H2O Audio Offers New Waterproof Headphones

first_imgH2O Audio, which specializes in waterproof, sweatproof headphones and accessories, just announced a new line of colorful headphones. Flex All Sport Buds offers H2O’s waterproof technology at an affordable price. Waterproof up to 3 feet, this line comes in bold green, pink, black, and blue shades. They comes with three different size of earplugs so everyone can get a good fit.They’ll make a good gift for the athlete on your list, whether that’s a swimmer or someone who occasionally takes a run in the rain. Pick them up from H2O Audio’s site or from Amazon for a list price of $29.99. AdChoices广告last_img read more

ION Audio ships dual lens Twin Video portable recorder

first_imgThere’s a growing number of portable video recorders hitting the market with the Flip being the device that started it all. Since then manufacturers including Kodak, Creative, Panasonic, and Samsung have come out with competing products as well as introducing HD recording features.ION Audio is trying to differentiate itself by offering something unique. The company’s new portable video recorder, called the Twin Video, has two lenses sitting on the top of the device. One is front facing, the other back facing.The idea behind this is to allow the user to switch between recording the scene or person in front of them, while having the ability to switch to view their own face. An ideal solution for interviews you may think.It’s got a 3x digital zoom, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, tripod mount, and records directly to an SD or SDHC card. Switching between front and back facing cameras is handled with a You/Me button at the top of the interface.The Twin Video could have been a tempting proposition if it wasn’t for a major downfall. While the competition offers up 720p, and in a growing number of cases 1080p recording, ION Audio’s recorder only manages 640 x 480 30fps capabilities. It also can’t record from both cameras at the same time, which is another oversight in my opinion.At $119.99 it’s comparable in price to much more fully-featured pocket video recorders. The dual lens setup is genuinely useful, but let down by a poor recording resolution and relatively high price considering no HD support.Read more at ION Audiolast_img read more

Jelly Belly Pioneer Intros Gummy Gangrene Urine Vomit Bloody Noses

first_imgAs they say, there’s no accounting for taste. They called David Klein crazy when he gave the world gourmet jelly beans–until they started selling like gourmet hot cakes. And now, more than three decades later, they’re calling him crazy again, just because he’s given the world candy shaped like a bottle of urine.The man behind Reagan’s favorite snack food has attempted to strike gold for decades since having his best known invention bought out. Klein’s latest confectionary concoctions all seem to largely revolve around the medically grotesque.In recent years, he’s given the world a gummy gangrened toe, bloody nose, and vomit. There’s also The World’s Largest Gummy Heart, a two and a half pound concoction that looks like a severed heart in a Styrofoam tray. That’ll run you $30. There’s also Formula Pee, a candy bottle of lemon-flavored pee.It’s the heart that Klein’s banking on as his next success story. He asked AOL, “what’s more perfect than a heart on Valentine’s Day?”No if only you could get it to say, “Be Mine…”last_img read more

AMD drops ATI name from latest Cayman GL FirePro graphics cards

first_imgAMD has this week launched the next generation of FirePro professional graphics cards based on the Cayman GL. The two cards drop the ATI tag and simply go by the names AMD FirePro V5900 and FirePro V7900.The FirePro cards are aimed at the professional market, those of us who need to run AutoCAD with certification or must have the best performance they can out of a package like Maya. The Radeon HD range is for consumers, and while equal or even outgunning the FirePro cards in specs, the FirePro line is always going to be the choice for specific and specialist tasks, otherwise there would be no point AMD releasing them.AdChoices广告This latest update brings support for Eyefinity, PowerTune, and GeometryBoost technologies. Eyefinity allows the V5900 to support up to 3 displays (2 DisplayPort 1.2 and 1 DVI), and the V7900 up to 4 (4 DisplayPort 1.2). PowerTune allows for dynamic power use optimization meaning performance when it is required, and a low-power graphics solution when it’s not.With GeometryBoost the cards offer up very fast geometry transforms by processing two primitives per clock cycle. So in a package like AutoCAD larger models will be dealt with a lot more efficicently and therefore can be significantly more complex than previous FirePro cards could handle.As for the specific specs, here’s the main features of the two cards:AMD FirePro V5900512 Stream Processors2GB GDDR5 RAM (64GB/s bandwidth)2560 x 1600 max resolution75W maximum power drawAMD FirePro V79001280 Stream Processors2GB GDDR5 RAM (160GB/s bandwidth)2560 x 1600 max resolution150W maximum power drawBoth cards have support for DirectX 11.0, OpenGL 4.1, Shader Model 5.0, and Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Linux. The V5900 starts at $599 and the V7900 is almost double that at $999 and upwards. In terms of performance, the guys over at HotHardware managed to get their hands on both cards and performance was excellent, especially with the V7900. Both cards easily outperformed the cards they are replacing, and give the Nvidia Quadro line some decent competition.Read more at the AMD press release and Icronticlast_img read more

