The establishment of the province’s youth national unity and progress and the voice of youth will be

9 28 July, the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League in the county of Gangcha Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Haibei held a provincial youth to create national unity and progress and the "youth voice" will promote the work site. More than 100 people in charge of the organization at all levels of the province attended the meeting.

, group, group Gangcha County, Haibei, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Branch, State Taxation Bureau Group of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture occupation technical school Youth League, the youth to create national unity and progress made by the exchange; group Haidong municipal Party committee and the Communist Youth League Committee of the Qinghai University, Qilian county and other group made the exchange statement on promoting the construction of youth "the sound of". read more

Qinghai five years to implement the 35 major water conservancy projects focused on solving the provi

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of water resources, "13th Five-Year" period, our province will pay close attention to urban water supply, starting from the agricultural and pastoral areas of water conservancy, flood control and drought mitigation, water conservancy construction of poverty alleviation, the implementation of the 35 major water conservancy projects, solve the province’s resources, engineering and management problems of water shortage.

as the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, this year our province water conservancy in the construction of major water conservancy and water conservancy poverty alleviation focus, solid and orderly work of the water. As of mid August, has been implemented throughout all types of water conservancy investment target of 80%, more than the same period last year fell real investment, laid a solid foundation for a good start to 13th Five-Year. ". read more

The first youth entrepreneurship competition to enter the first round

In July 16th, reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, in order to "challenge the future venture in Xining" as the theme of the first youth entrepreneurship competition attracted many aspiring entrepreneurs to participate, as of now, the City Employment Bureau has received more than and 400 copies from all walks of life project planning book, the number of duplicate registration and removal meet the entry conditions, a total of 287 people into the preliminary auditions stage. read more

Public Memorandum four kinds of vegetables in Xining from 3 to 5 direct subsidy limit

reporter learned from Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, March 3rd to 5 (January thirteen to January fifteen), the Xining municipal government will continue to pepper, cucumber, garlic, chives, four kinds of vegetables, the implementation of the subsidy limit, ensuring adequate food supply during the holiday season, mainly fine stable prices, benefit the people, meet the needs of the citizens. Direct subsidy limit through the city’s 100 retail outlets are
to ensure effective implementation of the Lantern Festival long pepper, cucumber, garlic, chives, four kinds of vegetables price subsidy measures, Xining city of Commerce, development and reform, industry and commerce, finance and the four district government will further strengthen the direct subsidy limit vegetable business outlets and vehicle price supervision and inspection of the implementation of the supervision business outlets strict implementation of price fixing, seriously dealt with the non implementation of the limit price and not the price tag, Quejinduanliang, shoddy, selling large, such as hoarding and profiteering illegal acts, maintaining the market order; found no price limit, resort to deceit and execution Daomaidaomai, disguised price business households will be severely dealt with.
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The West District of Xining city for the elderly health escorting

this year, the city of Xining with the help of community health service center this platform, by the district finance contribution of more than 800 yuan to carry out the elderly, migrant children with disabilities free health examination activities.

recently, West District Xiguan community health service center, tiger Taiwan community health service centers are often filled with residents to come to the examination. This side of the blood pressure, blood test over there. Health care workers from time to time to ask the health of the residents, to wait for the residents to check for health advice. Currently, more than 2800 eligible elderly and some elderly people over the age of 60 years old to participate in a physical examination. West District in the implementation of people aged 65 and over 130 25 yuan free medical examination on the basis of the standard, in accordance with the wishes of the residents to increase the blood type, fundus examination, carotid artery color Doppler ultrasound examination 5 examination items, the government subsidy of 270 yuan for medical expenses per person. The region can benefit from the number of free physical examination of the elderly up to 3 people, free medical standards rose to more than $30 in the 400. The free physical examination work is mainly undertaken by the Xiguan community health service center in the west of the city, and the community health service center of the tiger station, which will be carried out in May this year after the completion of the transformation and upgrading. read more

The fifteen session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress will be held in the three session

October 18th to 19, the city held the seventh meeting of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of the fifteen. Zou Jiansheng, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director, Fan Guoqing, and so on, and so on, and so on, 33 people attended the meeting, the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, and so on, the number of the total number of members of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, and the number of the members of the people’s Republic of china. read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to lift the focus of winter traffic saf

Recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Traffic Police Detachment brigade county actual winter road and passenger vehicle management, increase in centralized management work at the same time, to further strengthen the publicity and education activities, from the education of the masses consciously abide by traffic rules and regulations, to persuade people to keep away from traffic violations, and to reduce traffic accidents, ensure the smooth flow of road safety goals I set off a passenger and traffic safety in winter to focus on remediation work climax read more

Xining City Vegetable Research nstitute test in order to carry out the introduction of new varietie

is rich in plant species, vegetables in Xining city since the beginning of this year, Xining City Vegetable Research Institute introduced new varieties of pepper cultivation, field test, in order to find out suitable climatic conditions for local pepper varieties, provide an important reference for the production.

