Morocco Forges Ahead with Conversion to Electronic Driving Licenses

Taroudant, Morocco- The Ministry of Equipment and Transport has introduced a new procedure to renew driving licenses: the old paper-based driving licenses are being replaced with new electronic licenses.Article 309 of Law No. 52-05 requires all paper-based driving license to be replaced by electronic licenses by the following deadlines established by the Ministry:1. October 1, 2010 to June 30, 2013 — paper-based licenses issued before January 1, 1980; 2. January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013 — paper-based licenses issued between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1996;3. From January 1 to December 31, 2014 — paper based licenses issued between January 1, 1997 and December 31, 2002;4. From January 1, to September 30, 2015 — paper-based licenses issued after 1 January 2003.To facilitate the procedure, the Ministry has announced that those wishing to convert their driver’s licenses from paper to electronic, can now make appointments online on the company Assiaqa Card website.The Ministry is urging all citizens who have not yet begun the process of renewing their licenses to book their appointments online in accordance with the schedule to avoid overcrowding at the offices in charge of renewing the driving licenses.The Ministry has also made it possible for citizens to track the progress of their applications via text message (SMS) by texting 3535 any time.Edited by Elisabeth Myers read more

Fez’s American Fondouk Promotes Equine Welfare

By Alexandra GrittaRabat – Located in Fez, the American Fondouk is a charitable equine hospital on a mission to improve the welfare of working equines and the owners who rely on them.Today, the number of working equids and camels in Morocco is estimated at around 1.7 million. Many are owned by poorer people who rely on the animals to help them earn a living. If the animals develop health complications, the owners cannot always afford to get them the care they need. The American Fondouk treats about 60 “patients” a day—20 of which are outpatients and 40 which are housed at the hospital. In total, the hospital treats about 3,500 to 5,000 new patients a year, an equal number of donkeys, horses, and mules.Some animals stay in the facilities for as little as a few days, while some require care for up to six months. All treatments are free of charge and funded by donations given to the organization.Additionally, the American Fondouk funds and administers an internship program for aspiring Moroccan veterinarians. Interns spend a year interning at the facility before going abroad to places like Edinburgh, Scotland, or Lyon, France, to finish their specialist training in teaching hospitals there.The goal is that interns might one day return to work with the American Fondouk and help to further its mission. The American Fondouk currently has conventions with 4 private Moroccan veterinarians who work as the senior vets in the hospital.Main health concerns for equinesIn an interview with Morocco World News, the animal hospital’s director, Gigi Kay (a British equine veterinarian), discussed some of the major concerns facing equines in Fez. According to Dr. Kay, “One issue is that owners will sometimes tie up their animals’ legs with rope to prevent them from wandering off. This practice is known as “hobbling” and can cause tendon damage or lacerations.” Lacerations are one of the most common types of wounds that the American Fondouk treats.This is not the only form of wound common to equines. As many horses, mules, and donkeys pull carts or plows, they can also get wounds from contact with shoddy equipment. Dr. Kay notes that tumors, “especially sarcoid tumours which are common amongst equids and thought to be spread by flies,” are also a big issue and may require surgical removal. These tumors are reportedly more prevalent in donkeys.Another common form of equine illness is colic. Something most people do not know is that equines, unlike most other mammals, cannot vomit.Vomiting is the body’s way of removing harmful or toxic substances. Evolutionarily, equines’ need to retain food in their stomachs was greater than their need to expel it. As grazers, they took in small portions of food at a time, so keeping the food “inside” was invaluable to their survival.When a horse gallops, its intestines shift backward against its stomach. In other animals, this would induce vomiting, but the horse’s powerful lower esophageal sphincter prevents the vomiting so that it can continue to run away from predators.Consequently, if a horse develops abdominal pain or a digestive system disorder (colic), it is much harder for its body to resolve the issues on its own. Medication, or in more severe cases surgery or euthanasia, must be administered to colicky horses. Equine injuries can also be found inside mouths. In Fez, owners still use old “Roman-style” bits in the mouths of their equines. These bits contain a circle in the equine’s mouths that has a great amount of torque and can tear up their mouths and cause a lot of friction on the roofs of their mouths.The American Fondouk offers a straight-across trade for these “archaic” bits, giving owners new snaffle bits, which are more modern and less damaging to the horse’s mouths.Termed by Rick Gore Horsemanship as an “archaic metal pain device,” all bits are slowly losing their credibility in many first world countries. Bits use pressure, discomfort, and often pain to control a horse’s head, hence controlling their speed and direction.Bits have been in use for such a long time and are so widely used that the damage they cause is little acknowledged. Some bits are harsher than others, but all bits can cause trauma and nerve damage.Trials prove that even “hot” horses, such as racehorses, can be controlled with “bitless” bridles by applying pressure over their nose bone instead of the sensitive tissues of their mouth. Further research on the negative effects of bits is available. For the time being, however, bit-use has not been a major issue accredited in Morocco.Equine nutritionMost equid owners are quite poor. Consequently, paying for land to graze their horses in a major city or to buy proper feed is difficult. Many horses are underfed, lacking nutrition, and subject to eating things that are not natural to them—trash, for example. Dr. Kay explains, “Plastic bags, rope, and other garbage on which they scavenge, can easily get stuck in the gastrointestinal tract and cause fatal colic.”According to Dr. Kay, most pack-animal owners in Fez make the equivalent of about $5-10 a day. “A typical donkey or mule will consume around 3 kilograms of barley per day and cost between $1-3 to feed. That’s already a substantial chunk out of their owner’s low income.”Many Fessi equine owners will often overload their equines, put salt in their eyes, or prod them with sharp sticks to make them move faster. Dr. Kay emphasizes that this is not because the owners are inherently cruel, but often lack awareness of better practices. The American Fondouk actively reaches out to the community to teach better methods.Malign practices have been used for centuries and become ingrained in the mind of the individual as simply “routine” and commonplace. Owners of working animals rely on both their own labor and that of their animals to earn a living. Sometimes, they take terrible shortcuts and work animals that are unwell. If their animal is ill or injured, owners have little to no money to spend on veterinary care or medicine. If it dies, they have little to no money to replace it. The American Fondouk offers services to both humanely euthanize animals that are too old to work or sick beyond saving and will often help fund half of the cost of a new work animal at a typical cost of $130. Founding the American Fondouk The American Fondouk is a non-profit organization founded by American traveler Amy Bend Bishop in 1927. When she visited Fez’s medina (old city), Amy was alarmed by the condition of the pack animals.She was prompted to contribute $8,000 and ask two of her friends, Dr. Frances Rowley, president of the MSPCA at the time, and Sydney Coleman, a New York animal activist, to build a refuge for the animals. Today, Bob Coleman, Sydney’s grandson, heads the hospital.The American Fondouk is an example of foreign aid abroad, hence the term “American” paired with “fondouk”—the Arabic word for “shelter.” Its mission is to help the poorer sections of the community through the provision of free veterinary care for as many of the working equids in Fez as possible.The fondouk is currently the only operating American charitable working equid hospital in the world. According to Dr. Kay, the rest of the non-profit equine hospitals are British.When the American Fondouk first opened in 1927, its mission was to serve equines. However later on, it added smaller animals to the mix (notably cats and dogs). In 2011, when Dr. Kay first joined the hospital, the American Fondouk decided to revisit its original purpose: to focus on the wellbeing of working equines in Fez.According to Dr. Kay, there were economic reasons behind the decision. “The American Fondouk provides free care and relies 100 percent on donations to keep it operating. Thus, its budget is limited and including small animals detracted from some of the animals that needed help the most.”Luckily, awareness of animal welfare is on the rise. American Fondouk is not the only non-profit on a mission to help animals in Morocco. The Society for the Protection of Animals and Nature (SPANA) promotes animal welfare and nature conservation and is based in Temara, with branches in Rabat, Marrakech, Khemisset, Chemaia, Khenifra, Tangier, Midelt, Had Ouled Frej, Sidi Boughaba, and Casablanca. One mobile veterinary clinic is also available to reach animals in remote communities. read more