Tetris Company manager Angry Birds is a fad

first_imgAngry Birds is a fad and won’t have the staying power of Tetris, according to The Tetris Company managing director Henk Rogers.Rogers, in a recent interview, compares the booming success of the smartphone game to the long-running popularity of the puzzle franchise. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, gets 40% of its revenue from merchandising: not the game itself, but the plush birds and t-shirts on retail shelves. Rogers highlights Tetris‘ different approach in response, saying merchandising is “more decorative than functional.” In short, The Tetris Company prefers to make games, not consumer products like merchandise.There’s one more reason for the different business model: Tetris can’t compete. “Any time you have a character,” Rogers begins, that’s how one can get into the merchandise business. Tetris doesn’t have characters, so no plush toys any time soon. On the other hand, according to Rogers, games that have characters as their central theme “become popular and then go away.” Angry Birds players get burned out and move on to another game, he claims.Rogers makes the argument that Tetris is perennial, but does so in several odd ways. It’s like golf, he claims. It’s like the Happy Birthday song. You see Tetris blocks in the real world. Video games are the mental fitness equivalent of running a marathon, he says.Returning somewhat to reality, Rogers points out that the Tetris brand is strong enough to not need concerted marketing efforts just to sell the game. New Tetris releases on the App Store rise to the top spots despite low marketing spending. Core fans spread the game virally to much success.Then it’s back to crazy talk. “We have an unfair advantage” when it comes to the Tetris brand, he quips. The game is like a virus, and there is no cure. People want to keep “catch[ing] the bug.”While Rogers’ statements are obviously hyperbolic marketing-speak, we do agree on one point: the game is a fad.via IndustryGamerslast_img read more

ISS water droplet experiment takes the classroom to microgravity

first_imgInternational Space Station (ISS) scientist Dr. Don Pettit has created a series of videos like the one above to illustrate the different properties of objects in space, giving Earth-bound teachers a tool to show students things that they couldn’t on the ground. Pettit focuses on how droplets of water react to different static charges in outer space, with the result being very entertaining.Pictured above, Pettit uses two knitting needles as well as a syringe filled with water to conduct the experiment. Each needle is purposely made of a different substance: nylon for the needle that the water “orbits” around and Teflon for the knitting tool near the syringe. The reason Pettis chose these two materials is because of their static electricity properties. When rubbed with a piece of paper, nylon produces a small positively charged energy field, the size being that way because of the poor conductivity of nylon. Teflon on the other hand produces a strong negative static charge, so that when the water is squirted out of the syringe in close proximity to the Teflon, it picks up the negatively charged ions as it passes by.This results in the water being attracted to the nylon needle in the orbital fashion illustrated in the video. The speed of the water droplet depends on the volume and its proximity to the positive charge of the nylon needle. Larger droplets tend to stick quickly, while smaller ones will orbit the needle longer and faster, sometimes even making figure-eights around it.If this is the kind of fun that the scientists aboard the ISS get to have all the time, show the place where I can sign up. I wonder if beer would react the same way as the water does?via Physics Centrallast_img read more

Star Wars hovering speederbike becomes a sort of reality

first_imgReturn of the Jedi wasn’t the best Star Wars film but it certainly did contain one of the coolest vehicles: the speederbike. Now a company called Aerofex seems to have replicated that legendary craft.The new speeder is not exactly the one from the 1983 film, but it does hover just like it. It’s called a rotorcraft and it uses the same dynamics as a helicopter in order to lift and carry itself and a rider above the ground. This isn’t completely new tech — they tested this vehicle in 2008 — unfortunately that flight ended in the rotorcraft crashing into a tumbleweed, which caught fire as a result. Luckily the pilot only came away with burnt hands.Since then they have been working on making the rotorcraft easier to control, therefore making the flight much more stable. The vehicle can hover up to 15 feet in the air and travel at 30 mile per hour.The people at Aerofex don’t want to recreate Star Wars speederbikes though, in fact in the future they don’t want these bikes to be manned at all. They want to create unmanned drones that are safe to be around humans.  The closed off rotors used in this technology would help them accomplish this (and prevent anything terrible from happening to small pets).It seems we’re still quite a few years away from speeding through Endor on these things. The video above does show what the rotorcraft can do and it’s fairly impressive. Sadly there’s no sound to the video, nor is the test pilot dressed like a Stormtrooper, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for now.More at Flightlog via Dvicelast_img read more

