A New Dawn

first_imgPresumably you’ve heard the news that something very exciting is on the horizon. We can’t wait to share that news with you in just a few days! But before we dive into September, and all the incredibly exciting change that brings, let’s take a quick look back at what happened in August. Read on to see what the teams have been up to.VMworld 2016VMworld is just wrapping up in Las Vegas. During the first day’s keynote Michael Dell took the stage for a brief conversation with Pat Gelsinger to discuss, among other things, the future of VMware. “The open ecosystem of VMware,” he said, “is absolutely critical to its success.”&nbsp;</p><p>Jim Ganthier spoke with SiliconANGLE’s The Cube about the private cloud and Dell’s HPC business and how the impending EMC acquisition will alter it.&nbsp;</p><p>In the booth we had a number of presentations, including a talk from our customer, Honeywell, on their very powerful solution leveraging the PowerEdge FX2 modular infrastructure platform together with VMware VSAN for use in oil refineries and other mission critical industries.Validated System for VirtualizationOn the second day of VMworld, we announced the Dell Validated System for Virtualization , developed to meet business needs quickly, at high efficiency, and with rock-solid reliability. That flexibility is key to delivering on the promise of a service-defined infrastructure that will enable and accelerate the new service-oriented IT.Make Smarter IT Decisions Dell highlighted its Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) in a recent blog post that allows customers to visualize their infrastructure requirements and then directly compare to some of the most popular reference architectures. DPACK is an agentless, non-disruptive software that runs remotely to gather core metrics such as disk I/O, throughput, CPU utilization, memory utilization, free and used capacity and network throughput. Using this tool, Dell found that combining Dell’s innovative FX2 chassis and VMware VSAN created the most powerful VSAN cluster in the world. The FX2 chassis populated with four FC430 dual socket servers and two FD332 storage sleds with all flash drives proved to provide 16X the performance of the legacy solution. The versatility of VSAN licensing and flexibility of the FX2 chassis networking also stood out and enabled the solution to double its performance to 32X the legacy solution by adding an SC4020 all flash array.The Path is Open to Software-Defined NetworkingThe Dell Networking team recently published an eBook on how organizations are using Dell Open Networking solutions to get amazing results. The new eBook called “The Path Is Open to Software-Defined Networking” highlights Dell Networking customers, Cornell University, U2 Cloud, Netsystems and Midokura on how they are protecting their investments, accelerating innovation velocity and increasing business agility.HPC Leads Manufacturing InnovationIn a blog series, the  Dell HPC team is highlighting the top industries where high performance computing provides the most value. In the second and most recent blog post on the manufacturing industry, Ed Turkel explains that the goal of the HPC System for Manufacturing is to make HPC accessible and seamless for manufacturers of all sizes, allowing them to develop more competitive products with faster time to market, higher quality, and lower cost. According to the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences(NCMS), out of more than 300,000 manufacturers in the US, 95 percent are categorized as small or medium sized (less than 500 employees) and 94 percent of them have not fully adopted HPC. By opening up HPC resources to more and more manufacturers, Dell is helping to enable an unprecedented surge in innovation.As Dell buckles down for the fall conference season ahead, don’t forget to register for our main conference, Dell World (October 18-20 in Austin). Registration is open. We hope you can make it!last_img read more

Teenager fatally stabbed by drinking buddy at Barima River

first_imgEighteen-year-old Lawrence Leon, a labourer of Kariabo, Barima River, was stabbed to his upper back by the suspect, 22-year-old Eon Charles on Wednesday but took his last breath on Thursday.Based on reports received, the suspect, along with his wife and Lawrence, was consuming alcohol when an argument ensued. During the argument, the now dead man stabbed the suspect to the left hand with a knife and in retaliation, the suspect armed himself with a lance and stabbed the now dead man to the upper back.Both men were taken to the Barima Health Centre, where they were treated and referred to the Mabaruma Hospital. While there, Charles was treated and sent away, while Leon was admitted a patient at the medical facility.He later succumbed to his injuries.His body is at the Hospital’s mortuary awaiting a post-mortem. The suspect, however, was arrested and presently in custody assisting with the investigation.last_img read more