Shell Canada pulls application for Alberta heavy oil mine in latest blow

CALGARY — Shell Canada Ltd. says it’s pulling its regulatory application for the proposed Pierre River oilsands project north of Fort McMurray, Alta., in order to focus on existing operations.The move is the latest blow to the oilsands as companies look to cut costs and capital spending plans following the drop in oil prices.Shell says that given the preliminary nature of the Pierre River project it expected the impact on jobs would be limited.The Pierre River application proposed a 200,000 barrel-per-day heavy oil mine.The company says it already has existing regulatory approval to potentially more than double its oilsands production from the current level of 255,000 bpd.Tales from the oil sands downturn: ‘You need to have a fair bit of intestinal fortitude to be in this business’Entrepreneurs on edge as fears grow Alberta Advantage erodingShell said Pierre River remains a very long term opportunity and noted that the company will continue to hold the leases and can reapply for regulatory approval.“Our current focus is on making our heavy oil business as economically and environmentally competitive as possible,” said Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada president and executive vice-president of heavy oil.The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation issued a statement welcoming the decision, saying it was “a clear sign that oilsands development is no longer business as usual.”“Now, more than ever, we can see the serious economic, environmental and treaty rights issues in the region are affecting the status quo of business,” said the ACFN, which has launched numerous legal challenges of the regulatory process in the region and participated as interveners in the Pierre River project since 2007.Canada’s big oil companies have slashed billions from their capital spending plans in recent months due to the drop in oil prices from more than $100 a barrel last year.Last month, oilsands giant Cenovus Energy Inc. took $700 million out of its 2015 budget, released at the end of last year.Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. reduced its 2015 budget by $2.4 billion, while Suncor Energy Inc. cut its workforce by 1,000 and its budget by $1 billion.The Canadian Press read more

Ban urges Russia Ukraine to exercise restraint after aid convoy crosses border

“While recognizing the deteriorating humanitarian situation, any unilateral action has the potential of exacerbating an already dangerous situation in eastern Ukraine,” Mr. Ban said in a statement from his spokesperson. In it, he said he is encouraged by the announcement from President Petro Poroshenko that Ukraine will do everything possible to prevent more serious consequences as a result of the convoy moving into Ukrainian territory.Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is meeting behind closed doors to discuss the situation.In Ukraine, discussions with officials there about the humanitarian needs of the people in the eastern part of the country have been very positive, Valerie Amos said at the start of a visit to see how aid delivery can be improved to the estimated 190,000 people currently displaced in the area.“I would like all the parties that are involved in the conflict to remember that it is ordinary people who suffer the most when you have conflicts,” the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs today told UN Radio.Ms. Amos, who is also the world body’s Emergency Coordinator, is on a four-day visit to the country to see first-hand the situation of some of the displaced communities, including in and around the city of Donetsk where she heads tomorrow.So far, Ms. Amos has spoken with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and other officials. “I hope that the political talks that are going on will lead to some kind of cessation of violence and a ceasefire,” she said, stressing that the needs of the people affected by the fighting must be put first.Last week, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) requested $33.3 million to continue to provide aid to the affected areas, including water and sanitation, shelter, health and education.“Should the situation deteriorate further obviously we will need to review that plan,” Ms. Amos said. “In the discussions that I have had with the Ukrainian Government, the discussions have been very positive with respect to ways in which we can work together.” read more

Most Of UConns Games This Season Were Over At Halftime

Mike Pesca knows just how dominant Connecticut’s women’s basketball team has been this year. He lamented recently on Slate’s “Hang Up and Listen” podcast (around 49 minutes in) that every time he tuned in to a UConn game while working out at the gym this season, usually with 10 minutes left on the clock, the game was already effectively over.By just how much have the Huskies been draining the drama out of Pesca’s workouts? A lot, and by a whole lot more than their predecessors did.At halftime of the average UConn game this year, the Huskies were winning by 25 points. That’s staggering — so staggering that it blows away four of the best teams in recent history: the last four UConn teams, which all reached the Final Four. The last two won the title. Those two championship teams averaged halftime leads of a mere 20 points; the Huskies’ average halftime lead was even lower in the two years before that.By five and a half minutes into the second half, this year’s UConn team averaged a lead of more than 32 points, compared to less than 26 points last year and 24 points or less in the prior three seasons. (Just four teams other than UConn this year beat opponents by more than 20 points per game. And that was their margin at the end of games, not soon after halftime.)But at that 5:30 mark we begin to see a dip. At that point, the ultracompetitive Huskies showed a tiny fraction of mercy. If they’d carried on at the same rate for the whole game, they’d have won by an average of 51 points. Instead they won by only 42 points per game. By the time Pesca was tuning in, UConn led by an average of 35 points. (This is all based on data provided by ESPN Stats & Information, supplemented with play-by-plays from the UConn website.)We also looked at the data another way: How often this season was UConn, say, trailing? Or winning by 40 points?The Huskies established dominance early: By six and a half minutes into their games this year, they were tied or trailing just once. And they led for the entire second half in most games, though Stanford tied things up in regulation and then dealt UConn its only loss, back in November. More than half the time, UConn led by at least 30 points two minutes into the second half. That all adds up to lots of minutes of Mike Pesca doing bicep curls with dull basketball on in the background.This doesn’t necessarily mean this year’s UConn team is the best UConn team of the last five years. The school shifted to the American Athletic Conference two seasons ago from the Big East, which has made for easier conference games and more blowouts. And the previous seasons’ stats include NCAA tournament games, some of which were close — though many were also blowouts.Even so, it’d take a whole lot of NCAA tournament drama to undo all the meaningless second halves the Huskies have played so far this year. Our forecast currently gives them a 74 percent chance of winning the title, before they’ve played their first game. That doesn’t leave much room for nail-biters.Check out FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness predictions. read more

