Ma Yun fake Taobao is a priority

reporter Miao Xiali

morning news "I don’t worry about turnover from 1 trillion last year to 8 trillion, 10 trillion in the future, I am worried about is what we are today but no attention to prevention; what is cancer, tumors can be removed, not what the future development of the company. Today, if the fight against fake and shoddy products do not do a good job, I will regret it." Yesterday afternoon, in the Alibaba group Binjiang bright summit conference room, Ma made his resignation before the group’s last speech CEO. read more

Found a new East corporate website charges linked to profits

      interesting online today in a blind wells, new stuff found in the service of an enterprise website construction site.

      enterprise website construction in accordance with the web site to help companies make money how much?! The site seems to have just run, do not know how the results. Ha-ha。

      they generally look, the enterprise website management system is good, all the xhtml+css design, powerful death, dozens of functional modules, the enterprise website can reasonable use half of the good. Web site is a simple type of art, with the current image of a number of different types of corporate Web site direction, not good and bad evaluation, the site structure is still clear. read more

The real Chinese domain name is about to be announced

from the Ministry of information industry of People’s Republic of China on the adjustment of China’s Internet domain name system announcement (Letter No. [2008]172) can be seen:

1, China Internet domain name system, Chinese +.+ English suffix of this type will exist for a long time, and a variety of suffixes are possible Chinese prefix, that is to say, there are many kinds of English suffix, there may be many kinds of Chinese English prefix + suffix domain structure with complex english. read more

How to rely on domain names to earn a living

    now enter the domain name industry, basically no big Gaotou, but not can not make money, relying on personal website technology, or to earn a little money, not a lot of income webmaster can try.
    there are currently engaged in the head of the domain name has two, one is the CN domain name, one is the com of the international domain name, CN domain name cheap, a piece, COM domain name 55 agent price. Can refer to the domain name and record agent ten thousand special offer virtual machine  
    then to register what kind of names that fuckedup:
    1 enterprises registered domain: from Sogou site navigation, Sina site navigation, Dmoz scan all the current domain. Domain name expires, how to scan, web site, you can use the Xenu (, and then all of the domain name with DNN software ( domain name batch query.Rar) scan delete date.
basically every day there are ten weight good, but also is the enterprise domain name down, if possible, the domain name can be registered directly, the international domain deletion time is 3 in the morning every day, -4, CN in the domain can be booked directly.
    I used this method to grab a few words, when the heart is not ruthless, so the price is not high, I remember just less than 2000 to sell, but compared to the cost is only a little bit of a head or 55.
  how to sell to the enterprise, give everyone a little crooked idea: 1), telephone companies,   said; your company’s domain name has been registered, please buy cheap right now, after the estimate is very expensive, and so on, organize their own words, 2) to each other in the opponent’s domain name space then, the following a sell contact, the other 3) binding domain in a waste site, believe that a company can spend thousands of pieces to put its own domain name right. 4) hype, the specific idea of the extent to which you need. I see people registered to the company name, prompted the company to close the transfer of the domain name, what, I do not recommend this wicked things.
    1-2; if one day can register a domain name, usually cost around 110, general webmaster can still afford, can sell a few, this is very good, very fast, if you can not return to this, these domain names used as garbage sites, because the domain name itself is the weight the development of it is also very fast.
    second ways to buy some cheap domain names, the current domain name is usually the price we are familiar with read more

After Xicihutong community continues to grow

      Xicihutong (hereinafter referred to as the West Temple) was founded in 1998, is the first large-scale comprehensive Chinese community website, after years of accumulation and development, has become the Chinese community portal website the most important.

      the West Temple is not a traditional community website, since the early days, that is the first " open business model – free sample, independent management" that station management and maintenance of community platform and classification directory, users create their own version of the discussion, self management, self development, freedom of information and communication AC. This model reflects the open Internet freedom and self-discipline, and fast, convenient and easy to master, so the user is much, since the user has built Xici version of the discussion of more than 200 thousand, has become the largest Chinese community group. read more

Micro blog open platform dispute first pull the user to talk about profitability

every day there are millions of independent active users, daily forwarding, comments and original micro-blog total to tens of millions, tens of thousands of enterprises, Sina micro-blog has yet to find a profitable way.

even Twitter founder of micro-blog, has been unable to find a clear profit model, then Sina micro-blog

should do?