A’s look to stay hot against struggling Mariners

first_imgThe All-Star break did nothing to alter the trajectory of the A’s or the Seattle Mariners.The A’s open a two-game homestand on Tuesday against their A.L. West rivals having won four in a row and 10 of 12 overall to remain in the thick of the wild-card race. The last-place Mariners arrive in the Bay Area having lost four in a row and seven of eight overall.Four months ago the teams appeared headed in vastly different directions after the Mariners swept a two-game series from the A’s in the …last_img read more

Groklaw Shuts Down, A Self-Described Casualty In The Privacy Wars

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market You may not have heard of Pamela Jones, creator of the legal blog site known as Groklaw, but you may have heard of the legal case that she helped dismantle through patience, research and no small amount of moxie: the $1 billion lawsuit leveled at IBM by The SCO Group in 2003.Through that case, and the other SCO lawsuits that appeared on the docket in 2003-2004, Jones endured repeated attempts of exposure and no small amount of intimidation by The SCO Group or its proxies… but it would take something else entirely to drive Jones from the Internet once and for all.See also Death Before Dishonor: Secure Email Services Shut Down Rather Than Comply With FedsOn Groklaw today, Jones has announced that she is shutting down the site and removing herself from the Internet. The reason? Recent moves from private e-mail services like Lavabit and Secret Circle to shut down their businesses in order to protect customers from government surveillance.The owner of Lavabit tells us that he’s stopped using email and if we knew what he knew, we’d stop too.There is no way to do Groklaw without email. Therein lies the conundrum.Concerned that Groklaw’s email communications will be or could now be monitored, Jones has opted to end the work on the site entirely.I hope that makes it clear why I can’t continue. There is now no shield from forced exposure. Nothing in that parenthetical thought list is terrorism-related, but no one can feel protected enough from forced exposure any more to say anything the least bit like that to anyone in an email, particularly from the US out or to the US in, but really anywhere. You don’t expect a stranger to read your private communications to a friend. And once you know they can, what is there to say? Constricted and distracted. That’s it exactly. That’s how I feel.So. There we are. The foundation of Groklaw is over. I can’t do Groklaw without your input. I was never exaggerating about that when we won awards. It really was a collaborative effort, and there is now no private way, evidently, to collaborate.It might be a surprise to some that Jones would elect to take this option, rather than make a stand and fight, perhaps with Groklaw itself. The site used crowdsourced research and education to help dispel The SCO Group’s claims that as the owner of the copyright for the UNIX operating system, it was entitled to a licensing fee from any user of the Linux operating system, which SCO also claimed had copied code directly from UNIX.Those claims were never really settled because ultimately Novell would step forward and successfully challenge SCO’s copyright ownership of UNIX. It turns out that you can’t sue for something you don’t actually own, and SCO’s cases melted like snow on a hot summer’s day.Through the legal twists and turns of the SCO legal battles in 2005, odd efforts to disclaim Jones would occur. Many of her detractors claimed she was nothing more than an astroturfing front for IBM itself, claims which were made to me as a journalist . In 2005 Sys-Con reporter Maureen O’Gara attempted to track Jones down at her Hartsdale, NY home using, Jones claimed, private investigators to do the leg work the story. That story, later struck down by Sys-Con, painted a less-than-flattering picture of Jones and also appeared to use SCO-delivered clues to track the blogger down.In 2007, before the Novell case blew SCO’s claims out of the water, accusations that Jones—which may have always been a pen name for the Groklaw editor—was working for IBM came to a head. SCO attempted to serve Jones a subpoena for a deposition with an unknown reason, but the attempt was unsuccessful, according to then-Forbes writer and former ReadWrite Editor in Chief Dan Lyons. Jones claimed she would be taking a “health break” from the site and was unavailable at the time.Deserved or not, no one can deny that Jones has endured a lot of scrutiny in her tenure at Groklaw. After putting up with the deliberate attacks on her site and character, Jones has demonstrated that she is no wilting flower.But Jones is, by many accounts, a deeply private person. I have never met her in person, as she has kept her distance, preferring to communicate via e-mail over the years. People who have met her have repeatedly emphasized Jones’ need for personal privacy.With that in mind, then, Jones’ need to withdraw from the Internet, while frustrating for her and her readers, becomes a little more understandable. Jones has demonstrated a fierce capacity to fight for the law, but her Achilles’ heel has always been the need to protect her own private life and the work done behind the scenes at Groklaw. If the U.S. intelligence community is indeed taking steps to intercept e-mails in a non-targeted manner, then it is clear why Jones is stepping away: she cannot feel safe working in this medium any longer.My personal decision is to get off of the Internet to the degree it’s possible. I’m just an ordinary person. But I really know, after all my research and some serious thinking things through, that I can’t stay online personally without losing my humanness, now that I know that ensuring privacy online is impossible. I find myself unable to write. I’ve always been a private person. That’s why I never wanted to be a celebrity and why I fought hard to maintain both my privacy and yours.Oddly, if everyone did that, leap off the Internet, the world’s economy would collapse, I suppose. I can’t really hope for that. But for me, the Internet is over.Given all that Jones has had to put up with, her pulling away from the Internet now should serve as a signal to others that the actions of the U.S. intelligence services will have broad and far-reaching consequences on how much users should trust the Internet.The casualty of Groklaw may be among the first of many to fall in the privacy wars.Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#nsa#privacy#spying A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Related Posts brian proffitt Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