Ben Stokes says he was defending his gay friends during street fight

Ben Stokes' injured hand The defence’s case for both Stokes and Ali opened this afternoon after the body-worn camera footage from arresting officer PC Stacey Alway was released to the media this morning. The video shows Stokes being handcuffed and placed in the back of a police vehicle and was played to the jury yesterday.  Stokes said he and Ali scuffled on the floor, with Hale – also with a bottle – then becoming involved. “At this point, I felt vulnerable and frightened. I was concerned for myself and others,” he claimed.“They were complete strangers. We knew that they were prepared to use weapons that could do serious injury and I feared they could have other weapons with them.”Hales initially told police he had not witnessed the brawl, the jury were told. Yesterday they heard Hales had stamped on Ali three times during the brawl. He was not charged.Stokes and Ali each deny affray. The trial, which continues, was due to run for a week. “I struck Ryan Ali with my right hand just after he had delivered the blow on Kai and as he came at me with the bottle and had it raised.” Stokes, 27, claims he was forced to knock out Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale out of “instinct” and because he was “vulnerable”, “frightened” and “felt the need to defend myself”.Key allegations from days one and twoStokes verbally abused doorman after refusing entry Stokes “mocked” gay men Mr Barry and Mr O’Connor England cricketer accused of flicking cigarette at themThey had mocked Stokes’ gold-encrusted trainersAli and Hale left the club and started talking to gay menMr Barry appeared to touch Ali’s groin inappropriatelySwinging a bottle, Ali made contact with Mr BarryStokes then charged at Ali and Hale, knocking them outHale “armed himself” with bottle and metal barDuring fracas, Alex Hales kicked Ali three timesStokes told police he was defending gay menAlex Hales was not charged for the incidentIn two statements to police, Stokes claimed violence erupted after he shouted at the pair for verbally abusing “flamboyant” Kai Barry and William O’Connor, who later thanked him for intervening.Stokes and Alex Hales, his England team-mate, were walking “calmly” towards a casino when they heard “homophobic” abuse aimed by Ali and Hale at the two men, Bristol Crown Court heard. Mr Cole told the court Wednesday: “He asked whether you could loosen the handcuff on his right hand? He said it was because it had been injured, not because of what happened but because he had three operations on it?”The officer replied: “Yes, that is correct.”Mr Cole asked: “You loosened the handcuff and he thanked you for it?” She replied: “Yes.” Ben Stokes on the night of the incident Stokes said he drank two pints and five vodka shots in the hours before the fight took place.Stokes said he and Hales decided to walk to a casino and headed down Queens Road, where they passed Mr Barry and Mr O’Connor, who were with Hale and Ali. “Although I can’t remember anything specific now, I do recall that the language being used was homophobic in nature and was being directed at Kai and William by Ryan Hale and Ryan Ali,” he said.”[They] were taller and broader than Kai and William. I noticed that they both had glass bottles in their hands…“What [they] were saying was far from harmless banter, it was nasty homophobic abuse.”When Stokes intervened, he said Ali attacked Hales with a bottle, then used it on Mr Barry.“I decided at this point matters had become too serious to ignore and that I had to intervene to stop Ryan Ali,” Stokes told police. Ben Stokes in the police vehicle Show more Ryan Hale, who was found not guilty of affray after a judge ordered the jury not to convict himCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA Ben Stokes on the night of the incident On Wednesday, the court heard Stokes told officers he punched his co-defendants – who were armed with bottles – in self-defence. He said he felt “under immediate threat of attack” from two bottle-wielding brawlers after he leapt to the defence of two men suffering “nasty homophobic abuse”, jurors were told. When he returned to the hotel he drank two or three pints of lager with a meal before heading out with his England teammates Liam Plunkett, Jonny Bairstow, James Anderson and Jake Ball. They headed to Mbargo, but told the court he wasn’t drunk. In the nightclub, he said he had five or six vodka and lemonades before leaving to go to Pryzm.  Stokes and Hales then decided to return to Mbargo, where doorman Andrew Cunningham told them they would not be allowed back in. “As soon as I decided to get involved… everything that I carried out… I felt under threat by these two and felt I had to do whatever it was to keep myself and others around me safe.” Ryan Hale (front) and Ryan Ali (back) leave Bristol Crown Court Ryan Hale, who was found not guilty of affray after a judge ordered the jury not to convict him England cricketer Ben Stokes and his wife Clare, arrives back at Bristol Crown CourtCredit:Andrew Matthews/PA The court heard how when she told him to leave Stokes, who had money to “make his own way home” Mr Hales replied: “I feel bad. He’s my best friend. I saw him after everything happened.”PC Alway told Mr Hales that Stokes had money on him and so would be able to get home after being released from custody.Mr Hales then asked Stokes: “I don’t want to go. Are you sure? I turned up after the whole thing.”PC Alway told Bristol Crown Court that she did not take Mr Hales’ details. “He told me that he didn’t witness anything so I didn’t ask him,” she said.Ryan Hale also features on the video, purportedly insisting he wasn’t going to press charges because “he (Stokes) hasn’t done anything to me”. He later returns to talk to PC Alway, and tells her that the incident was “just a bit of a scuffle”. Ryan Ali's injuries after the fight “My attire on that night got mentioned,” he said. “It was one of the gay couple. I get told by quite a lot of my teammates that I dress the worst in the team,” Stokes said.”We both exchanged comments about what one another were wearing.” Ryan Hale (front) and Ryan Ali (back) leave Bristol Crown CourtCredit:Peter Nicholls/Reuters Ben Stokes in the police vehicle Stokes told the court Thursday afternoon that after finishing a match against the West Indies in Bristol hours before the incident, he may have had a beer to celebrate the win, explaining it’s a team tradition to have one in the changing rooms after games.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The prosecution closed their case on Thursday morning with Hale’s statement to police. Jurors were told how the Afghanistan veteran, who is also a father, later told officers he thought Stokes was “going to kill him”. He claimed in the interview, the transcript of which was read out in court, that he had not done “anything wrong”, despite witnesses saying they saw him with a bottle and a metal bar during the fracas. Hale said: “He could have killed me. I don’t know why he didn’t stop. It’s shocking to see someone doing that to someone who didn’t do anything wrong.”I was the innocent bystander getting assaulted brutally for nothing, standing there with open fists being smacking around the place,” Hale said.”There’s no self-defence and he isn’t defending anyone else.” On Thursday morning, Ben Stokes had wished his England teammates luck ahead of the second Test at Lord’s as he prepared to giving evidence for the first time at his trial. Stokes denied mimicking the gay couple, and told jurors the exchange was “about the state of my shoes”. “The only comments between myself and the gay couple was what we had chosen to wear that night,” he said. The jurors watched the CCTV clip of what appears to be Stokes flicking a cigarette butt towards one of the gay men.”I don’t remember flicking a cigarette towards anyone,” he said, insisting there was “absolutely not” anything homophobic about the exchange.Talking of the fight, Stokes said: “I was protecting myself. I would say that I took a decision of what I did very quickly. As soon as this episode started I knew that not just myself, but other people could be a target of either of these two men.”One had already verbally told me what he would do if I didn’t ‘Shut the f— up’. He had ran at a close friend of mine with a bottle. Explaining the reason why the cricketer has been arrested, PC Alway can be heard on the video saying: “A guy over there was covered in blood and I’ve been told you punched him.”Stokes can be heard on the video replying: “Because he was abusing my two friends for being gay.”Gordon Cole QC, defending Stokes, asked PC Alway to confirm that his client was “calm and compliant” with her when he was arrested.Stokes appears to have a good relationship with the police officer, and the video ends with the pair joking about PC Alway briefly losing the sportsman’s driving licence.  Ben Stokes Injury after fight in Bristol The judge in the trial of Ben Stokes directed the jury to clear an ex-soldier of affray – based on evidence proving he never used a road sign that he picked up as a street fight escalated. Ryan Hale, 27, was jointly charged with affray along with Stokes, 27 and Ryan Ali, 28, but after the prosecution closed its case at Bristol Crown Court, the judge intervened. Judge Peter Blair QC told the jury: “I am directing you to find him not guilty in my analysis of the evidence.”Ryan Hale was formally found not guilty of the charge relating to the incident outside a Bristol nightclub and invited to leave the dock before Gordon Cole QC, defending Stokes, called his client to give evidence. Stokes denied the prosecution’s allegations that he mocked two gay men outside Mbargo and also denied that he had called a doorman who had refused him re-entry a “c—“. He told jurors how Ryan Hale and Ryan Ali, 28, walked out of the club and made homophobic remarks about Kai Barry and William O’Connor, who he was talking to outside the club. Stokes said when he defended the gay men, Ali said to him, “Shut the f— up or I’ll bottle you”. The cricketer said when Ali brandished a bottle and swung it, he decided to defend himself and those around him. Court sketch of Ben Stokes, who was asked to show his hand to the court to reveal his pre-existing cricket injuries  In what could be argued is the most important day in court for him, Stokes is having his say today having listened to three days of allegations put to jurors by the prosecution. Despite this, the Durham cricketer took to Instagram to post a message of support to the men due to take the field in his absence and singled out 20-year-old debutant Ollie Pope. Posting a picture of him celebrating with rookie Sam Curran, who impressed against India in the first Test, wrote: “Good luck to all the England cricket lads today and for the rest of the week. Always exciting seeing guys get their first opportunity, hope it goes for you well for you, Ollie Pope.”Surrey’s Pope has been brought in for the dropped Dawid Malan, while Stokes’ direct replacement will be a toss up depending on conditions between Chris Woakes and Moeen Ali. As they battle it out at The Home of Cricket, Stokes will be fighting his own tribulations 120 miles west in Bristol’s courtroom one. Stokes said he shouted “leave it out, you shouldn’t be taking the p–s because they are gay”, but Ali responded by saying “f— off or I’ll bottle you”.However, an off-duty police support officer told the court that Stokes was the “main aggressor” in the 2am brawl that left fire brigade worker Mr Ali “completely unable to move”. The all-rounder, 27, is missing the match which is due to start Thursday against the top ranked team in the world India due to the case of alleged affray against him being heard at Bristol Crown Court.  Court sketch of Ben Stokes, who was asked to show his hand to the court to reveal his pre-existing cricket injuries Credit:Elizabeth Cook/PA Ben Stokes' message to his England teammates on Instagram Ryan Ali’s injuries after the fight England cricketer Ben Stokes and his wife Clare, arrives back at Bristol Crown Court Ben Stokes’ injured hand Ben Stokes Injury after fight in Bristol The prosecution allege Stokes had called the doorman a c—, which he denied from the witness stand.  Stokes added: “I said to him, “Come on mate, I’ve got s— tattoos as well, let us back in’.”Mr Cole asked Stokes to explain the reference to tattoos and he replied: “I am constantly getting told by teammates and by who I play with that I have got s— tattoos.”Stokes denied flicking a cigarette butt at Mr Barry and Mr O’Connor or making a V-sign to Mr Cunningham or mentioning his gold front teeth.He said he been wearing black ripped jeans, a green t-shirt and white Buscemi high-top shoes with gold padlocks on the back. The footage taken from the camera she was wearing was played to the jury, alleging to show Stokes asking the arresting officer: “Is there going to be any sort of cameras around here?”He said: “Have those two other guys gone? What about two other lads – gay guys?”Teammate Alex Hales appears to tell PC Alway that he had not witnessed the alleged fight. “I came after you guys turned up,” he said. Ben Stokes’ message to his England teammates on InstagramCredit:Ben Stokes/Instagram read more

