Song Yanguo no distinction of network marketing

Song Yanguo once made a network marketing for many companies, including big companies and big brands, there are also many small brands! I think that network marketing is no distinction, but I feel a lot of companies have not started the network marketing, have themselves divided into various grades and ranks, the dwarf


why network marketing enterprises will have the psychological unhealthy? Estimation of this example, we read that I will come in! And all walks of business contact, like large enterprises have a strong sense of confidence — we do network marketing, can easily successful small and medium-sized enterprises is not the same! And they know their weakness, always feel that will compete with others, but always overcautious! They do not know the network marketing, no class, no weak points! Why don’t we find our advantages, magnify? Today, Song Yanguo and everyone together to talk about network marketing, not only the patent of big enterprises read more

2015 grassroots to have what kind of nternet thinking

today in contact with a net friend, the name is not to say, today he is looking for me to ask how to do a website and want to let me contribute to his blog. His website is a website content mainly about website operation and promotion and Internet knowledge. But then we talk deeply impressed me is a technical flow, his expertise should be the establishment of the network marketing, for what should not really understand, I asked him what is your website’s purpose? He said that if there is no purpose, the purpose is to let people see their own websites are good speed. At the time I think this child is really the wrong way, then I suggest you can give him a share of knowledge and experience of website continue to increase their influence for the needs of the people to find him through this money. Think about it carefully, found that he is a lack of Internet thinking. Today, I would like to talk with you about how to talk about the 2015 grassroots Internet thinking. read more

have no money to promote my website

no money to promote the site, which is a very serious problem, but also a very realistic problem. So it comes to another question: no money can not promote their website?. No money can still be out of a very good website, which is zero to today want to talk about the topic, is to tell no money webmaster don’t give up the promotion, the two is to remind the rich Adsense save the cost of funds, the money spent on the edge of


today only talk about the first step in the promotion of free website: website packaging. In fact, many webmasters are very understanding, in this is just a summary, for comparison and reference. read more

Hackers were hired to attack nternet cafes were sentenced to 10 months imprisonment

hired to attack another computer information system to get more than 10 yuan reward, to act as "network hatchet man" heroic Tai (a pseudonym) for committing the crime of destruction of computer information systems, before the Baoshan court was sentenced to imprisonment for 10 months.

in February this year, is intended to Tai heroic extortion of Internet cafes Qinmou employment, implementation of a cyber attack on the internet. From February to March, using the "IP address and Tai heroic attack" on some Internet cafes to denial of service attacks, resulting in network communication over the Internet by serious interference, broken network, users can not access the consequences, which caused several cafes economic losses totaling more than 4 yuan, 1000 yuan of illegal profits heroic tai. read more

One week news review CN domain name was the biggest attack on Baidu High German Navigation War

1.CN domain name is the largest attack in history

August 26th news, yesterday morning, some of the.CN domain name in the early morning appeared unable to resolve the problem. Domain name resolution service provider DNSPod founder Wu Hongsheng said in micro-blog, the failure is due to the.CN domain name of the root server was attacked, authorized DNS (domain name system) is also caught in the whole line of failure. Around 4 in the morning,.CN domain name to normal.

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CN domain name is the largest attack in history read more

Who will become the ultimate winner of the video site

is less than June, Beijing road running car would have to roll up the window, opened the air conditioning. Perhaps in the hot discussion of "winter" began to heavily from some be inopportune or inappropriate, a year ago, the video site did not come to winter ". Of course, the late winter is not necessarily a good thing, the longer the storm is often more brutal. After all, for the majority of people, more than 200 domestic video site is indeed too much.

in April this year, Jiangxi Wuyuan tea company executives through the network video will be displayed to the customer after brewing tea. Many investors began to tap the domestic video website contains huge business opportunities. Figure /CFP read more

nnovation is the key to success

There are many factors that need to be considered, but it is undeniable that the innovation of the website is the key to the sustainable development of the website and the final success of


from the integrated portal and the social networking sites popular not to talk, in fact Chinese, real success is often some of the vertical portals, such as network which listed China chemical network, for example, listed on the Pacific and so on, this kind of website because of accurate positioning, users can quickly clear, often succeed. read more