9 Tips for Shooting in Cold Weather

first_imgKeep your equipment safe when shooting in cold weather.Winter is upon us. So, in light of the recent polar vortex, we’ve rounded up our best tips for cold weather photo and video shoots.1. Avoid ‘Cold Soaking’“Cold Soaking” is allowing your camera to become as cold as the environment around you…and you want to avoid this. Allowing your camera to reach sub-zero temperatures is a recipe for disaster as most cameras aren’t created to withstand subzero temperatures. Keep your camera in it’s case/bag until it’s time to shoot. In extreme temperature scenarios it may be beneficial to include additional insulation in your camera bag.2. Carbon Fiber TripodIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a cold metal tripod in cold weather is a bad idea. Instead of freezing your fingers off try using a carbon fiber tripod. Carbon fiber tripds are great for shooting in extreme temperatures. They’re also extremely lightweight when compared to their metal counterparts.3. Bring Extra BatteriesBatteries drain faster in cold weather. So next time you have to shoot in extreme cold make sure you pack 2 to 3 times your normal supply of batteries.4. Use Hand WarmersSmall hand warmers are a lifesaver in cold weather and they can serve a variety of other purposes. For example, a small hand warmer can be placed in your camera bag to regulate the temperature.5. Bring ND FiltersSnowy is bright even in overcast weather. For this reason you should bring your ND filters along. ND filters cut out incoming light and allow you to use a wider aperture even in bright conditions. This is really important if you are wanting to get a shallow depth of field.6. Gradually Go from Cold to WarmProblems may arise if you quickly go from a cold environment to a warm one – condensation can form on your camera and lens. It’s best to allow your camera slowly to adjust to room temperature. One trick is to keep your lenses in Ziplock freezer bags, allowing them to acclimate to the temperature change before opening. Adding silica gel packs in the baggie can help cut help alleviate any humidity.If condensation gets inside the camera or lens body it can permanently damage the hardware. In these extreme scenarios it is best to let the camera completely dry out before attempting to use it again.7. DehumidifiersOne way you can significantly cut back on condensation is to put a dehumidifying pack in your camera bag. Just as you might imagine, these packs are designed to absorb moisture making your camera less likely to experience damage as a result of condensation.Lens cap manufacture BRNO make dehumidifying lens caps that have silica gel built-in. If you’re going to be doing a lot of outdoor cold-weather photography or filmmaking it might be worth it to get a few.8. Get a Coated LensMost modern day lenses come with special coatings that allow them to withstand the elements. This is especially important when shooting in cold weather as it is easy to get things like snow and condensation on the lens. If you’re considering renting a lens check out if it has a specialty coating on it.9. Winter-Proof CasesThere are a few winter-proofing camera cases that you can buy to protect your camera gear, including the Camera Duck which goes for about $130 on B&H. Camera Duck also sells large warmers designed to fit over their weather covers.Even if you don’t want to spend the money on a winter cover, a waterproof case is a worthwhile investment.Have any other tips for shooting in cold weather? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Western Australia Media Release