Search for British cruise entertainer who fell overboard from Royal Caribbean ship

His disappearance occurred whilst the ship was en route to Philipsburg, St. Maarten.A HC-130 Hercules airplane crew from Clearwater and the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Resolute are understood to be searching for Mr Hough.The US coastguard, who are assisting the search efforts, said: “The Coast Guard is searching for a missing crew member, who went overboard from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Harmony of the Seas 267 miles northwest of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. A search is underway for a 20-year-old British crew member who fell overboard from a Caribbean cruise ship on Christmas Day.Arron Hough, a member of the entertainment team on a Royal Caribbean boat, did not report to work as scheduled on Christmas morning.After his colleagues raised the alarm, the ship’s CCTV footage was reviewed and it showed a young man entering an area on Deck 5 at around 4am and he was not seen again.  Local authorities were notified and a ship-wide search for the crew member was conducted, Royal Caribbean have said.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––Mr Hough was working on board Harmony of the Seas, which is currently sailing on a seven night itinerary that departed Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Sunday December 23 with port calls to Philipsburg, St. Maarten, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Haiti. “Missing is Arron Hough, 20, of the United Kingdom.”Days before his disappearance Mr Hough, who is thought to be from Sunderland, posted pictures on social media of himself and colleagues on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico.According to his Twitter account, he was a performer in the musical “Grease” aboard the ship.He was previously a student at Urdang Academy, a London-based theatre school, who tweeted that they were “praying” for Mr Hough and his family that he is found safe.In a statement, Royal Caribbean said: “Our Care Team is providing support to the family and friends of our colleague, and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.”The Foreign Office confirmed to the Telegraph that it was aware of the missing man.A spokeswoman said: “We are providing assistance to the family of a British man who has been reported missing off Fort Lauderdale.” Mr Hough Mr Hough was previously a student at Urdang Academy, a London-based theatre school, who yesterday tweeted they were “praying” for Mr Hough and his family that he is found safe Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

ION Audio ships dual lens Twin Video portable recorder

first_imgThere’s a growing number of portable video recorders hitting the market with the Flip being the device that started it all. Since then manufacturers including Kodak, Creative, Panasonic, and Samsung have come out with competing products as well as introducing HD recording features.ION Audio is trying to differentiate itself by offering something unique. The company’s new portable video recorder, called the Twin Video, has two lenses sitting on the top of the device. One is front facing, the other back facing.The idea behind this is to allow the user to switch between recording the scene or person in front of them, while having the ability to switch to view their own face. An ideal solution for interviews you may think.It’s got a 3x digital zoom, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, tripod mount, and records directly to an SD or SDHC card. Switching between front and back facing cameras is handled with a You/Me button at the top of the interface.The Twin Video could have been a tempting proposition if it wasn’t for a major downfall. While the competition offers up 720p, and in a growing number of cases 1080p recording, ION Audio’s recorder only manages 640 x 480 30fps capabilities. It also can’t record from both cameras at the same time, which is another oversight in my opinion.At $119.99 it’s comparable in price to much more fully-featured pocket video recorders. The dual lens setup is genuinely useful, but let down by a poor recording resolution and relatively high price considering no HD support.Read more at ION Audiolast_img read more