The introduction of

the main varieties are: colorful agate, purple pepper yellow pepper, red pepper, Cooper – Marco force. Randomized block design. Through a comprehensive evaluation of pepper cultivation in the process of biological characteristics, fruit characteristics, disease resistance and economic traits analysis concluded that: the introduction of the three varieties with strong growth potential, good fruit quality. The fruit shape is good, the fruit color is bright and beautiful, the commercial property is good, the disease resistance is strong, the economic benefit is high, the yield is high, and the ecological environment of the Xining area can be adapted. (author: Wang Dan)
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Xining city traffic police uniforms adjusted for all reflective vest

in order to strengthen the Xining city traffic police team management, Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security, from the beginning of March 17th, 200 police officers of police traffic police detachment adjusted for all reflective vests, and a clear association police duties.

2007, the city traffic police recruited 200 members from the community, to assist the traffic police in traffic management. 3 years, police officers in our city, alleviate the shortage problem of City Road, traffic police to expand the scope of management to ease road traffic order, has played a great role in the vast majority of police strict demands on themselves, dedication, responsible and outstanding work received by the general public. However, there are also some police officers do not comply with the relevant laws and regulations, in violation of discipline, there to eat, take the card to the phenomenon, adverse effects on society, seriously affected the overall image of the public security team, more than 20 police officer has been dismissed. In order to strengthen the public security management team, the Municipal Public Security Bureau according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security police management and requirements, to further clarify the police duties, the traffic police officer uniforms all unified replacement for the reflective vests, to assist the traffic police in traffic management, and strengthen the management of police, police law enforcement shall not free, fine traffic violations, is strictly prohibited to the driver and the traffic participants to eat, take the card, discipline violations, will make bad influence on the parties, will be given a dismissal. read more

The central organization department to promote the The Belt and Road construction to youth expert ad

The Organization Department of the Central Committee to promote the "The Belt and Road construction to start youth expert advisory service activities in Xining yesterday. Provincial Party committee, organization department minister Hu Changsheng speech. Vice governor Wang Liming read the decision on the appointment of experts to go to Qinghai as a special science and technology consultant. Yang Youxing, deputy director of the Bureau of the Ministry of personnel. The leaders presented letters of appointment to the expert. read more

The province’s forest insurance plan covers an area of 10% this year

recently, the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "notice" issued in 2016 on the Qinghai province forest comprehensive insurance plan, a comprehensive plan for the year of forest insurance.

according to the plan, in 2016, the province’s forest insurance plan covers an area of 1 million 578 thousand hectares, an increase of over the previous year by 10.2%. Public welfare forest, economic forest, economic forest and forest seedlings. The premium paid by the central, provincial and municipal (state), the county finance and the insured according to the different ratio of bear, which the proportion of central government subsidies to forest and forest tree seedlings reached 50%, the provincial government on the provincial state-owned forest economic forest premium subsidies reached 60%. read more

Small business in a timely manner to add new business development

: Qinghai branch of China Development Bank to take measures to help the development of Small and micro businesses

Qinghai news network, I do not believe the money to the account, so quickly get the money, just like to get life-saving straw." Minhe County, Qinghai Province, Long Yan Disinfection Company manager Li Yulan recalls the company was caught in a dilemma, to get the first small loans Qinghai branch of China Development Bank said excitedly.

it is a special team composed of people with disabilities, laid-off workers and poor families. In 2008 the company has just started, because of the tense capital chain, the company was facing bankruptcy, in this difficult moment, CDB Qinghai branch launched the youth entrepreneurship small loans the company back to 100 thousand yuan loans 3 days arrival. Life is not only a company, but also the survival of 36 families." Manager Li described the feeling at that time. After the company started to get the 3 batch of a total of 600 thousand yuan loan support, enterprise development, business gradually diversified, become a leader in the local tableware disinfection industry, by the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League named the 2011 outstanding young entrepreneurs. read more