Microsoft targets Gmail users with new Scroogled campaign

first_imgGoogle is relentlessly sifting through your Gmail emails to serve up advertisements — and that’s just plain wrong, says Microsoft in its latest “Don’t get Scroogled” campaign. Google has taken heat for this practice before, and it’s gone as far as litigation in several cases. It’s an issue that has had Google’s legal department playing whac-a-mole since 2004 when Gmail first launched.As you’d expect from a Scroogled attack, Microsoft gets pretty sensational in its claims. The results of a Microsoft-commissioned survey (always a trustworthy source of data) play a prominent role this time around. Unsurprisingly, nearly 90% of those questioned responded that they disapproved of email scanning and that providers shouldn’t be allowed to scan the content email ads to show contextual ads. The same number also felt that an opt-out should be provided.Microsoft’s Director of Online Services Stefan Weitz says that “people feel that reading through their emails to sell ads is out of bounds.” He goes on to say that Microsoft respects the privacy of its Outlook.com users and believes that Google is violating that sacred trust every time an Outlook user emails a Gmail user. The icing on the cake with Scroogled:Gmail is that Microsoft has taken the extra step of launching an online petition and is urging users to take a stand against this gross injustice. So far, only around 300 have digitally signed on the line.There are a few problems with Microsoft’s claims, of course. The biggest is that Gmail users have all consented to Google’s terms and conditions, and that consent has been enough to get the company off the hook in the past. Google also clearly labels the ads, explains why they show up, and is pretty transparent about the entire process. Beyond that, Google does allow users to opt out of personalized ads and even block specific advertisers if they wish. If you’re really uncomfortable with the ads, you can even access your Gmail account via an IMAP client and avoid them entirely.last_img read more

ATT announced highcapacity data tiers up to 50GB and dataonly plans

first_imgUsers may be crying out for the return of unlimited data plans, but unless you’re on Sprint they aren’t coming back anytime soon. For those of you on AT&T with greater than average data needs, new data tiers have been rolled out to offer upwards of 50GB of data every month.US Carriers aren’t looked at in a particularly positive light right now. On top of having to filter through a seemingly endless line of requests for unlimited data to make a comeback, there’s talk of a new cell phone unlocking bill to be introduced soon. As the US mobile broadband situation continues to grow into their new LTE shoes, and users adjust to a world with high speed but limited capacity Internet on there phones, there’s going to be outliers that need to be addressed. Maybe a small business that doesn’t need anything more than a slightly augmented family plan, or a family that has figured out that their LTE connection is faster than the DSL line being offered by the local rural ISP. Whatever the collection of fringe cases may be, AT&T has decided to service them with a new line of higher capacity bandwidth options.The data plans come in at easy to remember price points. Take whatever your cap is, add a zero on the end, and you get your monthly price. It may be hard to swallow the idea of paying $500 every month for 50GB of wireless data, but clearly AT&T thinks that a couple of people will pay it. If you’re choosing these data tiers on a Family Share plan, you’ll still be charged the extra $30 per device you add on. Family accounts still have a 10 device limit, while businesses are offered a scale based on which plan you have. 50GB plans, for example, get you 25 devices. Regardless of which you go for, unlimited voice and text are still included.Perhaps more interesting than AT&T’s new cringe worthy, wallet bruising-mobile plans is the new data-only option for these higher tiers. You can opt for a $335 50GB plan that allows you to make each connected device a hotspot or mobile broadband USB stick. This would allow a small business the ability to grant mobile broadband to an entire team, while fostering a Bring Your Own Device environment for the rest of their needs. It’s certainly not as good as unlimited data, and it wouldn’t be hard for 10 hotspots to hit 50GB in a month, but the plans demonstrate an attempt to offer a reasonably priced service to businesses.last_img read more

MIT performs the greatest unboxing ever The Atlas Robot

first_imgIf you’ve ever wondered what it was like to unbox a human-sized robot, gaze upon this video with extreme jealousy. Helios, the Atlas Robot MIT is using for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, was recently pulled from its box so that modifications and testing can begin.In a world where disasters can happen with such severity that it is simply impossible for humans to wander in and fix things, there’s a real need for mechanical creations that can be controlled to rush in and save the day. In an attempt to speed up the process of creating these mechanical assistants, DARPA has created a competition to see who can build the best machine capable of entering a disaster area and either stopping further damage or making the area safe for humans.MIT’s entry into this competition starts with an Atlas Robot, built by Boston Dynamics. To show off their shiny new toy they did what gadget geeks all over the world when they get a shiny new thing. They made an unboxing video.The DARPA Robotics Trials will be taking place at the Homestead Speedway in Florida this December. Until that date, teams from MIT, NASA, Virginia Tech, and many others will be hard at work creating their versions of a robotic assistant to safely travel where we can’t.last_img read more

