Top ten pharmaceutical companies list

medicine is an industry that benefits the public. It has a long history of development in our country. At the same time, because of the needs of the masses, it is the birth of numerous brands. So, pharmaceutical companies which brand good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major pharmaceutical companies brand list, so that you can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

pharmaceutical enterprise of the ten brands list NO.1, Tongrentang: began in the Qing emperor Kangxi eight years (1669), the state trademark protection, the Chinese time-honored brand, famous high-tech enterprises, Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., ltd.. read more

How to open Health Museum

now people make money is to make money, but also for the maintenance of the body is also very seriously, so the whole market is really hot spa up, many investors want to open a health museum. I believe a lot of friends who are ready to open the museum do not know how to take a good name for their own shop, I do not know what to start. Based on the experience of the industry to provide some ideas for you, the idea of a good sounding name to attract customers.

a, from the service area to consider read more

What should be paid attention to in the process of parent child store

for a store operation is not a simple thing to sell, if you want to create a higher store performance, naturally we need to pay attention to more factors. Now children market in the market is relatively hot, for young parents, for they personally with a deep interest; and the reason why this happens, in fact, most of the major or today’s consumer market consumer groups are relatively young.

for young people, they for the pursuit of fashion is hot, so that they have a relatively high interest for children is relatively new form of clothing like this, but it is now on the market, more popular with children, so now we can see the children’s shop to buy it more, if we want to open a clothing store in person, for us or have more things to note, if not able to operate their own stores may let us go to business failure, so we need to pay attention to what? read more

How to improve the management efficiency of home stores

Home Furnishing stores now have their own advantages in the market, grasp the correct management efficiency can make Home Furnishing franchise to win more wealth in the severe market! But, for investors, the specific needs of the perspective from which to create the success of the shop? Then we will join for Home Furnishing how to improve the management efficiency of shop of


now home stores in addition to the brand, the same home decoration than the price, nature, effect, etc.. Therefore, the purchase of Home Furnishing decoration must pay attention to these aspects, the specific circumstances, the comprehensive examination of other peers do know, the sale of goods to ensure their own charm. Home decoration store management to do the following: to maintain a good store inside and outside image. Prior to the opening of the great minds and funds to spend a good image of the shop decoration, after the opening of more regular maintenance, update, repair. After the hard work of the preparatory work of the opening of the store, in addition to recruitment, training, contact with the purchase of a series of channels, and so on. read more

How to open a successful education franchise

education stores in recent years is very hot, a lot of friends want to engage in this business, the market excess diversified demand for talent on the rise! This has prompted the development potential of the market on the education industry is a fact obvious to people! However, education for franchise investors in order to ensure that the store, there is a serious in the market, so entrepreneurs in the shop when the master to win customers heart skills correctly, so education stores can be successful in the market to create a read more

Lei Jun today’s entrepreneurs are lucky

many entrepreneurs are complaining about entrepreneurship is very difficult, in fact, the entrepreneurial environment is now much better than in the past. Lei Jun entrepreneurs believe that today’s entrepreneurial environment better than 20 years ago, we are more than one hundred times, there may be more than ten thousand times. "We didn’t give you any money at that time. It was very difficult to finance."

millet technology founder and CEO Lei yesterday received several mainstream media interview, talked about the millet Internet thinking, the future listing of the plan, millet ecological chain and internationalization, and Dong Mingzhu gamble of several subjects, and again responded to the outside world for millet plagiarism criticism. read more

Fashionable good project online Entrepreneurship

with the gradual popularization of the network, the network began into people’s life, while Taobao, Jingdong mall network platform operation success, let the people see the charm of the network, the online business became popular business. Below, small series and share with you a few online venture success stories.

Entrepreneurs: Kylie, wain


kylie and Wain are a couple of College students. Last summer, never experienced online shopping Kylie was attracted to try to buy Taobao Taobao two mobile phone sets. read more

Retailers do business to be able to say

successful retail is not a customer has a very clear dissatisfaction, but we do not know, resulting in the loss of customers. In fact, the sale is a science, we should know how to read, and understand the needs of customers. This is a very subtle link, if properly mastered, but it is a very easy to make sales breakthrough. May wish to take the situation encountered in my business.

once, a customer to buy cigarettes, just on the counter, I took a box to him. After getting the cigarette, I found the customer suddenly frowned, like what dissatisfaction. I thought, is that I took the wrong? I looked again, and did not take the wrong. When I was wondering, he was a little action and suddenly I understand. He just touched the cigarette case with his hand, looked at his finger, and shook his head. read more

Open imported snack shop is to join or open their own good

is now almost an industry has provided any cooperation brand, however, for many investors, do not know their own good to join, or build a open shop, this is a problem bothering many people. So, the import of snack shops began to join or open their own good?

according to reports, imported snacks snacks imported from abroad, through layers of approval, inspection, and then put on the domestic shelves. At present, the domestic agent of foreign food is still relatively small, generally only large food companies to supply. So just started the shop, the best way to choose the store, which can reduce concerns in the purchase channels, business models and other aspects, take a lot of detours. read more

How to open the doors and windows to join the store experience sharing

doors and windows market is very hot, there is a great potential for investment, so open a door and window store is everyone’s idea. A lot of friends are asking, how to open a door and window store? What are the skills? Xiao Bian today for you to analyze the operation of doors and windows franchise.

how to open the doors and windows of stores? Next, we look for answers from advertising.

advertising achieve the effect, which is helpful for brand stores boost sales of doors and windows. But a lot of doors and windows to join the total advertising that is the headquarters of things, they do not need to spend such money. read more

50 thousand yuan investment in the county’s most profitable projects

for many entrepreneurs, the factors hindering first entrepreneurial venture capital investment is a problem, the second is the choice of the store in the big city, the rent is relatively expensive, investment is large, so for small entrepreneurs, investment of a project is the first choice in the county. Then only 50 thousand yuan, in the field of investment projects which make the most money? Please look at the whole network Xiaobian to recommend the suitable investment projects in the county to make money. read more

Zhengzhou economic and cultural center how to expand eastward

the development of the city, many places in order to further promote the effective development of their own, in the continuous expansion of their territory! So, Zhengzhou economic and cultural center of the eastward expansion is how to return a responsibility? What kind of specific program strategy? The following and small series of specific understanding.

the province’s political, economic and cultural center of Zhengzhou, east to East, constantly expanding". Recently, the New District of Zhengzhou Zheng Dong white sand group approved the overall plan, which led to a new city of light began to shine in the eastern part of Zhengzhou. read more

Xiamen entrepreneurs tell you what kind of three dimensional code

in life, we can often see a lot of two-dimensional code! But black and white patterns show that many of the two-dimensional code is almost the same! Recently, Xiamen Chong developed a new three-dimensional code, then how long the three-dimensional code? Xiamen and small series of specific understanding.

The traditional two-dimensional code

is a mass of black, at first glance looks almost the same, lack of recognition of its short board is born. Engaged in the industry for many years after the encoding hit off Chen Shengxu caught the "pain points", developed more than the two-dimensional code dimensions of 3D code, not only rich in color, visualization, in the aspect of safety in the two-dimensional code. read more