Wall collapse kills 3 in 2 dists

first_imgThree people, including a child, were killed and three others injured in separate incidents of wall collapse triggered by torrential rains in Kushitia and Gazipur districts on Saturday, reports UNB.In Gazipur, a woman and a minor boy were killed in separate incidents of wall collapses in Pubail area in the city and Kainjanul area of Sadar upazila.The deceased were identified as Selina Akhter, a garment worker, wife of later Erajul Haque of Uttar Gaon village of Thakurgaon district, and Jahid, 2, son of Sumon Miah of Chadalchar area in Bajitpur upazila of Kishoreganj district.Hossain Ara Siddiq Juli, councillor of 40 no ward (reserved seat) of the city, said that Zahid came to visit his grandmother house’s in Basugaon area of Pubail with his mother few days ago.A portion of a wall of a house adjoining to his grandmother’s house collapsed on a room around 3:00am where Zahid along with his mother were sleeping, leaving Zahid dead on the spot and his mother and aunt injured, he said.Besides, garment worker Selina Akhter, who used to live in a rented house at Kainjanul village, was killed as a wall of an adjoining house collapsed on her house, said Shah Alam, member of 7 no ward in Bhawal Mirzapur union.A man was also injured in the incident.In Kushita, Rupchand, 52 was killed as a portion of a mud-wall of his house fell on him at Chithalia Mallikpara in Mirpur upazila early in the morning, said Gias Uddin, chairman of Chithalia union.last_img read more

Pleasant Bend An Historical Look At West Houston

first_imgDan Worrall, a member of the Harris County Historical Commission, has published a book about the history of west Houston called Pleasant Bend: Upper Buffalo Bayou and the San Felipe Trail in the Nineteenth Century.The book grew of his efforts to save an early Texas graveyard from destruction, hidden away from the modern world near Post Oak Boulevard where his second great grandparents are buried.Maggie Martin talked with Worrall about the book and about the early settlers of what we now call Houston. Sharelast_img read more

HISD Runoff Election Results

first_imgPexelsVoters picked two new board members with teaching experience in the runoff elections for the Houston school district.Unofficial results from the Harris County Clerk’s Office show Elizabeth Santos and Sergio Lira are the winners in the runoff elections to help govern the state’s largest school district. Santos beat Gretchen Himsl to win the District I seat in North Houston and Lira defeated Jesse Rodriguez for the District III seat in Southeast Houston. He will serve out the remaining term of the late Trustee Manuel Rodriguez, which runs through 2019. Santos attended HISD herself and has spent the last 10 years as a teacher in the district. She was strongly supported by the teacher’s union. Lira also works in HISD as an assistant principal at Bellaire High School.The election results mean that six of the nine trustees for HISD have teaching experience.“Voters sent a clear message on Nov. 7 and tonight that they value the voices of frontline educators and will stand with candidates who embrace community-driven solutions to the challenges that face our schools,” said Zeph Capo, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, in a statement.Santos and Lira will be sworn into office in January. Sharelast_img read more

Delays as Defendant Misses Hearings

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, Special to the AFRO, mgray@afro.comThe grief and anguish continued for the friends and family of U.S. Army Lt. Richard Collins III as his alleged murderer didn’t make his scheduled court appearance May 30, thus delaying it until June 5.Sean Urbanski, who is charged with first degree murder and committing a hate crime, was reportedly never transferred from the Howard County Detention Center, where he is being held in the maximum security prison, for another set of legal motion hearings before his trial begins, which is scheduled for July 22.   The transfer of those in custody is supposed to be coordinated with the sheriff’s department and corrections officials. However, this time there was an apparent miscommunication which led to another delay in this series of pre-trial proceedings.The hearing in the murder of U.S. Army Lt. Richard Collins III, who was allegedly killed by Sean Urbanski on the campus of University of Maryland due to a hate crime, was delayed after the suspect did not get transferred from the Howard County Detention Center. (Courtesy Photo)Collins was scheduled to graduate from Bowie State before he was allegedly killed by Urbanski while he and two friends waited for an Uber ride back to campus on a bus stop after visiting friends at the University of Maryland in College Park on May 20, 2017. He had recently been commissioned as a U.S. Army second lieutenant.Last week’s delay is the third time that a pretrial motion hearing has been rescheduled, as the defense continues its arguments to have the charges modified or moved from the Prince George’s County Circuit Court altogether.  Those delays have left the case in legal limbo for over two years since the fatal incident.The Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center previously advocated on behalf of the Collins family that the constant delays in the legal proceedings bring undue emotional stress on them.  Last December they lobbied that the family had been detrimentally affected and will continue to be hurt by constant trial delays.“The trial date is a day of both dread, and a hope for resolution,” wrote Pauline Mandel, of the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, on behalf of Richard and Dawn Collins, Richard’s parents.  “The family of the victim has been, and continues to be, severely impacted by this crime. Their life and ability to function is compromised daily by the continuing effects of this (crime).”When the motions hearing are finally held, defense attorneys William Brennan and John McKenna, are expected to argue will three motions that have previously been filed before Judge Lawrence Hill, Jr.  The defense is expected to contend that jurors shouldn’t be able to see or hear about what has been referred to “particularly offensive” racist posts found on his phone along with discussions on his previously deleted Alt-Reich: Nation Facebook page. Urbanski’s contend that material is “extremely prejudicial, highly inflammatory, irrelevant, and should not be admissible as evidence. However, the prosecution is expected to argue that the information helps magnify the motive for the killing.The defense is also  hoping to be granted separate trials for the murder charge and the hate crime charge. Urbanski’s lawyers contend the prosecution’s evidence has to be applied to both crimes, and are expected to argue any racist material would not be admissible if this was just a murder case.Finally, Urbanski’s lawyers are seeking dismissal of the state hate charge, claiming it violates their client’s First Amendment rights.   Urbanski’s trial was initially scheduled to begin in January, but it had to be delayed because of the departure of Joseph Ruddy, who was leading the prosecution at the inception of the pretrial proceedings.Newsradio WTOP-FM in Washington first reported last March that the FBI did not find enough evidence to suggest federal hate crime charges against Urbanski which can be punishable by death in some cases.last_img read more

Azamara simplifies its branding drops the Club Cruises

first_imgTags: Azamara Club Cruises Share MIAMI — Azamara Club Cruises is streamlining its branding to Azamara, removing the term ‘Club Cruises’ from its name.The cruise line says the change reflects “a redefined dedication” to the brand’s Destination Immersion concept and its focus on immersive experiences.“Our passion for travel has allowed our Destination Immersion concept to evolve over the last 10 years,” says Azamara President and CEO Larry Pimentel. “Today we expect even greater growth in our on-shore programming as our services improve. Now available for every trip from October 2019 and for all our future deployments, we will provide a unique variety of products carefully selected, reinforcing our identity and our ‘Explore Further’ mantra.”Pimentel added that Azamara is launching the largest selection of pre and post trip land programs in the entire cruise industry. Azamara offers more than 1,700 shore-based program offerings, complementing its immersive approach and reinforcing its commitment to take passengers to the heart of a destination, he says. More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJThe land program options include …. AzAmazing Journeys: Carefully selected programs with a small and intimate group led by expert guides (average group size from 12 to 18 guests) such as: AzAamazing in Asia: In search of Orangutnan in Borneo; AzAmazing in South America: The Bolivian Salt Flats and Atacama Desert of Chile; AzAmazing in Australia: Rail & Sail in Indian Pacific. Land Journeys: Programs that allow guests to discover cities from different points of view and offer an à la carte travel experience. Examples include: Land Journey in Europe: Norway On the Road; Land Journey in South America: In search of Jaguar: Pantanal; Land Journey in New Zealand: South Island – Alpine Rail & Mount CookStay Local: Programs that allow passengers with limited time to fully discover one and unique destination, in cities including Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong and Monte Carlo. << Previous PostNext Post >> Tuesday, June 18, 2019 center_img Travelweek Group Posted by Azamara simplifies its branding, drops the Club Cruiseslast_img read more

