal, and his performance as the Indian ambassador to the US had catapulted him to the coveted post of foreign secretary. Former foreign secretary Sujata Singh was unceremoniously removed to make way for Jaishankar to take the post in 2015. While his credentials were never in doubt, a number of seniors were overlooked when Jaishankar was chosen as foreign secretary. For long, Jaishankar has been considered Modi’s man Friday when it comes to foreign policy and strategic affairs. Those in the know said Modi’s relation with Jaishankar goes back to the time when the former was the Gujarat chief minister. During his visit to China as chief minister, Modi had met Jaishankar, who was the then Indian ambassador to China, on several occasions. Modi had come to know of his work over various discussions and meetings. One of the most significant investments that China made in India during Jaishankar’s time as ambassador came in the form of an agreement with Tebian Electric Apparatus for a plant in Gujarat. A graduate of St Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi, Jaishankar has an MA degree in political science and an M.Phil and Ph.D in international relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is from the 1977 IFS batch and his first major assignment came when he was appointed third secretary and first secretary in the Indian embassy in Moscow. Proficient in Russian, Jaishankar also has a good grasp of Japanese and Hungarian languages.Jaishankar carries with him more than three decades of diplomatic experience and expertise and has also served as the press secretary for former President Shankar Dayal Sharma. It’s no surprise that Jaishankar is considered one of the mightiest brains on strategic affairs in the country. His father, K Subrahmanyam, is credited with drafting the country’s first-ever policy on its nuclear strength and arsenal and formatting the “no first use” policy. Jaishankar, as a former diplomat cited, takes after his father. During his time as joint secretary (Americas) at the Ministry of External Affairs, Jaishankar played a significant role in negotiating the Indo-US nuclear deal and made it into a viable, coherent policy for both countries to work on in terms of more defence cooperation,Jaishankar’s term as ambassador in the US was rough from the word go as he walked into the Devyani Khobragade controversy. Khobragade was the deputy consular general and was arrested in New York on charges of visa fraud with regards to her housekeeper Sangeeta Richard. Jaishankar is credited with negotiating Khobragade’s exit from the US.Known to be a man of few words, Jaishankar is considered one of India’s strongest hands on China, having been the longest-serving ambassador to the country. He has played a crucial role in increasing engagements between both countries. He is credited with having negotiated an end to the stapled visas that the Chinese would issue to residents of and Kashmir. Further, Jaishankar as foreign secretary is credited with helping negotiate the resolution between India and China at Doklam last year. During his term as foreign secretary, Jaishankar told a committee on external affairs, headed by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, that the border issue between India and China is the “world’s largest real estate dispute” and the committee should not expect the transgressions to go away somehow.#ModiSarkarDobara – @DrSJaishankar takes the oath of office. | #ModiRajya— News18 (@CNNnews18) May 30, 2019last_img read more

It is Android Beta time once again

first_imgFor those that want to run Android O the easy way – there are some restrictions. Only a few devices can run Android O at this early stage. These devices are in Google’s Nexus collection and Google’s Pixel collection – everyone else has a more difficult task ahead of them.The Nexus 5X is allowed to join the Android Beta program for Android O as of this week. The same is true of the Nexus 6P and the Nexus Player. As the Nexus Player is on the list, we expect that the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV wont be far behind – but for now, NVIDIA SHIELD owners will have to wait just a bit.Google’s Android Beta program for Android O also includes the Pixel C as well as both the Pixel and the Pixel XL. These devices are all sold by Google with a unique version of Android on them – and all updates come through Google. The system of downloading the Android O Public Beta begins by signing up for the program.Tap in on the Google Android Beta page and read the directions. They’re simple, really – and they’ll begin with agreeing to some terms. Do not go forth if you have a device that needs to be active and work perfectly no matter what – that’s not what this program is all about.Once the Beta program has been accepted, head to your Android device’s settings. Inside settings, find Device Info and/or System Updates – and bang! There Android O will be. Eye think it’s the bomb! This week Google released the Public Beta download for Android O, the next new version of Android. This version of the software introduces some radical chances to the mobile operating system, including picture-in-picture mode, notification dots, and Smart Text Selection. To take part in the Public Beta, users have only to tap a few buttons and let it go automatic! Story TimelineAndroid O on Nexus 5X, 6P gets a preliminary rootAndroid O Launcher backported to work on Android 6 or higherAndroid O Pixel Launcher released (unofficially) [APK Download]Android O video details what’s coming for devs and usersAndroid O Beta download released todaylast_img read more