Fire breaks out at apartment block in Dublin

first_img 3 Comments Nov 4th 2016, 8:21 PM Fire breaks out at apartment block in Dublin No casualties have been reported but an ambulance is on scene. 21,487 Views By Gráinne Ní Aodha http://jrnl.ie/3064345 Short URL There are no reported casualties, and all persons have been accounted for.It’s unknown what caused the fire.More to followRead: Family of student killed in hit-and-run say meeting with Taoiseach was “step towards justice”center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Friday 4 Nov 2016, 8:21 PM Source: Dublin Fire Brigade/Twitter Share16 Tweet Email3 unit from P/boro, D/barn & Hq are dealing with an apartment fire in Islandbridge— Dublin Fire Brigade (@DubFireBrigade) November 4, 2016 Source: Google MapsA FIRE HAS broken out at the Avoca House apartment block in the Islandbridge area, Co Dublin.Dublin Fire Brigade has three pumps, breathing apparatus team, an ambulance and a district officer at the scene tackling the blaze.last_img read more

Have cake and eat it Photographed notes appear to show Brexit strategy

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Brexit plan? To ‘have cake and eat it’, according to glimpse of hand-written memo https://t.co/kjLkdclwPw pic.twitter.com/NRJr4Jp69k— HuffPost UK (@HuffPostUK) November 28, 2016 Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, 7:09 AM 21,261 Views THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT has distanced itself from a memo outlining plans for Brexit spotted as a lawmaker left Downing Street, which included the aim to “have cake and eat it”.“What’s the model? Have cake and eat it,” read the hand-written paper held by an aide accompanying Mark Field, a London MP for the ruling Conservative Party.The notes were caught by a photographer as Field left the Department for Exiting the European Union – an office set up in the wake of Britain’s shock 23 June vote to leave the bloc.The Brexit department would not detail the purpose of Field’s visit to Downing Street or who he had been meeting.“These individual notes do not belong to a government official or a special adviser. They do not reflect the government’s position in relation to Brexit negotiations,” a government spokesperson told AFP.The memo suggests Britain will fail to keep access to the European single market and will seek to keep the negotiations to two years, rejecting the idea of a lengthier transitional deal aimed at lessening the sudden impact of leaving the EU.“Keep the two years. Won’t provide more detail. We think it’s unlikely we’ll be offered single market,” the notes read.“Transitional – loathe to do it. Whitehall will hold onto it,” they say, referring to the view that pro-EU lawmakers in Britain would seek to make a transitional deal permanent.More than five months after the referendum, Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to outline the government’s Brexit strategy.The government’s promise to keep its playing cards close to its chest ahead of starting formal divorce proceedings with Brussels – which May has promised to do before the end of March – has also fuelled interest in any snippets of information out of Downing Street.‘Very French negotiating team’The notes photographed yesterday and published in British media go into brief detail on negotiating by sector, suggesting a deal on manufacturing will be “relatively straightforward”.“Services harder – because French hoping for business,” is also written, while “French likely to be most difficult” appears further down the page.Paris is just one of many European cities hoping to attract business away from the City of London financial hub, by promising access to the EU single market and free movement of workers.The memo also mentions a “very French negotiating team”, in an apparent nod to the European Commission’s top Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, a former French minister.“Canada Plus” is scrawled on the notepad, likely referring to the recent trade deal struck between Ottawa and Brussels, while the comment “no Norway” suggests London should not seek membership of the the tariff-free European Economic Area as part of its EU exit.The notes will prove embarrassing for Downing Street, following a memo leaked earlier this month which claimed the government had no overarching plan for Brexit.Civil servants are struggling to cope with more than 500 Brexit-related projects and an extra 30,000 extra staff may be needed to handle the workload, according to the memo, reportedly prepared for the government by a consultant.May’s team denied the claims and said it did not commission the report.- © AFP 2016Read: Enda Kenny says it’s impossible to negotiate Brexit within two yearsRead: Far-right extremist Thomas Mair will die in jail after he’s handed life sentence for Jo Cox murder ‘Have cake and eat it’ – Photographed notes appear to show Brexit strategy The UK Government has distanced itself from the notes. Short URL 55 Comments Nov 29th 2016, 7:09 AM Source: Huffington Post UK/Twitter By AFP Share53 Tweet Email http://jrnl.ie/3108174 last_img read more