The province’s first special community rehabilitation

In October 15th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Institute of drug rehabilitation community Kangfu special opening ceremony learned, combined with our province community rehabilitation work, make full use of the drug rehabilitation resources in our province, the first drug rehabilitation community set up in special drug rehabilitation. It is understood that the establishment of a special rehabilitation community can help the community to complete the drug treatment and rehabilitation work, was ordered to make up of community rehabilitation of drug addicts in the community to the lack of effective rehabilitation measures and the occurrence of loss, get out of control, on the other hand, the public security organs shall be to the "special community" for drug rehabilitation of drug addicts. In the "special community" acceptable physiological detoxification, rehabilitation, psychological treatment, education and other laws and regulations of drug rehabilitation activities, and through the "community rehabilitation workstation" combined with community care follow-up admonishing work, the drug rehabilitation personnel to complete the "Detox detoxification rehabilitation and return to the society" complete, gradually formed the public security organs and the drug rehabilitation and community cooperation and concerted efforts of one-stop community drug rehabilitation work mode. It is understood that the special community in community drug detoxification is the main way to provide a comprehensive set of places of employment, learning, life, physical and mental rehabilitation exercise treatment as one of the community of drug addicts, fully embodies the management departments of community drug addicts "provide jobs, training and labor skills, create income, and promote physical and mental health confidence and determination.   read more

Xining Binhe West Road to complete 717 meters of asphalt paving

reporter in October 28th from the Construction Bureau of Xining City North District was informed that after a month of intense construction, a total length of 848 meters of Beichuan Riverside Road West has completed the laying of road is 717 meters long, 7 meters wide roadway asphalt.

It is reported that

, 2009 Beichuan Hebei bridge site built, the Beichuan River South Riverside Road become broken road, in order to facilitate the travel of the masses, to ease the traffic pressure of the north, north of the city district government with the project smooth and meticulous work, the road is set for 2013 small urban construction projects, and in early September this year in October 19th to start the construction, supervision of the surrounding residents and District Construction Bureau staff, here began laying asphalt roadway, and in three days after the completion of second layers of oil; to be repaired, the construction units to improve road calculus and inspection wells, 717 meters of road traffic can be used. read more

Qinghai a number of social security indicators running in the forefront of the country

Pension 11 years transferred, the level of treatment in the country’s fourth; health care reform continues to walk in the forefront of the country’s health care indicators far ahead…… Over the past year, the province’s social security indicators are still running in the forefront of the country, to improve the quality of the province’s insured happiness index.

adjust to improve urban and rural old-age insurance based pensions, adjusted basic pension for urban and rural residents in the province reached 125 yuan, 55 yuan higher than the national standard, ranking sixth in the country, the Northwest first.

five years, the province participated in the basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance number reached 3 million 336 thousand people, 5 million 508 thousand people, 401 thousand people, 580 thousand people, 480 thousand people. The basic pension for enterprise retirees increased from 1905 yuan in 2010 to 3060 yuan, increased by 60.6%; urban and rural residents basic pension increased from 55 yuan to 125 yuan, increased by 127%; urban residents medical insurance funding level increased from 300 yuan to 550 yuan, increased by 83%. By the end of 12th Five-Year, the province’s five largest insurance fund accumulated balance of $20 billion 700 million to reach $eight, compared with 11th Five-Year, an increase of 2.2 times, the social security fund to further enhance the ability to support.

11 adjustable pension benefits

"" and "not to participate in social security!" Retired Chen Hannian joked. Only one daughter, he considered the most is the pension problem, he said now do not worry. Chen Hannian is now a month to receive pension of two thousand yuan, plus the wife’s pension, nearly five thousand yuan per month. Such income, so that the lives of two elderly people have flavor.