US Navy uses Xbox 360 controllers for its most advanced submarines

first_imgAccording to, the old controls used for the submarines’ periscopes were clunky and difficult to use. The military asked junior officers and sailors about ways they could make improvements, and the feedback coupled with work alongside Lockheed Martin resulted in the Xbox 360 controller being utilized.There are some immediate advantages to using the Xbox 360 controller, the most obvious one being that many young sailors and junior officers grew up playing games with these controllers, making them immediately familiar with them. As well, these controllers already exist, and leveraging them for the subs will help the US Navy keep costs down (versus developing a new proprietary controller).The Navy and Lockheed Martin haven’t done anything special to modify the controllers; they’re the same one that gamers use with the aged console. During research, the entities found that sailors were able to figure out how to use the controller to operate the equipment within minutes versus the hours it takes using other joysticks.Should something happen to one of the controllers used on these submarines, a spare model can easily be swapped in to substitute; in fact, in a worst-case scenario, officials could go to just about any electronics or game store and buy an Xbox 360 controller. Such benefits have ultimately given Microsoft’s controller preference, and it’ll soon be found in some of the Navy’s best submarines.SOURCE: Military The lowly Xbox 360 controller: it is more than a decade old, no longer the primary Xbox gamepad, and it also happens to be the US Navy’s top choice for controlling its most advanced submarines. Not the entire submarine, mind, but rather its various periscopes that exist as a pair of giant masts. High-res cameras are fitted to these periscopes, and the feed appears on large flat-screen displays within the sub.last_img read more

Its not been a good week for cordcutters

first_imgStory TimelineAfter ten years of cord-cutting, I’ve signed up for cable TVLive TV Streaming showdown: cord-cutters’ reference Signs of a charging shake-up began last week, when Sling TV announced it was raising its base package price. Rather than $20 per month, the entry-level Sling TV Orange would be $25 per month. No change in channels included, just a 25-percent increase in price. Users of rival devices didn’t have long to crow, mind. AT&T announced yesterday that it would be increasing the price of DirecTV NOW, adding another $5 per month onto the cost of each tier. That takes the most affordable plan to $40 per month which, AT&T pointed out at the time, matched most of its competitors. That lasted for hours at most. Sony confirmed that it, too, was heaping another $5 per month onto subscribers’ bills, with its PlayStation Vue streaming service getting more expensive across all four of its tiers. Adding to the frustration was the lack of “grandfathering” of existing plans: there was no way for existing subscribers to stick with their current package and keep paying the price they’d signed up for. That’s something many have got used to when carriers change wireless service plans, but the month-to-month agreements of these cord-cutting services leave little room to avoid increases. Indeed, if you want to get out of paying the $5 more to each provider, the only way to do so is to cancel service altogether. Sling TV’s argument was that it had pretty much reworked its whole package of services. That included more add-on options for standalone channels, along with roughly a hundred hours of free content that it hopes will lure former subscribers back into the paying fold. AT&T, too, added no extra features, though was excited to point out that DirecTV NOW would be getting DVR and extra simultaneous streaming options later on. Those, you won’t be surprised to hear, will be paid add-ons too. Sony was arguably the most upfront, citing “rising business costs” for its changes. Down the line, the company promises, PlayStation Vue will get things like more broadcast stations and other, unspecified features. No word at this stage as to whether they’ll be included in the current pricing, or added to the service’s array of optional streaming extras. It’s a reminder that, while cord-cutting can make for cheaper home entertainment than a traditional cable or satellite package, it does very much depend on what you subscribe to. Neglect to do the math and it’s all too easy to find your monthly commitment could well come to equal what you used to be paying for an old cable subscription – particularly when you take into account add-on channels, pay-per-view events like sports, and the fact that you have to pay for internet service with a reasonable cap separately, too. Unexpected price increases, terms of service that change with no warning, and a gradual sense that you’re paying more and more but getting nothing extra: the same complaints that led many to cut the cord are starting to crop up again, only this time around on-demand services. Indeed, it’s not been a great week for cord-cutters trying to be frugal with their home entertainment. last_img read more