Geluyinghao poly Shandong Qilu children Treasures Exhibition Shandong nternet Conference experie

Geluyinghao poly Shandong, Qilu children Treasures Exhibition – Shandong Internet Conference

April 5, 2008, around 14:00 PM in the East Campus of University of Jinan, participated in the Shandong Internet webmaster conference.

is not just a grassroots webmaster what. After listening to everyone’s memories and discussion, think about their own network career, it seems very meaningful. 2004 in their own high tension environment, learning DW, began to make their own static website. Then connect some articles written by themselves, feel very enjoyable, and never. In 2005, the University began, with the students on the Internet business, making the Zhangqiu University City Integrated Information Network ( was a PS master, a rookie flash, there is a DW I. All of the pages are static, but at that time the forum is free: produced about 2006 in the year of September, began to promote the. Operating for more than three months, the Zhangqiu University City merchants of several GIF animation ads, turn a little money, then part of team. read more

Cen Tao Shop sellers how to create a good line of word of mouth spread

word of mouth is playing an important role in Taobao marketing. Customers spread word of mouth because they are willing to share ideas, experiences and confidence. When a product and service really makes people feel good, bad, angry or confused, it is natural to share this feeling with others.

first, the product can be verified by the spread of store products

many people are keen to show what they know in the maintenance of information, people unremittingly personal image of the campaign, most people are in that they want others by way of evaluating their views. Therefore, they will use the method of sharing information to verify their value. read more

Alexa world rankings detailed study

Website ranking is the most likely cause for concern and discussion, fixed seating, and for about 35000000000 of the world’s Web site is not only so, the most important is the ranking results released to the world by Internet. This is enough to cause an uproar, for people who know the truth, one day suddenly someone tells you, "your website ranked after us, you must have some mongolia. In the end who exercise the heart, on the virtual world of the hero?What is


Alexa is to publish a ranking of the world’s Web site and eye-catching, URL address is In fact, the site’s search engine is also very easy to use, but the site ranking is the main reason it attracts the eye. read more

E mail marketing to enhance brand awareness

According to the

Millward Brown Optimor released in May 2012, the world’s most valuable brand ranking of global top 100 enterprises overall value rose by 0.4% over last year, reaching $2 trillion and 400 billion, and in 2012 the global GDP ranked fifth of French GDP, including apple (Apple) with a brand value of $182 billion 900 million, following last year after the top of the list.

what is the brand? Brand (brand) originated in ancient Norway word brandr, meaning "mark", it is very vividly express the meaning of the brand – "brand!" brand is a comprehensive and complex concept, it is the sum of the invisible trademark, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, symbols, advertising style. Since the brand is the addition of summation, it is divided into positive and negative, in order to achieve a comprehensive consumer brand cognition is high and positive results, we must go through several steps and procedures: first, establish brand awareness, brand reputation to create stage; two stage; three, strengthen brand loyalty stage. There are many specific tasks to be carried out at each stage, and the lack of any stage or not according to the procedure will lead to the failure of brand building. read more

Talking about the type of marketing blog marketing those things

in the daily promotion process, we must contact the blog, know what is the use of blog, blog marketing blog marketing? Is the simple point that this blog network marketing based on the application form, also is the enterprise through the blog platform, transfer valuable information to the target customers. The dissemination and promotion process finally realize the aim of enterprise marketing.

, in a sense, blog marketing can also be called on marketing, why this definition? Is that blog is about citation identity recognition, different blogs for different target groups. In order to realize the value of marketing, it is necessary to attract more and more target groups to visit or visit the enterprise blog. read more

After the use of certain marketing software

I really do not know how to write the title, do not know how to describe my feelings at the moment. From my personal perspective, I want to lambaste, because the software that makes me very depressed. What the Almighty marketing software, I think it is incapable of marketing software! Of course, objectively speaking, it is not worth a hair, but in front of me, it’s really not worth the price of


I am engaged in the promotion of an electronic coupon website, before the company bought a universal marketing software, I would like to, do not have to do it, and then look at their functions. About the beginning of groping, found that the people who do this software is a SB, is a very irresponsible person. I do not know whether it is care about us, or really do not understand. read more

n the Spring Festival of apple Jonathan Lee sang congratulations

Apple wants Jonathan Lee to give you a new year song.


