Clean Air Funding Helps Businesses Municipalities

first_imgTen Nova Scotian businesses and municipalities in the South Shore region are receiving more than $570,000 for projects that will help reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutants. The funding, from the ecoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change, was announced today, May 28, in Liverpool by Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau. “The funding for these projects will help Nova Scotia reduce the air emissions that lead to climate change and help make life better for families in every region,” said Mr. Belliveau. “As we look forward to Environment Week, beginning Sunday, we are showing genuine leadership in the protection of our environment and the growth of the green economy.” The Region of Queens Municipality is receiving $137,150 toward the energy-efficient construction of the new Queens Place Recreation Centre, as well as $10,000 for an energy audit. South Shore businesses receiving funding are Clare Machine Works in Clare, Digby Co., which will get $107,000 to develop lobster trap improvements that could lead to less boat travel to set and retrieve the traps and Rainbow Net and Rigging, which will receive $94,000 toward a new facility in Chester to sanitize and repair nylon aquaculture nets. The Mersey Tobeatic Research Centre will get $56,526 to retrofit a field station to demonstrate a carbon-neutral building. In other municipal grants, the Town of Bridgewater will receive $105,000 to install solar hot air and water panels for five municipal buildings, and upgrade lighting for the Bridgewater Arena. Other municipalities are receiving $5,000 to $28,000 for an array of projects involving solar hot air and water panels, refrigeration-plant retrofits, installation of wind turbines, and more. These projects are expected to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by about 17,000 tonnes — equal to taking 3,900 cars off the road — and cut more than 450,000 kilograms of major air pollutant emissions, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. The projects, supported by ecoNova Scotia, with funding from the Government of Canada, further the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act and the Climate Change Action Plan. They will also help Nova Scotia be recognized as a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology. With this announcement, ecoNova Scotia has funded about 100 projects since it was established in 2007. For more information on the fund, visit .last_img read more

Jaya adds voice to 13A

The Times of India reported that the chief minister had said that Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Tamil diaspora spread across the world were “outraged and incensed over the impunity with which the Sri Lankan government was ignoring international sentiments and binding resolutions relating to reconciliation and rehabilitation and the ongoing gross human rights abuses against Lankan Tamils.” Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa has added her voice to the issue over the 13th Amendment to the constitution by urging the  Indian government to ensure the Sri Lankan government does not repeal the amendment.“The Centre should ensure that the process of democratic decentralization, which is integral to the survival of the Tamils in Lanka, is in no way jeopardized,” Jayalalithaa said in a letter to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a copy of which was released to the Indian media on Sunday. Her letter comes in the wake of the Sri Lankan government’s decision to constitute a parliamentary select committee to review the thirteenth amendment to the constitution. “It appears that our worst fears regarding the intentions and motives of the present Sri Lankan regime are coming true,” the chief minister said.In March last, the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly passed a resolution calling for a referendum on a separate Eelam for Tamils in Sri Lanka and Tamils displaced from Lanka and live in other countries. The aspirations of the Lankan Tamils could be realized only through a Tamil Eelam, Jayalalithaa said. read more