Turkish Airlines flight evacuated after crew find note saying Bomb to Toronto

first_imgTurkish Airlines flight evacuated after crew find note saying ‘Bomb to Toronto’ in plane toilet Nothing else suspicious was found, and the passengers were transported to Toronto on a different flight. Passengers waiting to board the flight at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. A TURKISH AIRLINES plane in Istanbul was evacuated today after a suspicious note was discovered in one of its bathrooms.The Turkish Airlines cabin crew found the words “BOMB TO TORONTO” on the wall of a bathroom on Flight TK-17 during its pushback from the gate, a Turkish Airlines press official told The Associated Press.The plane was leaving Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport for Toronto Pearson International Airport.The plane returned to its parking spot and was evacuated.The airline said the plane and its passengers underwent security procedures, but the official said nothing suspicious was found.The press official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed by his company to give his name.A new plane was designated for the flight to Toronto.Read: Third arrest made in Malaysia over North Korea assassinationRead: “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” – Harrison Ford in piloting near-miss http://jrnl.ie/3247337 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Feb 18th 2017, 7:42 PM Saturday 18 Feb 2017, 7:42 PM Share54 Tweet Email center_img 4 Comments By Associated Press 13,056 Views Image: DHA-Depo Photos via AP Passengers waiting to board the flight at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. Image: DHA-Depo Photos via AP Short URLlast_img read more

Broker loses €60k case against Diceys nightclub after judge said he tried

first_imgBroker loses €60k case against Dicey’s nightclub after judge said he tried to headbutt bouncer Michael Halloran (29) had lodged a €60,000 case over injuries he received. Jan 24th 2017, 12:31 PM Image: Mark Stedman/RollingNews.ie Share170 Tweet Email 29,936 Views Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3202252 No Comments Dicey’s Garden nightclub on Dublin’s Harcourt Street. Dicey’s Garden nightclub on Dublin’s Harcourt Street. Image: Mark Stedman/RollingNews.ie Judge Groarke, dismissing Halloran’s case and awarding costs against him, said he had probably erred on the side of caution when admitting he had eight pints to drink on the night. The security staff was entitled to expel him.The judge said he had viewed cctv coverage of the incident and it seemed to him Halloran had tried to head butt a bouncer. Counsel said the man had performed back and front flips on the dance floor. Source: Mark Stedman/RollingNews.ie“He was drunk..aggressive..argumentative..demanding..upset..angry..and belligerent. He did sustain an injury to his head but it was not as a result of an assault or negligence on the part of staff,” Judge Groarke said.He said the actions of the bouncers were reasonable and the degree of force used was also reasonable. Halloran had conceded in evidence he had told staff he worked in insurance and that his injury was “a €100,000 case.”“Let me say that even if the case had merit it should have been taken in the District Court. I find there was no assault and no negligence on the part of staff and I dismiss the claim with costs,” Judge Groarke said.Halloran had sued P & B Security Services Limited, said to be in liquidation, and Triglen Holdings, trading as the Russell Court Hotel, Harcourt Street, Dublin.Comments have been disabled for legal reasons.Read: Man to be sentenced for sexually abusing his eight-year-old nephew>Read: Man filmed himself sexually assaulting heavily pregnant girlfriend while she slept > By Ray Managh A “DRUNK…AGGRESSIVE…argumentative..angry and belligerent” insurance broker, who claimed he had been assaulted by bouncers at a Dublin nightclub, has lost a €60,000 damages claim against the Russell Court Hotel and now faces a hefty legal costs bill.Circuit Court President, Justice Raymond Groarke, said Michael Halloran, of Braemor Drive, Churchtown, Dublin, had attempted to head butt one of two bouncers who were attempting to eject him from the club.Halloran (29) said he was a broker with Aon Insurance and on 26 January, 2012, was attending a work party with colleagues at Dicey’s Beer Garden, Russell Court Hotel, Harcourt Street, Dublin.He said he had been dancing and when a colleague was ejected he had tried to have him allowed back in but had been pushed and grabbed by the neck and arms by security staff. He had fallen, hitting and injuring his head.Halloran said an ambulance had been called but he had declined to go with them as he did not have the money with him to pay for emergency hospital treatment.Barrister Desmond Dockery, who appeared with solicitors O’Riordan and Company for the hotel, told Halloran he had been performing back and front flips on the dance floor and security staff had no option but to approach him.Dockery said:all bets were off when you head butted a member of security during an attempt to eject you. Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, 12:31 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Trumps choice for national security advisor turns down job

first_img 21,052 Views By AFP Share Tweet Email 55 Comments A FORMER NAVY admiral reportedly tapped by President Donald Trump to be his national security advisor has declined the post, US media reports.Robert Harward’s rejection of the position leaves the Trump administration without a replacement for Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign earlier this week amid a scandal over pre-inauguration phone conversations he allegedly had with Russian officials.In a statement read on CNN, Harward said he had turned down the job because he “could not make that commitment.”“This job requires 24 hours a day, seven days a week focus and commitment to do it right. I currently could not make that commitment,” the statement read.The rejection capped a riotous day for the 70-year-old US president, who earlier lambasted his critics in the media and in politics in a wide-ranging one hour, 16-minute-long press conference.© – AFP 2017Read: Tony Blair wants Britain to fight against BrexitRead: ‘The leaks are real, the news is fake’ – Trump blasts media again in latest press conference Trump’s choice for national security advisor turns down job “I currently could not make that commitment.” http://jrnl.ie/3244396 In this image provided by the U.S. Marine Corps, Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, speaks to an Afghan official. Image: Sgt. Shawn Coolman/U.S. Marine Corps via APcenter_img Feb 17th 2017, 9:11 AM In this image provided by the U.S. Marine Corps, Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, speaks to an Afghan official. Friday 17 Feb 2017, 9:11 AM Image: Sgt. Shawn Coolman/U.S. Marine Corps via AP Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