I province pension system and constantly improve the enterprise retiree benefits increase continuously, the old man Chen Hannian is a witness, but also the beneficiaries. After several years of adjustment, his pension from just retired 1000;

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Xinzhuang Town of Datong County to increase environmental remediation efforts to build to a new leve

since the military enterprises build a model village activities, Xinzhuang Town Datong County has been the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation as an important content of building "activities, increasing comprehensive environmental remediation efforts to the phenomenon of rural environment" dirty, chaotic and poor "as the breakthrough. Seriously carry out the work of garbage cleaning and environmental sanitation, etc., for the "building" activities carried out smoothly played a strong role in promoting. read more

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone industrial added value increased by 26 37%

this year, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, conscientiously implement the province’s economic situation analysis meeting spirit, strengthen the park planning and construction, accelerate the construction of key projects, increase infrastructure investment, efforts to cultivate the characteristics and advantages of Industrial Development Zone, at the end of July, the industrial added value 15 billion 463 million yuan, an increase of 26.37% over last year.

from the beginning of the year, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the provincial government fully implement the "ten measures" and "on the full implementation of the notice" to support the industry’s steady growth measures and other policy measures, the formation of the construction project of the regular consultation, leadership of enterprise, leading the scene scheduling system. To determine the park 133 enterprises as the key contact helping object, established with the above scale industrial enterprises Park point, facing the normalization of helping the working mechanism, timely solve the existing in the production and operation of enterprises problems and difficulties. Especially for the problem of financing, Development Zone Investment Holding Group and Guarantee Corporation Tiancheng give full play to the platform, to help enterprises solve the financing problem, has helped 41 companies financing 3 billion 148 million yuan. Closely around the province’s dominant resources and leading industries, give full play to the comparative advantages of the park, vigorously carry out the industrial chain investment, expansion (expansion) investment, business investment, industrial cluster investment. At the end of July, the Development Zone actual capital investment reached 23 billion 245 million yuan, up 36.82% over the previous year. In the first seven months, the park a total of new regulations on the enterprise of 16 households, the regulations on the enterprise to reach 132, the new regulations to complete the production value of $3 billion 80 million, accounting for more than 45% of the total output value of Enterprises above designated size. read more

Xining Recognition Award 25 cadres in the hearts of the masses

October 11th morning, Xining city at the heart of the masses Qingnuan people "2014" cadres "masses heart awards, award 25" the hearts of the masses of cadres".

in April this year, the city of Xining within the city organized a good cadre of the masses in the hearts of the selection activities. For the city party and government organs at all levels, enterprises and institutions and rural communities, to explore emerging in the practice of the mass line of the deeds, showcasing the excellent quality of cadres at all levels in the city to serve the people wholeheartedly, education incentive Party cadres remember the purpose of the party, firm ideal faith and pragmatic value of the pursuit of low-cost, has aroused strong repercussions the whole society. A total of 350 thousand people through the hotline, mail letters, network platform and other channels for the good points of the hearts of cadres like vote. Based on the final evaluation of the results of the vote, determined from the rural communities, towns and villages, the service sector, window units, the political system of the 5 sectors of the hearts of the masses of cadres in the 25". read more

Qinghai Beijing large sets of goods signed 270 million

characteristics of Qinghai products stunning in the afternoon of October 30th, 2016 Beijing Qinghai big collection activities held a centralized signing ceremony. After the exhibition docking early publicity and two days, 34 companies from Beijing and Qinghai reached a cooperation agreement on the 17 cooperation projects, site focused on signing 2.7 million yuan.

"the people of Qinghai are honest and serious; the enterprises in Qinghai have the advantage that they do not have in other places; the quality of Qinghai’s famous famous products is high…… This is the reason why I am attracted to Qinghai goods, we are to do the promotion of the company, I believe that Qinghai goods, but also have confidence in the promotion of goods in Qinghai better in Beijing." I live to Beijing science and technology limited company manager Xia Yixin said, "the Qinghai large set of goods this platform, they found that dairy products, honey, medlar in Qinghai and a number of high-quality products, signed a purchase contract with the two enterprises in Qinghai, and the other two enterprises in Qinghai reached an agreement of intent. read more

Xining food and Drug Administration rectification style

days ago, the Xining Municipal Food and drug administration carried out to improve the work style of the 60 day ", standardize law enforcement special rectification activities.

Through the

to carry out rectification activities, in order to solve the main problems in the style of work, to increase awareness of authority responsibility and service consciousness, and improve the work efficiency and the strengthening of awareness, improve the quality of the target, leading cadres and workers to develop work dress code; correct illegal first ceremony after correcting specification; treat the masses rational and calm and, the specification language civilization; illegal use of language specification; processing law applicable laws and regulations. (author: Guo Jia Li Yanrui)
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