Millet in the Jingdong a compromise can restore the decline

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen on micro-blog with two "we" announced the affair, and quickly in the entertainment and social network caused a sensation. In a large number of Fan Ye and Li Chen relationship marketing occasion, millet and Jingdong also took the opportunity to love exposure.

two years ago, millet settled in Tmall, the Jingdong will spread online suppress millet said, the reason is only millet to adhere to their own channels, and the Jingdong is proprietary to 3C product attitude, but also because of this millet yet settled Jingdong. Today, the marriage of millet and Jingdong, Jingdong still uses a proprietary mode of operation, then why millet compromise and why Jingdong? read more

How to carry out marketing effectively

recently went to the most talked about whether or e-commerce, may contact are inside this circle of people, many CEOs are always complaining about the website’s conversion rate is too low, spend the cost to do advertising, to do brand marketing, but the conversion rate is not high, and the site out of the same high rate. So, for any sales oriented enterprises, whether it is traditional enterprises or e-commerce companies, is not a good thing, improve the success rate of sales are common goals. We may take the mobile phone is not the same, including customer service or sales ability and so on, this part of discussion is too complex, from a point of view, is that the target user group, the user’s point of view, analysis of how to improve the conversion rate of users, how to lock the user, select the target user groups for effective marketing. In order to improve the conversion rate. Here, the first reference iResearch web survey report: read more