The son of the worlds new oldest person has died aged 97

first_imgThe son of the world’s new oldest person has died aged 97 Jamaican Violet Brown (117) is now the world’s oldest person after the death of Italian Emma Morano. Wednesday 19 Apr 2017, 10:00 PM 64 Comments https://jrnl.ie/3346585 Source: Andrew Holness/Twitter Secrets of her successIn an interview with Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner back in 2010, Brown says that her secret is a diet that avoids some meats and alcohol.“Really and truly, when people ask what me eat and drink to live so long, I say to them that I eat everything, except pork and chicken, and I don’t drink rum and dem tings (sic). You know, sometimes I ask myself, ‘Am I really 110 years old?’ because I don’t feel like 110,” she said.According to Harold, Violet also eats smaller meals.He told the Jamaica Observer that she “likes fish and mutton and sometimes she will have cow foot”.Her diet contains plenty of locally-grown produce like sweet potatoes, breadfruit, oranges and mangoes.When Brown was born Jamaica was still a British colony and she spoke about having to walk three miles when barefooted to fetch water before school.“I tell you, these young people these days have it easy – piped water, taxis and buses to bring them where they want to go, everything to their convenience,” she said.With reporting from Sean Murray, Associated PressRead: The last remaining survivor of the 1800s has died >Read: Oldest person in Ireland Sarah Clancy passes away aged 108 > Share Tweet Email2 Apr 19th 2017, 10:00 PM Updated 10.00pmAN 117-YEAR-OLD Jamaican woman has been named as the oldest living person on the planet.Violet Brown was born on 10 March 1900 and she’s now been named as the world’s oldest person after the death of Italian Emma Morano.Jamaican President Andrew Holness tweeted a picture of Brown at the weekend, congratulating her on her achievement. By Rónán Duffy However, news emerged today that Brown’s 97-year-old son who lived with her in the western Jamaica town of Duanvale, Trelawny, had died.Harold Fairweather had recently been ill, but had made a brief recovery before deteriorating further this morning.One of the two family caretakers, Elaine McGrowder told the Associated Press: “He had been unwell for some time, but we didn’t expect him to go like this.He was a very beautiful man – very, very special. 63,436 Views The world’s oldest human is Jamaican Violet Brown, who was born on March 10, 1900. Congrats Violet. pic.twitter.com/AnjXdHK1Kz— Andrew Holness (@AndrewHolnessJM) April 15, 2017 Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Poll Are you worried about the future of the EU

first_img Poll Results: 38,586 Views 181 Comments Share Tweet Email British Prime Minister Theresa May Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas AP/Press Association Images http://jrnl.ie/3353938 British Prime Minister Theresa May Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas AP/Press Association Images Sunday 23 Apr 2017, 9:47 AM THE FUTURE OF the European Union has been debated a lot recently, on foot of Brexit and the rise of right-wight, anti-EU parties in a number of countries.French voters are taking to the polls today in the most unpredictable presidential election in decades.National Front leader Marine Le Pen, one of the favourites to win, wants to pull France out of the eurozone and has threatened to take the country out of the EU as well.If this came to pass, the EU as we know it could be over.We want to know: Are you worried about the future of the EU? By Órla Ryancenter_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article YesNoI’m not sureVote Apr 23rd 2017, 9:47 AM No (5994) I’m not sure (934) As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Short URL Poll: Are you worried about the future of the EU? The Irish government has repeatedly said it is committed to the European Union. Yes (9048)last_img read more

Woman in Mayo struck by train and killed after chasing dog that

first_img 52,066 Views http://jrnl.ie/3318862 Image: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ie Woman in Mayo struck by train and killed after chasing dog that got onto tracks An investigation into the circumstances of the incident has been launched. Share Tweet Email1 Apr 1st 2017, 3:58 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article A WOMAN HAS died after being struck by a train in Mayo this morning.The incident occurred at 11.30am. It is understood the woman was walking her dog when it ran up the line. She went after the dog and although the driver sounded the horn and applied the emergency brake, the train struck the woman, fatally injuring her.A spokesperson for Irish Rail described it as a “tragic accident”.“Our sympathies are with her family and ourselves and the Rail Accident Investigation Unit are investigating it,” they added.The line is now closed and the Manulla to Ballina service has been replaced by a bus transfer while emergency services attend the scene.Read: Search teams will attempt to lift wreckage of Rescue 116 today> Image: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ie Saturday 1 Apr 2017, 3:58 PM 31 Comments Short URL By Michelle Hennessylast_img read more