I have done a report to Sina management, Sina micro-blog will not consider the issue of earnings within two years." Peng Shaobin, general manager of sina micro-blog product division told reporters. But this does not mean that sina micro-blog to stop profitable exploration. read more

Zhou Hongyi talk about domain name qiku com as early as 10 years ago in his hands

renamed China ( news yesterday, 360 May 7th, Zhou Hongyi held a "no mobile phone, mobile phone brand" conference "to determine our", in tribute to Apple at the same time also did not forget to spit bad peers such as millet. He also said that the site was enabled 10 years ago in his hands, and lamented the benefits of to bring him, as well as the brand domain name into the hands of others of the disadvantages.

name dispute: Our or


mobile phone in 360 held a few days ago, the Internet has been a 360 mobile phone brand in the end is the "Monkey King" or "cool", and even from a period known as the conference opening leaked video "is spared gimmick. Until yesterday the old Monday hammer offer, named "cool", but also many other good peer innuendo millet "monkey", and played slogan: "curiosity to change the world". However, there are friends laugh: curiosity is likely to kill the cat". read more

Domain security national standards to send the Ministry of audit operation and maintenance instituti

reporter recently learned from the North dragon net joint Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and other units jointly initiated the formulation of a domain name security seven series of standards has completed the Communication Standardization Association audit, Ministry of audit is sent. After the adoption of the series of standards by the Ministry of industry, and will have passed the two safety standards together, constitute a series of technical standards to regulate the safe operation of the domain name. read more

Group purchase website development difficult 9 months disappeared 2082 decreased by half

according to the group 800 statistics, food and film tickets are among the most popular buy products. The first half of the catering group purchase turnover reached about 4000000000 yuan, accounted for 40% of overall sales, including local dishes and Hot pot barbecue buffet, are more than 800 million yuan.

buy industry hit a transparent ceiling". The latest report shows that 800 groups at the end of June, the number of domestic group purchase site is 2976, and last year’s peak period in September compared to 5058, reduced 2082. In the first half of this year, a single turnover and the number of buyers fell. read more

Tencent told a technology company in Guangzhou in favor of the cottage cottage pat Network was cance

Information Times News (reporter Wei intern correspondent Sui Xin Huihui where the law declared) Tencent’s "pat" was malicious imitation, click on the link to rival goods actually "". Cottage pat Network, the registered group, an unknown enterprise in Guangzhou claimed that all of the interns are. Eventually, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court found that the defendant infringement of the enterprise, compensation Tencent 40 thousand yuan and canceled the web page. read more

The next generation of nternet trusted domain name service equipment debut

China’s 50% domain name server is expected to be relatively unsafe situation resolved. Reporter recently from the twelfth session of Chinese international hi tech Fair (the fair) was informed that the DNS domain name system ZDNS equipment is currently the most powerful research and development has been successful.

at the fair "the national development and Reform Commission, the museum" the ZDNS series device is a "black box" faces in front of the world to three square. ZDNS domain name equipment relevant responsible person told the reporter that the ZDNS domain name service equipment, is sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission, "the next generation Internet (CNGI) trusted domain name service system industrialization project" research achievements and technological achievements transformation, as well as CNGI project of domain name first came to prominence in the fair. read more

Part of the platform has exceeded 20% P2P bad debt and how much bad debt hidden underwater

high income, low threshold, bad debt is still very low or even zero, so beautiful in the P2P industry is very common. The day before the financial report 360 released a wake-up call for the market, currently part of the P2P platform bad debt rate has been about 20%. Even more worrying is that the current P2P industry assessment criteria vary, more problems may not yet surfaced.

part of the platform bad debt rate of over 20%

melt 360 released the latest net loan rating report shows that P2P net loan industry overall bad debt rate is rising, some of the platform’s bad debt rate of about 20%. read more

What is Dong Mingzhu emboldened traditional manufacturing and the nternet

[introduction] in this big bet is still behind the collision occurred between the traditional manufacturing assets operation mode and operation mode of the Internet asset light. Millet model can not beat the GREE model, I think the next 5 years. The National People testify, within 5 years, if our turnover defeated GREE, Dong lost me a piece of money on the line." Lei Jun (micro-blog) said. Believe millet can never exceed GREE Dong Mingzhu, while the 1 yuan rose to 1 billion yuan.