Google Store now has its own inhouse mailin Repair Center

Actually, you might not even have to send in your phone for repairs. While Google, like any other smartphone OEM, discourages self-repairs, it does encourage self-diagnosis. The Google Store Repair Center page offers a few troubleshooting tips for some of the most common problems to save both owner and Google the hassle and cost of shipping a phone for repairs when it’s not even needed.But should you do actually need actual repairs, the web page will guide you through the process of determining how much it will cost you. First, you have to enter the Pixel phone’s IMEI, which will help determine the warranty of the device. After all, you could get the repairs for absolutely free. For other cases, Google will offer an estimate exclusive of tax. Shipping is, fortunately free of charge and repairs can take around 7 to 10 business days after shipping the phone.With the Pixel 3event just a week or so away, it’s likely that Google will formally announce this new service around that time as well. Unsurprisingly, it only covers the two generations of Pixel phones but hopefully it will eventually include other Google-made devices, like Google Home smart speakers. AdChoices广告 Accidents do happen and, unlike the phones of yesteryears, are smartphones today are as fragile as they are expensive. OEMs often frown upon third-party or even self-repairs but the likes of Google have little choice but to outsource repairs to the likes of uBreakiFix. That is, until now. Still unannounced but already live, Google silently added what it has simply dubbed as the “Repair Center” so that you can send in your Pixel phones directly to Google to be repaired by, well, hopefully Google. read more

New iPhone XS cases Apple Watch bands go live no iPhone XR

first_imgOK, no one really bought a $1,000 smartphone just because of a case, but perhaps it would make choice easier if they knew there’s a silicone cover waiting for them in their choice of color. As of today, the choices for official iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max now include Hibiscus, Mellow Yellow, and Pacific Green. That brings the total roster to twelve, including the (PRODUCT)RED.You can also get a matching Apple Watch sport band now that those same three colors have been added to the list. But if you want to be different, Apple is now selling the loops that were previously sold exclusively by Nike, which include Smokey Mauve, Olive Flak, and Celestial Teal. These are available in both 40 mm and 44 mm size, with the same $49 price.Sadly, the new accessories stop there. Perhaps Apple has decided that the iPhone XR is colorful enough not to need a case. They do need protection though, even at $749. But while Apple has indicated it would be providing a transparent case for that exact purpose, so far that’s still MIA. Apple is more or less denying rumors that its 2018 iPhones aren’t exactly selling well. It is, however, definitely taking steps to convince more buyers to bite. Not a fan of the default iPhone XS and XS Max colors? There’s always an official colored case for you. In fact, Apple has just added three more colors to the mix. It has also added a few more options for Apple Watch users, but it seems it hasn’t yet made good it promise of a transparent case for the already colorful iPhone XR.last_img read more

China deploys school uniforms with builtin trackers and alarms

first_imgThe information comes from Global Times, a state news publication in China. The report bills the uniforms as the use of technology to curb truancy. Built-in tracking technology keeps tabs on each student’s location and attendance, gathering data that is made available to teachers and parents.In addition, the uniforms feature an “automatic voice alarm” that is triggered if the student attempts to leave the school grounds without prior authorization. Schools anticipate attempts to get around the technology and are using facial recognition technology installed in school doors to detect whether students have swapped uniforms.The report claims the system involves a pair of chips that are sewn into the shoulders on each uniform; they can handle 500 wash cycles before needing replaced. The company behind the technology admits that the chips can be used to track the location of the students (or, at least, the uniforms) at all times, including outside of school hours.The firm tries to dismiss privacy concerns by stating that officials won’t monitor the “accurate location” of students after school. It doesn’t appear there’s anything that can stop students from being tracked beyond school hours if officials choose to do so, however, joining facial recognition glasses and a social credit system as China’s latest disturbing trend. In China’s latest dystopian move, a state news agency has detailed the deployment of “intelligent” school uniforms that feature tracking technology. The uniforms were first launched in some schools in 2016 and have recently been adopted by another 10 school facilities, according to the report, which says the uniforms work alongside facial recognition technology installed within the facilities. Story TimelineChina’s Chang’e 4 mission to the far side of the moon is a goiPhone sales ban in China as Qualcomm patent fight bites [Update]Apple warns dire consequences of iPhone China banlast_img read more