first_imgThe Version two event was held on November 20-22 at UWA Sports Park, McGillivray Oval. The event drew 42 teams, and a mountain of spectators and officials.On Friday, we commenced at the new time of 11.50 for Round 1, with round games being played until around 5 o’clock.Saturday was again similar with round games commencing at 9am and concluding at 5pm for the annual Referee Awards Dinner at Challenge Stadium. The dinner saw a range of awards given including the Certificates of Commendation to those who had shown commitment and dedication to their affiliate. During the evening it was also an opportunity to show appreciation to John Moore who commenced refereeing in 1980 and to this day is still holding that whistle and running around the park.However the night was about one award, the 2009 Referee of the Year. This year the prestigious award went to Karen Woods.Sunday was finals day, with the open men’s kicking off the morning with their final round. The day the saw 7 divisions semi-finals and then towards midday the grand finals began. The Womens 35’s, Mens 40’s and Womens 27’s were all at UWA Sports Park, and for the other 4 divisions we moved to the newly built State Athletics Stadium.The Grand Final results are below:Womens 35’sSouthern – 3Perth Brothers – 0Player of the Final – Michelle Keegan – SouthernReferees – Paul Thomas, Matt Thomas, Pammy TauMens 40’sGeraldton – 6Rosalie – 4Player of the Final – Eugene White – GeraldtonReferees – Steve Williams, Stuart Evans, Paul RichardsonWomens 27’sRosalie – 4Tompkins Park – 3Player of the Final – Tegan Young – RosalieReferees – Damien Capp, Brendan Davies, Fiona HayMens 30’sRosalie – 11Fremantle – 6Player of the Final – Jay Laurie – RosalieReferees – Richard McIllroy, Phil Galvin, John Bedford2  November 30, 2009Mixed OpenGalaxy – 10Fremantle – 7Player of the Final – Joseph Parekura Tarau – GalaxyReferees – Andrew Catterall, Ben Morton, Lee BroadbridgeWomens OpenSouthern – 6Perth Brothers – 3Player of the Final – Ashleigh Dewar – SouthernReferees – Chris Murray, James McMahon, Justin ParsonsMens OpenSouthern – 8Tompkins Park – 7Player of the Final – Stuart Brierty – SouthernReferees – Tony Arnel, Grant Hill, Karen WoodsBall Boys – Zac Richardson, Charlie DossetterChampion Affiliate – Southern DistrictsAt the conclusion of the Mens Open final there were several awards to be given to Touch Football Community members who had donated numerous hours to the sport in a range of areas. TouchWest congratulates:State Referee Directors Encouragement Award – Paul RichardsonReferee of the Tournament – Fiona Hay2009 Leading Referee – Tony ArnelCoach of the Year – George Forster-JonesVolunteer of the Year – Freda BlackTouchWest wishes to thank all the volunteers and staff who donated numerous hours to the event.All event action photos are available from www.energyimages.com.auFull results will be available from www.statechamps.com.auRelated Fileswrap_up_-_state_champs-pdflast_img read more