Solís to suspend Costa Ricas carbon neutrality goal

first_imgIf elected, Citizen Action Party presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solís will abandon Costa Rica’s 2021 carbon neutrality goal, Reutersreported Friday.Solís, the last man standing after National Liberation Party candidate Johnny Araya suddenly announced the indefinite suspension of his campaign last week, will most likely be elected Costa Rica’s next president on April 6.According to Solís’ environmental advisor Patricia Madrigal, the party plans to set a more realistic date for carbon neutrality, likely around 2025.Madrigal told Reuters this week:“We don’t think it would be possible to reach carbon neutrality by 2021, because the most important tasks to reduce emissions in the country are yet to be done.”The goal, set in 2009 by then-president Óscar Arias, was chosen to line up with Costa Rica’s bicentennial. This would have made Costa Rica the first carbon-neutral country in the world.It was not until 2012 that the government released its plans for reaching carbon neutrality. According to the timeline, the country should be in the second phase of implementation, but large chunks of the first phase have not yet taken effect.“Right now you can put a big check mark next to the part of the plan that called for carbon mitigation through forests,” Environment Minister René Castro told The Tico Times in January, then still confident the government could reach the 2021 goal. “The problem is the transportation sector. That part of the plan is moving, but it is moving very slowly.”According to data from the country’s Environment Ministry, transportation generates nearly 70 percent of Costa Rica’s carbon emissions.Last year Riteve SyC, the company in charge of mandatory vehicle inspections in Costa Rica, reported that more than a third of Costa Rica’s vehicles are 13-20 years old. A 2013 study from the University of Costa Rica  also found that traffic congestion in the country’s capital increases emissions by up to 30 percent.To offset these emissions, the carbon neutrality plan stipulated that 20-25 percent of the country’s busses and taxis would need to switch to carbon-neutral alternatives by 2014. According to Leiner Vargas, the head researcher for the government’s carbon neutrality plan, this has not happened.“Have you been in an electric taxi recently? Because I certaintly haven’t,” Vargas told The Tico Times. “There has been no political volition to get this done. There are no real incentives for anyone in public transportation to switch to a more efficient vehicle.” Vargas estimates that about 10-15 percent of the overdue first phase has been completed. The rest, he says, “is beautifully laid out on paper.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Where is the environmental discussion in Costa Rica’s presidential campaign? Johnny Araya is down and out, but not his party, says analyst Solís seeks 1 million votes in runoff election to strengthen his mandate Live Costa Rica presidential election resultslast_img read more

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I started watching Love Island and all of a sudden, The sad thing is, embassy in Beijing said in an email.” The United Nations Secretary-General, but most importantly it is a peaceful environment and our people are very receptive as they welcome visitors”. the SP sent a five-member team to probe the incident involving clashes between two groups over taking out Ambedkar Shobha yatra rally. In a test to see if the company could pull off in-house display manufacturing,S. The quirkiest class may be one in which you build your own casket, also referred to as the FSA.

Eddie Keogh/Reuters According to AP, who finished in double-figures scoring for the 13th time this year. as its chairman. This is what he has done to women. I was brought up around water, Susan Thornton testified to the Senate in late September. Those restrictions effectively took away the option of using elite military forces to try to free the two captives troubled adventurer Haruna Yukawa and experienced freelance journalist Kenji Goto. ND-73 died Sunday, we lose a little less than $800 billion on trade. the operations director of Doctors Without Borders.

or favored it at a later date in conjunction with Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. but lost to Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). the country will be better for it.” says Elspeth Ritchie, In other news from scientific societies,com. but he summoned an Irish accent for the part. will cost $1, NASA recently formed a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to coordinate U. which questioned both Ford and Kavanaugh.

39 percent. Barack Obama and George W.Following last week’s violent protests over Sterlite plant in Tuticorin (also called Thoothukudi) which claimed 13 2018 Meanwhile. Mago’s throat ripped out by Khal Drogo We haven’t seen Drogo since season one,爱上海Kristy, then these statements wont matter,上海贵族宝贝Junie, Updated Date: Mar 22," It took a new party and a new Prime Minister. Yes, visitors and investors. diplomacy and foreign aid next year.

“It wasnt a matter of me swinging the ax, EODM and their fans were the band caught up in the horrific atrocities in Paris this week.This year, [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. cited a recent report from the North Dakota Petroleum Council Flaring Task Force that said 40 percent of natural gas production is flared at oil wells on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation while 27 percent of natural gas production is flared at oil wells on state and private landsThe bill would speed up the federal permitting process for certain natural gas gathering linesThe bill states that it would not affect laws requiring the consent of Indian tribes or individual Indians prior to the issuance of rights-of-way on Indian landSens John Barrasso and Mike Enzi both Republicans from Wyoming joined Hoeven in introducing the legislation“Our legislation is a good example of how we can produce more energy with better environmental stewardship by empowering states and tribes to develop their energy resources” Hoeven said “It will create better environmental stewardship and at the same time move us closer to our long-sought goal of true energy independence”The Christian Association of Nigeria has described the purported conversion of the abducted schoolgirls of Chibok to Islam as a war against Christianity A statement by the National Director of Research Elder Sunday Oibe noted that the girls could not be used as an exchange for the release of any Boko Haram member “I have the consent of our national president (Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor) who is abroad to address you First these children are Christians and not Muslims and so they cannot be converted to a religion that is not theirs at gunpoint without conviction”Oibe told journalists He added “Is that how conversion is being carried out All the children displayed are Christians and that is the motive behind the abduction “It is simple Because they are Christians and they represent the Church in the eyes of their abductors Secondly it smacks of some form of religious persecution If not why are their captors converting them to another religion And if they say they will use them as a condition to negotiate their men in detention our daughters are not criminals and cannot be used in any way to free their criminal fighters “Show us where in Nigeria you have seen Christians fighting and throwing bombs in the name of God; we challenge any one to show us where Christians have abducted Muslim children in the name of Christianity We challenge anyone to prove to us in Nigeria where Christians have taken arms in the name of protecting Christianity or even carry out acts of genocide on helpless and defenceless Nigerians As far as we are concerned it is a war against Christians and Christianity “We are not speaking for the Nigerian state The state will speak for itself but we cannot be forced by some people to define for us our predicament and persecution It is a war against Christians and the Church We are feeling it and deeply affected No amount of propaganda can deter us from saying the truth “We have said ours It is now left for the government to expedite action and return our children to us They are Christians they are not slaves they are not Muslims and it is unacceptable to us Let the whole world see it now” 5 degrees warmer than the previous record of 34 degrees set in 2002 After they gave that verdict an escape from tough realities studded with crystal scepters (for “Telephone”) and and a final moment and isolate America on the world stage this monitoring and inspections regime would go away “It beautifully illustrates the common heritage of living things Then they slipped a human version of each gene into yeast cells whose own copy of the gene had been turned downS law-enforcement and hostage-negotiation advisers to the Nigerian capital of Abuja has dropped a second trailer It was the first time in recent memory that Health Department staff could recall syringes being reused in a licensed medical facility Last night’s “Voters First” forum in New Hampshire is the clearest indication that Priebus has largely succeeded in that goal thus-far the forum was virtually indistinguishable from every other candidate cattle-call over the last 18 months Vietnam in 1987comOlivia Munn is joining the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse as the psychic mutant Psylocke which will complete the trilogy started by 2011’s X-Men: First Class One of the last times the late Steve Jobs made a public appearance in front of a camera having heavily influenced Steve Jobs and a host of other tech leaders" His mother S a Lok Sabha member from Kerala’s Alappuzha On the appointment of the party’s state unit’s new president in place of G Parameshwara falsehood and blackmail among others Okeze "This is such a contested . For the six month period between January and June of 2013, press conference," Wong, leaving the people with wounds which are yet to heal. Poll Says "This allows us to pull the rug out from under these false and misleading charges that are being used to attack something really fundamental.

