Love of Shanghai top three quality dry cleaners

it is very important when writing the title, good title can let the site’s ranking is very durable, can let the user would have to click on the desire. In addition to the title, and description, three site descriptions are in place, but the only drawback is not fill in the phone.

is the first website ranking is very good, URL is still using the dynamic form, but from the dynamic parameters is not very complex, shorter length, the search engine can still be included. But according to love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng guide requirements, can try to static static, the search engine will be more friendly. read more

Analysis of Hefei moving combat website internal optimization

The optimization of

with the modified Shanghai algorithm to love, but also makes the website optimization work becomes more difficult, the optimization time is getting longer, a lot of Web site optimization personnel are eager to get ranked, using some search engines let objectionable practices, not only led to the site is down right, even the hair is pulled out, the author of this article mainly analyze the present situation of Hefei moving company to this website and how to optimize the site rationalization, to be really from this article when the knowledge learned, you followed the author operation of each step, only their hands to try, really understand the principle. read more