Spring Festival is approaching, old king Andy Lau "Congratulation" song is not to spread throughout the high streets and back lanes but this year, you will also hear? Another version, apple invited another Chinese music Godfather Jonathan Lee to re interpretation of this song.

in this section directed by the famous director Stanley Kwan’s 60 second commercials, highlighting the Narcissus, the character, the traditional red Chinese elements of the Spring Festival, but Jonathan Lee and Li Jianqing, an apprentice white singing folk songs "Congratulations", is the violin, guitar and keyboard Remix these Western musical accompaniment, interspersed among the re arrangement of the pop music section. It also reflects the idea of Apple wants to integrate Chinese and Western culture, so that the entire advertising standards consistent with the brand’s temperament. read more

Who help me to solve the confusion of website promotion

how do I Baidu, Google can be included in my site? Who can solve the puzzle of website promotion for me?

              I have been on the line for 1 months, I am waiting every day, I want to turn off the site, think about it, put so much energy, we can not. Waste of time and money!

my travel website: Tourism background program, I was down on the Internet, is to use ASP program to write, I want to write a ASP at my back, but think about their level is not very high, and it’s time to have a ready-made online, why no? read more

Room service website promotion marketing scheme set


for two weeks, then do I want to find a reliable, the result has not been found satisfactory, in the process of looking for work, found that many small companies in the recruitment of SEO people, these small companies there are basically only 1 SEOer or not at all, they were only doing line marketing, now began to attach importance to the network promotion, recruit more people to do website optimization, product marketing and brand marketing.

In the

and their boss’s conversation, I discovered that in fact they can be said to the network promotion almost utterly ignorant of some even network optimization, the occupation do not know, in the recruitment of writing on the electronic commerce recruit personnel, when you call me to go to the interview, I was depressed, the electronic commerce how to find me. Later, asked to know that they are not aware of this industry, but even if he does not know SEO, he was able to sort out a set of marketing programs and is consistent with the SEO, maybe that’s why can be the boss. read more

On Strategy why should we learn network marketing

today’s network spread network marketing, why a lot of people learn internet marketing? I think it is because we all know that the Internet users too much is their main source of customers, but also more and more enterprises need to promote this mode, they have tasted the benefits of more and more heat to do network marketing. You can look at the network marketing Whampoa  military academy to do better in this regard.

if you are still struggling in the traditional marketing of the Red Sea, if you already have a website but no money, if you want a quick profit on the Internet, you must want to know how they make money on the Internet details…… When they make money easily and quickly through the Internet, you are still struggling in the red sea of traditional marketing, the boss of you, this is undoubtedly a huge loss! read more

Vehicle damage assessment platform car through the cloud A round of 5 million investment will force

August 10th news, recently, SAAS insurance loss evaluation system of "car cloud" announced the completion of $500 A round of financing from the domestic first-line investment institutions led.

it is reported that the car through the cloud of the current round of financing will be mainly used for product upgrades, team upgrades and channel promotion three aspects.

Mr. Hao Dingwen

ding’ao chairman said, the car through the cloud as a smart car damage assessment tools, the company development plan in the beginning of the line set by the "vehicle damage, and accessories, accessories trading valuation query". At present, the platform has been opened in front of three links, the next development focus is to build "efficient, transparent, namely auto parts trading online" B2B business transactions. read more

Drops China will eventually usher in the battle of the online battle

online car rental is not a new market, but with the drop of admission, the market has emerged many new variables. August 22nd, the official confirmation of drops of travel, its car rental business was started in Shanghai in July to test the operation, some users have been able to experience the car provided by the car drops. According to the plan, the second half of this year to the first half of next year will be gradually extended to the country more than a second tier cities.

drops travel again layout read more