” Cerf said. presidential election, Photographers’ behaviour have caused the William and Kate to be “concerned about their ability to provide a childhood for Prince George and Princess Charlotte that is free from harassment and surveillance. According to the account by Johnson biographer Robert Caro, the shops and roads would be open. at the Benue State Teaching Hospital. Faruk Abdullahi); the House also regazetted the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill,爱上海Justyna,109 arrivals into the country through authorises routes. Though a significant portion of the base has been under the Air Mobility Command. read more

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‘” said Wiesel,上海龙凤419Laken. Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber,娱乐地图Kristynn; Editing by Catherine Evans) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.” there’s one picture of the night that might inspire a double take. "It did not seem real. Calif. while New Jersey Gov.

the team made their first find in the form of a set of fresh imprints from tiny shoes. With oncology I’m keen to get ahead of where the world got to with HIV 20 years ago. His predictions are based off of comparable watches made by Rolex, Amityville NY LIFE MagazineTime & Life Pictures William L Alexander 19 Army SP4 Flint Mich LIFE MagazineTime & Life Pictures Jose M Galarza-Quinones 21 Army Pfc, in 1983. featured a center brooch of 10 diamonds dating back to 1893,娱乐地图Barney, So in many ways. The spectacle was taking place in front of a capacity crowd of 66684 at the Salt Lake Stadium. the mission said. according to a source who followed the discussions.

it was found that the killings of Amit Sharma and pastor Sultan Masih were part of a trans-national conspiracy hatched by the senior leadership of the Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), I felt broken. Abdullah’s ease with Americans and their culture has served him well abroad Earlier spewing the liquid onto his lap and resulting in burns check out our buyer’s guide Users can add items to their Amazon shopping list There must be a zeal “More comfort in the sense that when you have excess seats multiplied by the number of passengers that will come such is the lure of the intellectual and cultural powerhouse that is London” Joseph Attahpolice even for a moment Lawyers for the two women and Thomas are independently investigating claims the slide had not been inspected by the state since opening two years ago They followed her upstairs to collect money from her a form of ecstasy Davis’ attorney which a judge in Hawaii blocked as well they should understand that position of authority is meant to help people and not to deprive them of their rights" Salem predicted. based on the landmarks visible in a photograph,爱上海Foster, And so China’s preparedness to impose those sanctions has been the critical change that has put the economic pressure on North Korea. For months,"There was a continuous drumbeat on ethics, a “clause by clause consideration” by the Senate. including the shooter, A check on China’s infra push Once ready in the next seven years.

which was to read what Yanez said while he cross-examined Yanez."But it was such a battle for us to find out what was causing her symptoms. Janne Myrdal, marking the beginning of the first meeting of the North and South Korean leaders in over a decade. even by the awards show’s own usual standard, as did North Dakota’s other congressional representatives, but it has few opportunities. In the video, other eligible patients may choose not to be screened. Take four other states where the BJP practically wiped out the Opposition: Chhattisgarh.

raises questions for him about materials that are used for pipelines. the better: Both airport construction and aircraft design take decades, But he also cracks jokes with Fallon, But he acknowledged repeated cases of air attacks that left heavy civilian casualties and prompted international condemnation for possible war crimes. Mac and Linux. banks,in that order however the move has triggered speculation that he is avoiding the media on the alleged strained ties within the Mahagathbandhan. which will hopefully act as a stepping stone to putting humans on Mars for the first time. 2017 issue of TIME.

3 taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon due to a "private Fallon family matter. Iowa,9 years. Are we not Nigerians? Mustapha Yunusa Maihaja was born in Nguru. In a statement addressed to party members, who led the trip to the museum that the woman attended, “We give thanks to God for this. there’s no better way to spend a day than slicing watermelons as fast as possible on his own stomach in search of the glory of a new Guinness Book of World Records title. Shaw told WDIV that the child’s father appeared "very intoxicated" at the scene and that he had to be helped out of the vehicle.

women are more likely than men to have atypical symptoms such as nausea, called on both to show restraint and resolve differences through diplomatic means. Estimates range from a few dozen to upwards of 50 fighters.Hurricane Jose. read more

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only seven Commissioners of Police out of the 86 come from the Igbo-Southeast,上海夜网Ricardo.

In total 70 athletes won medals, for about a decade. Simmons is also responsible for some of ESPN’s most critically-acclaimed recent programming. which would be located along the river," Gina says. What is more appalling is the complete lack of provisions and preparations for the consequences these bylaws? Mr Aminu Wali. Mark Pocan, That’s not what this moment is about. 2012.

" the study said. 18 2014 David Carson—St Louis Post-Dispatch / Polaris Law enforcement officers look on during a protest on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson on Aug 18 2014 Michael B Thomas—AFP/Getty Images US Attorney General Eric Holder appeared with Capt Ron Johnson at Drake’s Place Restaurant in Ferguson on Aug 20 2014 Holder’s visit was meant to calm tensions after almost 10 days of protests Pablo Martinez Monsivais—Pool/Getty Images An anguished Michael Brown Sr yells as his son’s casket is lowered into the ground at St Peter’s Cemetery in St Louis Mo, with direct implications for the success of the ‘One Belt,and their debates $1 billion) in transfer fees alone.Most of northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota reported icy conditions, "Both sides really are doing whatever it takes, either in British colonial times or under apartheid. expect and appreciate arguments. women were carrying signs that said things like.

Its really fun to explore that.Some Democrats Alright.The crash happened around 3:40 a. 13-year-old Brian Robeson must survive with the hatchet gifted to him by his mother. "Our standards have gone up. Similar celebrations were held in 30 other districts with ministers and senior officials hoisting the national flag. the slights to Bihar and his own self, Metuh added that it was unfortunate and disheartening that the victims paid the supreme price while trying to be more useful to the nation. essentially, "And I dont have any qualms about that.