first_img“I don’t know if there’s another song I could think of that could replace Bohemian Rhapsody,” Penelope Spheeris, who directed Wayne’s World, told Day 6.“It was a brilliant choice on Mike’s part from the very beginning and I think we, as a shooting team, executed it pretty well.“When the film opened in 1992, Bohemian Rhapsody — originally released by Queen 17 years earlier — returned to the top of the U.S. charts, peaking at number two.Myers has said that including the song in Wayne’s World was important because it mirrored his own adolescence in Toronto.“I wanted Wayne’s World the movie to be as cinematic and in the world as possible,” Myers told Rolling Stone in an interview. “I thought Bohemian Rhapsody would be a great way to introduce everybody.”‘It was worth the headache’Filmed over one night in Covina, Calif., the musical number is one of the first scenes in Wayne’s World.Wayne jumps into his best friend Garth Algar’s AMC Pacer and, with two friends already in the backseat, he pops a cassette into the stereo andBohemian Rhapsody begins.The scene immediately resonated with Sean Sullivan, the Canadian actor who played Wayne’s perpetually drunk friend Phil in the film.“I remember driving around in my very beat up — I think it was a Chevy Nova or something … and singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody,” recalled Sullivan.“Then I read the scene and I go, ‘They’re driving around singing to Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s like they’ve been reading my mail.’” Facebook Twitter Mercury died three months before the film’s premiere, but he knew his song — which Sullivan believes to be the singer’s best — would be featured.“Freddie, who was very ill at at the time, was thrilled and heartened by the number being in the movie,” he said.Spheeris says that the band was thankful to the film team for giving Bohemian Rhapsody a second life, and guitarist Brian May even sent a message to the director.Four and a half decades on, she adds, Bohemian Rhapsody is a pop culture staple.“It will be around forever. I hope it will be because, you know, younger generations need music like this now.”To hear more from Penelope Spheeris and Sean Sullivan, download our podcast or click the ‘Listen’ button at the top of this page. Advertisement Advertisement Mike Myers, as Wayne’s from Wayne’s World at the 2008 MTV Music Awards. Myers’s use of Bohemian Rhapsody in the film sent the song back up the charts in 1992. Rami Malek, right, plays Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody which opened in theatres on Friday. (Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press, 20th Century Fox) Gwilym Lee as Brian May, left, Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, center, and Joe Mazzello as John Deacon, right, star in Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. (20th Century Fox)center_img Sullivan calls the scene one of the best “rock and roll scenes” in teen film history.The scene took hours to film and Sullivan estimates that at least one hour was spent headbanging to the song’s instrumental bridge. Sullivan says it was a major pain in the neck.“When we saw the scene it was like, ‘Well, it was worth the headache,’” Sullivan said.Myers saves the QueenBohemian Rhapsody almost didn’t make it into the film, according to Myers.The producer, Lorne Michaels, wanted Guns N’ Roses to open the film. Queen had fallen out of favour by the ’90s.“I said, “I hear you. I think that’s really smart,” but I didn’t have any jokes for a Guns N Roses song. I had lots of jokes for Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s just inherently comedic,’” Myers told Rolling Stone about why he wanted the song in the movie.“I was totally unaware there was any question as to whether or not Bohemian Rhapsody would be in the film,” Spheeris said. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Rami Malek, left, and Mike Myers pose for photographers upon arrival at the World premiere of the film Bohemian Rhapsody in London. (Joel C. Ryan/Invision/Associated Press) Mike Myers is helping to revive Bohemian Rhapsody once again — but this time, he won’t be singing it.The Canadian comedian stars as a record executive in the Queen biopic named after the song. The film, which stars Rami Malek as flamboyant frontman Freddie Mercury, hit theatres on Friday Nov. 2.But despite the buzz around Bohemian Rhapsody, at the end of the day Myers will probably still be better known for his performance of the mini-rock opera in his 1992 debut film Wayne’s World.last_img read more

Rep Green attends governors State of the State address

first_img Categories: Green News,Green Photos State Rep. Phil Green of Millington attended the governor’s State of the State address Tuesday at the state Capitol.“Rural advancement is the single biggest issues I am fighting for in Lansing. Giving these areas of the state the tools to thrive will present opportunities for job providers and residents in our communities,” Green said. “I look forward to working with Governor Whitmer to address these issues and others over the next two years.”Rep. Green’s district covers Huron and Tuscola counties.FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: State Sen. Dan Lauwers, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director Liesl Clark, Huron County Commission Chairman Sami Khoury, Huron County Commissioner Steve Vaughan, and State Rep. Phil Green. 13Feb Rep. Green attends governor’s State of the State addresslast_img read more