Acer Chromebook reveals just keep on coming

first_imgLike a couple of its competitors, Acer has showed up to BETT with a slate of new Chromebooks for education. Today the company announced four new Chromebooks altogether, and they all share a few key specifications. Chief among those shared specifications is an 11.6-inch display and a fair degree of ruggedness that comes with meeting MIL-STD 810G in tests for temperature, humidity, mechanical shock, rain, dust, and sand. Story TimelineAcer Chromebook 315 hands-on: AMD and USB-C on a budgetAcer Chromebook 512, Spin, made for rugged studentsAcer’s newest Chromebook has a camera on its bottom It seems the main attraction of today’s announcements is the Chromebook Spin 511 (R752T), which ships with a 360-degree hinge for its display. That, of course, means that the display can be folded over into four different usage modes, and it’s a pretty popular feature among these Chromebooks made with education customers in mind.One interesting thing about the Spin 511 is that it also comes with an antimicrobial display from Gorilla Glass. Since Chromebooks like these change hands frequently, giving the touch display antimicrobial properties isn’t a bad idea. The presence of that touch display also means that the Spin 511 is compatible with Wacom’s EMR pen. More precise specifications aren’t available yet, which seems to be a running theme with these BETT reveals.Next we’ve got three new Chromebooks in Acer’s 311 line. First up is the Chromebook 311 (C733), which uses either a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 or a quad-core N4100 CPU. Again, not a whole lot is known about the C733, but Acer says that its battery will provide “all-day performance” and that it has a water-resistant keyboard that can route minor spills away from the keys.Then we’re onto the Spin 311 (RZ21T), which comes with 360-degree hinge, and the 311 (C721), which has a more traditional clamshell design. Both of these models ship with an AMD A4-9120C APU instead of Intel processors, and both also have tamper-resistant keyboard that are still said to be easily repairable. As with the C733, both of these models also have a water-resistant keyboard that routes liquid away from where it can do damage.Though exact specifications weren’t revealed today (Acer says they’ll vary depending on region), Acer actually surprised by revealing pricing details. The Spin 511 is the most expensive of the bunch, starting at $379.99. It’s followed closely by the Spin 311 at $349.99 and the 311 (C733) at $299.99, with the 311 (C721) rounding out the group at a starting price of $279.99.All of these Chromebooks will be available in North America this April and EMEA at some point in Q2, just in time to woo administrators who are purchasing devices for the 2019-2020 school year. Acer isn’t the only company launching Chromebooks for education in April, so it looks like it’ll be a pretty crowded month. We’ll see who wins the battle for the classroom then, so stay tuned.last_img read more

Ubers selfdriving expert off project amid Waymo lawsuit

first_imgUber’s self-driving car lead has been put on the back-burner for LIDAR development, amid accusations from Alphabet’s Waymo that he stole secrets about the technology. Anthony Levandowski has been head of the Advanced Technologies group at the ride-sharing firm since his startup Otto was acquired by Uber in July 2016. However, his time there hasn’t been straightforward. Story TimelineAlphabet’s Waymo sues Uber, Otto for stealing trade secrets, IPUber denies Waymo self-driving tech theftWaymo demands court slams brakes on Uber autonomous carsUber’s testing with autonomous cars has been a little bumpy Uber was accused by former Google autonomous car project and now standalone Alphabet company Waymo of using its homegrown laser range-finder technologies. Levandowski, who worked at Google until January 2016 at which point he left to found Otto, accessed design files for Waymo’s LIDAR system, the company alleges, using them to build competing systems for first Otto and then Uber. Levandowski is accused of downloading around 14,000 of Waymo’s files that detailed unique research the company had been doing.Its resulted in a fierce court battle, with Waymo insisting that Uber’s self-driving research be frozen as a result. Uber, meanwhile, denies any wrongdoing and says that it has developed its own LIDAR. When he appeared in court, Levandowski declined to answer any questions, saying instead that his lawyer recommended he plead the 5th amendment to avoid self-incrimination in response. Now, though, it seems Uber is putting some distance between its engineer and the ongoing autonomous project. In an internal email reviewed by Business Insider, Levandowski told his team that he was being “recused from all LiDAR-related work and management at Uber, through the remainder of the Waymo litigation.” Uber confirmed that the engineer was indeed no longer head of the Advanced Technologies Group.AdChoices广告According to the email, the decision was made by Levandowski and Travis Kalanick, Uber’s founder. Eric Mayhofer will assume Levandowski’s role – and, indeed, Levandowski will report to him moving forward. There will be a complete blackout on discussing LIDAR with the contentious engineer within Uber:“As you know, I currently don’t provide input on detailed LiDAR design choices. But making this organizational change means I will have absolutely no oversight over or input into our LiDAR work. Going forward, please make sure not to include me in meetings or email threads related to LiDAR, or ask me for advice on the topic.”Ironically, Waymo was only alerted to the alleged design theft by accident. A supplier copied the company in on an email sent to Uber, including details of some of the components it was working on for the firm. Upon review, Waymo claims it identified several points of overlap with technologies and designs it had developed itself.NOW READ: Uber’s flying car tests are 3 years awayExactly what those are is still uncertain, and court documentation from the trial has been redacted. Over the weekend, however, TechCrunch pieced together some of the LIDAR developments in question, discovering that the lawsuit may well boil down to the minutiae of how the printed circuit boards, or PCBs, Waymo uses are arranged. last_img read more