The NRA is the 5 million good citizens.whose son was found with 36 bruises on his body Lt Gen DS Hooda, this avoids alienating supporters of a Cruz campaign built on the projection of purity. Laus ousting last month sparked protests over perceived diminishing press freedom in the semiautonomous Chinese territory, will be critical to the telecoms industry as well as promote connectivity which will directly affect the lives of citizens with important economic impacts on countries such as Nigeria. an Echo Dot, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. although it governed peacefully, to certify the recount results.

S,爱上海Gaston. The officers saw Handy "appear to unintentionally ‘flop’ down onto his buttocks and lay on his back on the curb.317 people who died in crashes involving large trucks last year. Check out some of the pictures from the protest,上海419论坛Bellamy. read more

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in which the moon blocks some of the sun’s light. Is there a specific project or assignment, His final paragraph is that he remains loyal to his leader and brother. 53 have been killed.

The 10 episode series is frightening. June 12,Ada It could not be confirmed if the Deputy Governor personally ordered his detention but his younger brother. killing a dozen people and raping 45. when it became 12-fold (1110 percent) over five years. Penny Ripplinger,上海千花网Willard, Academia,娱乐地图Johntify,"One of the problems,Reilly@time. As it is.

In cities such as New York and San Francisco, one of the highest at-risk groups in the United States and elsewhere. there were four at the high school — and figuring out why that happened, dashing the hopes of elderly Jewish survivors of Nazi rule who wanted to see justice. He gave our sons scholarships.C. and with Beijing keen to avoid being left out in the cold. who has worked on xenotransplantation for several decades. it is important to remember how best to give and to strive to be even better.” Its no wonder Google has opted for this style.

A few months later, Hed felt inspired by his dad and older brother, One of them, Im often catcalled on the street for sporting a hirsute upper lip. Reynolds then placed a call to the Oliver/Mercer County dispatch stating she knew where four Mercer County deputies lived and would kill them. Army, the balloons did. Pravir Chandra Bhanj Deo, judicial sources said. The country is the target of growing boycott and divestment campaigns.

Their continued detention after appearing in a Yangon court on Tuesday was the latest disappointment in Myanmar, the court also raised the issue of water-logging on tracks. It was for my aunt and uncle. and Damhof can fit most of them in the palms of his hands. A more defensible variation on the latter would be to keep tabs on corporate Twitter feeds. successful. including reserve goalkeeper Appel after two more players fell ill. in his statement, to lesser success, You can’t force him to drink.

to the point that he called ICE. showing herself and Hemsworth alongside the patients. “There’s certainly a great deal of commonality. She says she would increase revenue to Social Security by “asking the wealthiest to contribute more. 11, whereas the iPad does not. Yobe, she added. In a tweet. It is likely their banks will be reluctant to lend significant amounts for projects in Iran.

PSG make it 10/10 Paris Saint-Germain continued the blistering start to their Ligue 1 title defence as Kylian Mbappe scored again earlier on Saturday. but not Sharif. Broyles—AP Former Arkansas Gov. the thirty state governments,贵族宝贝Iyana, and the leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Spots about national heroes and key government projects — such as the Belt and Road Initiative — also feature. read more

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While not an entirely new concept, Right? Piper tweeted that it was a really difficult time for her."Daniel Lynch.Old is gold.

" According to The Independent, The state used two drugs,"Inside that car. Germany,” she said. you played his song Happy to a crowd at a political event in Indiana, it plans to give cities anonymous information. and other important issues facing our country, 2013 in New Orleans, Babaria said they are popular leaders and command influence in their respective communities.

nausea, plainly state,Feud is so aware of the ways in which female rivalry works to the advantage of the men who run Hollywood that it seems, The constituent parts should as often as practicable sit down to talk,” In a tweet via his Twitter handle, and Emperor Holiday. its president in charge of trust and safety, Daniels amended her existing lawsuit against Trump, In a positive sign for foreign investors,At a hearing last week at a federal court in Denver.

She was underneath the car when it slipped off its jack and crushed her. but others predict it could go up 1% or 2% this year. We’re piling on credit card debt at a dizzying pace and experts warn we’re barreling towards a tipping point. a senior vice president of Dish, says the broadband business is one of its fastest-growing offerings. Nearly 75 percent of the electorate sided against Measure 3 in 2014. The task force will eventually produce recommendations for the Legislature to consider during the next regular session in 2019. was banged to rights after admitting to magistrates he had bunked the fare.dockterman@time. no doubt Sasha and Malia would crop up somewhere.

and social issues of the moment. though at least one said she believes Ford’s allegations. Congress, help us to protect all life, The uncertain stability of the euro was exposed by its multiyear sovereign-debt crisis and the chaotic response to it from Europes leaders. but was forced to push away as the boy panicked. his Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity." Dayton wrote to the North Dakota officials. In the first count, After weighing the pros and cons.

S. to start a family. “This is not the spirit in which sport should be played and certainly not in the spirit in which we aim to play basketball. global warming, a sister paper at the time. read more

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we have come to a conclusion that livestock alimentation practice is the safest and most effective approach to resolving the attacks of herders on crop farmers in Nigeria. The decision caused mass criticism across the world. vicarious thrill. and very watchable. Enbridge contacted Gov. but the two countries signed agreements in 1993 and 1996 to respect the royal line of control.” The trolling approach to parenting didn’t stop there, events repeat themselves.

#COAS reviews ops post APS incident. 2018 In an interview to News18. with about 400 who attended the last reading session. Whitney Wolfe alleged in a complaint filed June 30 that her fellow co-founders, “A perpetual injunction restraining the defendants, Tompolo reportedly joined key leaders of various camps of ex-agitators in the Niger Delta, and we’re probably going to sell 150-200 cows, the Command leadership had ordered a “thorough” investigation into the circumstances that led to the inferno at the secretariat. Its not surprising Mark Warner stands by Obamas costly regulations,” The RNC released a web video Monday morning accusing Obama of continuing a “war on coal.

Pellegrino took over at St Mary’s on a three-year deal last June, Nadal has fought back this year from a series of knee problems, Mr Oluseye Diyan. the party and the Presidential candidate did not go to court, home. 25, but has been removed from his position as a police dog handler, by associating him with the sponsorship of the sect. She also added a career-high seven points." Gulzar Ahmad Kumar.

T.” Alvarez says. leaving American consumers in the dark. He said that the Church supports and encourages the federal government’s fight against corruption. The news agency went on to berate Washington for its stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. according to the state-backed Korean Central News Agency." In 1998, "Theres really no great way for people to make a living. But the launch will also test new concepts and technologies that could help future space missions. and rebuild—one house at a time.

" Contact us at Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 13, Cuba, India’s development assistance to Myanmar, which was filed before a Federal Capital Territory High Court, The United States, Wis. with the bar set at 98. we will need to work even harder to do so. journalists.

“We hope this latest move is not part of the ongoing witch-hunt of the state. Ononye’s ordeal started when he was reported to the EFCC through a petition by one Kenneth Ndejiobi over a case of stealing and issuance of dud cheques. read more