Explainer Why are aviation officials grounding the Boeing 737 Max across Europe

first_img 22,697 Views https://jrnl.ie/4537615 Mar 13th 2019, 12:06 AM 16 Comments An Air Canada Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft arriving from Toronto prepares to land at Vancouver International Airport Wednesday 13 Mar 2019, 12:05 AM Short URL Image: DARRYL DYCK/PA Imagescenter_img Share2 Tweet Email An Air Canada Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft arriving from Toronto prepares to land at Vancouver International Airport Image: DARRYL DYCK/PA Images Explainer: Why are aviation officials grounding the Boeing 737 Max across Europe? Authorities around the world have grounded the Boeing Max 737 following a crash on Sunday. AVIATION AUTHORITIES AND airlines around the world have suspended the operation of all variants of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft in recent days.The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is among those to have suspended flights involving the aircraft, with two US-bound Norwegian planes grounded at Dublin Airport yesterday.Ryanair has also ordered 135 of the planes, and has options on 75 more, although chief executive Michael O’Leary says the company does not plan to change this.The move follows the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight on Sunday, in which 157 people – including Irishman Michael Ryan – were killed.Yesterday evening, the European Aviation Safety Agency also announced a Europe-wide suspension of flights involving the aircraft.Around 350 of the planes are currently in service around the world, while Boeing has also taken more than 5,000 orders for different versions of the carrier.It means a potential headache for both passengers and the aircraft manufacturer, with suggestions that this week’s developments could shape Boeing’s fortunes for years.‘No evidence’Safety concerns surrounding the 737 Max were first sparked after a Kenya-bound Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed minutes after it took off from Addis Ababa on Sunday.That alone may not have been enough to ground flights involving the aircraft, but it came four months after a Lion Air jet of the same model crashed in Indonesia, killing 189 people.Although no problems with the 737 Max have been identified, authorities and airlines felt compelled to act because the aircraft has only been in the air since 2017. One aviation expert who spoke anonymously to AFP outlined the similarity between the two crashes.“Like Lion Air, the [Ethiopian Airlines] accident took place shortly after takeoff and the pilots signaled they were experiencing problems, then the plane crashed,” they said.“The similarities are clear.” Nurses at the scene where the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday Source: Mulugeta Ayene/PA ImagesBut Diarmuid O’Gorman, an aerospace engineering lecturer at IT Carlow, suggested that authorities may be jumping to conclusions.“Anyone could look at it and say they’re similar, but really we won’t know that until more information comes out,” he tells TheJournal.ie.“If you’re cynical, you could say that the regulatory bodies had to be seen to be doing something, even though they had no evidence.“It’s so new and so fresh that it’s possible that the regulatory bodies might be jumping the gun a little bit.”Future importanceSince going on the market, dozens of airlines around the world have embraced the 737 Max for its fuel efficiency and utility for short and medium-haul flights.But it’s not the first time the aircraft has faced skepticism from the aviation community.In May 2017, the company stopped test flights of the aircraft over concerns about the engine produced by CFM International, jointly owned by France’s Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Aviation.After October’s Lion Air crash in Indonesia, the aerospace community raised further questions about the lack of information on the plane’s anti-stall system.Following an initial investigation, Boeing issued a bulletin telling pilots what to do when faced with problems with its airspeed indicator and angle of attack sensors.In fact, the plane’s future is so important for the company that if any technical corrections are needed, the company says it will make them. Air China passenger jets parked at gates at Beijing’s international airport on March 11 Source: UPI/PA ImagesBut this week’s incidents have caused huge damage to the company, according to O’Gorman.“It could be incredibly damaging to Boeing, especially from a business point of view,” he says.“This new plane was going to be their show pony, so when lawmakers make a shout to ground flights like they have done, it doesn’t look good.”If investigators find a common cause for the Ethiopian and Indonesian tragedies stemming from the aircraft’s design, it could be a serious blow to Boeing and prompt airlines and passengers to shun the jet.“This could go worldwide if you see passengers voting with their feet,” O’Gorman says.“The worrying thing is that both incidents involved new aircraft in similar circumstances, even though there are many factors that can cause an airline to crash. It’s a tricky one.”Initial assessmentBut despite authorities in the EU, Australia, China, and airlines in Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa grounding the planes, the US regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration, has yet to do the same.On Monday night, the FAA issued a statement saying that while others have drawn similarities between the Indonesia and Ethiopia crashes, it was not willing to do so.“This investigation has just begun and to date we have not been provided data to draw any conclusions or take any actions,” the FAA said.This, as well as economic pressure from airlines and manufacturers may also see the planes take to the skies again, as carriers may struggle to source other aircraft for routes served by the 737 Max. United States’ National Transportation Safety Board and Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee check the debris of the crashed Lion Air flight in November Source: Xinhua News Agency/PA ImagesO’Gorman suggests that while a full investigation will take months, a preliminary analysis by Ethiopian authorities into Sunday’s crash could resolve the issue sooner than that.“They could certainly make an initial assessment of the accident and rule out an issue within weeks,” he says.“The flight recording equipment from the Ethiopian Airlines flight could show the aircraft itself is safe, and these kind of worrying problems could be sorted quite soon.”Until then, Irish passengers travelling with Norwegian from Dublin and Shannon airports have been advised to check with the airline for updates.A spokesman for Norwegian told TheJournal.ie that the company was continuing attempts to re-allocate passengers onto other Norwegian flights, while the company is also offering re-bookings to passengers affected by the grounding of 737 Max planes.With additional reporting from Associated Press and – © AFP 2019 By Stephen McDermott Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Roma in France attacked over false white van kidnap rumours