Jaguar just revealed its epic 592hp XE SV Project 8 supersedan

first_img Jaguar XE SV Project 8 prototype testing NurburgringWorld Copyright: Patrick Gosling / BeadyeyeRef: XE_SV_Project8_NBR-0311.CR2 Jaguar has revealed its most powerful car ever, the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, a super-exclusive performance version of the XE sedan. The car, which so far has only been shown wrapped in camouflage, will be the handiwork of the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) team, responsible for previous production-limited models like the F-TYPE Project 7. Indeed, only 300 of the XE SV Project 8 will be created. Story TimelineThe Jaguar I-PACE got loose, and even British weather can’t overshadow it2017 Jaguar F-PACE 35t Prestige Review: A crossover with claws2018 Jaguar F-Type 4-cylinder is sub-$60k option in refreshed rangeJaguar ReRun GoPro app joins 2018 F-Type’s big tech upgrade Jaguar XE SV Project 8 prototype testing NurburgringWorld Copyright: Patrick Gosling / BeadyeyeRef: XE_SV_Project8_NBR-1053.CR2 It’s a familiar engine from cars like the F-TYPE SVR, which we enjoyed far too much back in March. However, where that coupe saw the V8 tuned for a not-inconsiderable 575 horsepower, Jaguar says the XE SV Project 8 will have around 600 PS, or approximately 592 HP. It’s enough to make it the most powerful road legal Jaguar in the automaker’s not-inconsiderable history.center_img Jaguar XE SV Project 8 prototype testing NurburgringWorld Copyright: Patrick Gosling / BeadyeyeRef: XE_SV_Project8_NBR-0881.CR2 The iconic XJ220 supercar, for instance, “only” made 550 PS from its 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6. It, meanwhile, could only accommodate two people. The XE SV Project 8, in contrast, will have space for five inside. Of course the XJ220 also had a sky-high price tag, and while Jaguar hasn’t announced just how much this new car might set you back, you shouldn’t expect anything cheap. “The new XE SV Project 8 takes aerodynamics and performance engineering to another level – it is conceived for enthusiasts and the most discerning collectors,” John Edwards, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover SVO, says. “The price for such an extreme performance sports car available in strictly limited numbers will reflect that.”NOW READ: 2017 Jaguar XE ReviewEach will be hand-assembled in Coventry, at SVO’s Technical Center. Sales will be worldwide, with Jaguar targeting sometime in 2018. A prototype of the car has already been plying the asphalt at the Nürburgring Nordschleife; even its wrap was specially created for the event, by the SVO Design team. In short, it’s an opportunity for Jaguar to give itself a new halo car and make a little cash on the side. That went down well with the F-TYPE Project 7 in 2014, a $166k super-exclusive version of the automaker’s two-seater convertible with a bespoke interior and a 575 horsepower engine under the hood. Only 250 examples were made, each capable of doing 0-60 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds. That rarity will undoubtedly be part of the car’s charm, but then again so will its grunt. Gone are the XE’s usual engine options, which in the US means a choice of gas or diesel four-cylinder or V6 drivetrains, either turbocharged or supercharged. In their place, SVO drops in its 5.0-liter supercharged V8.last_img read more