first_img Share112 Tweet Email Mar 27th 2019, 9:51 PM https://jrnl.ie/4564359 ETHNIC ROMA LEADERS called for round-the-clock police protection for their communities today in Paris after a series of vigilante attacks sparked by false reports of attempted kidnappings.Police arrested 20 people following attacks on Monday night on Roma people in suburbs northeast of Paris following false rumours of abductions spread on messaging apps and social media.Eleven were still in custody today, with three adults and a minor due to be brought before magistrates.“We are calling today on the interior ministry… for immediate protection by way of round-the-clock police presence,” Anina Ciucin, a lawyer and spokesperson for The Voice of Roma group told RMC radio.She said the online claims were “a revival of the medieval stereotype” of Roma in which “gypsies are likened to thieves and child-catchers”. The attacks appeared to have been sparked by the re-emergence of a long-standing online hoax that has circulated in France for years in which people warn of a white van being used in attempted kidnappings of young women or children.Police have renewed their calls on Twitter not to relay the claims. They said there have been no reports of kidnappings in the area. 21,318 Views 29 Comments Wednesday 27 Mar 2019, 9:50 PM Roma in France attacked over false ‘white van’ kidnap rumours Police arrested 20 people following attacks on Monday night on Roma people. ❌Les rumeurs de kidnapping d’enfants avec une camionnette sont totalement infondées. Aucun enlèvement n’est avéré. ❗️Ne relayez plus cette fausse information, n’incitez pas à la violence. pic.twitter.com/FRWPZnpakP— Préfecture de police (@prefpolice) March 26, 2019 Short URL By AFP We’re not sleeping because we’re keeping guard all night.Gheorghe Yasile Ibrahim, a man in his thirties who lives off selling scrap metal, doing furniture removals, and searching bins for discarded food, said he feared “starving to death” because he was too scared to leave the camp.Roma people were also chased in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois and had to seek refuge in a supermarket to escape violence, according to Ciucin and judicial sources who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity.Tensions On 16 March, a gang of around 20 young people attacked two people in a white van in the Paris suburb of Colombes, leaving both with light injuries, police said.Rumours appear to have been spread on the Snapchat messaging service and on Facebook, where posts from people claiming their children or family members had been approached by strangers or abducted have been widely shared.In December, police in the town of Versailles, west of Paris, issued a warning about abduction rumours carried online.Police reminded social media users that under French law spreading a false rumour could be punished with fines of €45,000 to €135,000.Tens of thousands of Roma people have lived in France for centuries, but a fresh influx of some 20,000 people, mainly from Romania and Bulgaria, since the 1980s has led to the creation of new slums and increased tensions, according to a 2017 study by the government-sponsored National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).Successive French governments have sought to dismantle the slums and repatriate recently arrived Roma.Although Roma are allowed to travel freely in Europe, they are not eligible to apply for jobs in France unless they meet certain qualifications.Between 10 and 12 million Roma people, also known as Roms, live in Europe, six million of them within European Union borders, according to the Council of Europe human rights group.© – AFP, 2019  Source: Préfecture de police/Twitter Image: Shutterstock/m.mphoto Viral rumours against Roma Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux termed the attacks “unacceptable”, adding that this showed “the absolute need to fight ‘fake news’”.“Spreading such rumours in a highly organised and viral way on social media results in violence (and) the stigmatisation of a community,” he said, calling the process “detestable”.In one attack on Monday night in the suburb of Bobigny, some 50 people armed with sticks and knives set upon Roma living in a nearby slum, setting fire to their parked vans.“Since then we’re constantly scared,” said Georghe Marcus, one of around 150 Roma from Romania, Serbia and Moldova who live in wasteland next to a canal. Image: Shutterstock/m.mphoto Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more