and Lei Jun Dong Mingzhu 1 billion game, again blew the traditional manufacturing industry and the new Internet economy conflict and collision mode and thinking on. Dong Mingzhu’s confidence come from? What kind of mode can go further read more

Ganji com executives turnover official said the incident has nothing to do with the donkeys

days ago, Ganji executives suddenly left off of public opinion fooled speculation: endorsement by Chen Yao spent 200 million yuan on advertising, but because the advertising donkey too "swagger", was a donkey nets loopholes.

the last two days, with the decline of attention donkey nets, attention stabilization. While the outside world that it will come to an end, competent marketing and PR Director SEO man, vice president Deng (SEO refers to the use of search engine search rules to improve web site in the search engine rankings) vice president Lv Yingjian and director Guo Yanjing left SEO. Yang Hao rushed to reporters confirmed the news. read more

Ma Huateng Zhou Hongyi nternet Conference running for many years Open

Nandu Cartography: Song Xiaowei

Tencent 1 billion yuan to set up a security fund, and Qihoo teamed up with Baidu 360


in internal restructuring of Tencent, the search is no longer beautiful, search wars is also difficult to see the Tencent Chinese figure, but there is an old saying "yuanjialuzhai". The Tencent announced Monday by Baidu joined the establishment of "security alliance", yesterday is the next city, announced plans to invest 1 billion yuan to set up security fund, let alone big Qihoo 360. read more

09 years the number of Chinese Web site up to 3 million 230 thousand but CN negative growth

on the table is the twenty-fifth annual report of the Internet information center. As can be seen from the table, the domain name registration in 2009 13 million 450 thousand, a decrease of more than 113193 in 2008, the negative growth of the domain name, especially the CN domain name. This limit in November last year, personal registration CN domain name, CN domain name on the strict review. There is still a domain name service provider to stop the CN domain name registration, when CNNIC further indicates that individuals can register CN domain name, but the market reaction is cold. Especially this year, CN domain name is able to get out of the haze, worthy of attention. read more

Mogujie com is involved in the cosmetics retail center turn

[Abstract] page will give up the waterfall flow form, the mobile terminal will push the whole platform instant messaging system, communication".

Tencent technology month on August 22nd reported

yesterday, the domestic female fashion consumer electronic business platform, released a new brand strategy, brand positioning new buyers street, and announced in cosmetics, and the on-line payment system of its own.

at the same time, has also made changes to the product. updated the definition of LOGO and product navigation design. Which Web will give up the waterfall flow form, the mobile terminal, launched a full platform IM instant messaging system, communication". According to CEO June introduction, which means that the focus of business will shift from the community to the retail sector. read more

Million Swiss data e commerce sites slow down the growth rate

news March 22nd, million Swiss data today issued a "2010 China e-commerce site investigation report", the survey found that e-commerce growth rate gradually slowed down. One is due to the Internet in 2009 2008 compared with the number of online shopping users down; on the other hand, a decline in the number of online shopping website per capita, to enhance the user shopping website the distribution of users to focus on a small number of sites.

million Swiss data survey report believes that the quality of the platform e-commerce sites to control the worry of the service quality of e-commerce sites to be upgraded. Brand oriented enterprises website because the product is too simple, relatively suitable for high-quality image display kitchen or B2B e-commerce platform. Online shopping users become more sophisticated, and recognize the advantages of online shopping, rather than just focus on "cheap". In addition, the impact of satisfaction on the future of online shopping increased significantly, the higher the degree of satisfaction in the future, the higher the amount of online consumption Matthew effect highlights. read more

TV shopping first shares happy to buy into cross border electricity supplier

happy to buy panorama network interactive platform, said the company intends to set up a trading company in Ningbo Free Trade Zone engaged in cross-border electricity supplier business, the company is currently registered.

      as the first line of TV shopping, happy to buy in January 21st this year, landing gem, less than 10 days, the market value will exceed 10 billion. However, after the listing of the transcripts are not satisfactory, in 2014, the purchase of 2 billion 738 million yuan to achieve operating income of $13.08%, down by $154 million, attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of $16.64%, down. In this regard, happy buy said that due to the new project investment is still in the incubation period, the future will actively layout to the transformation of the mobile network. read more

Hot O2O campus entrepreneurship the four types of transformation mode

[introduction] 1 billion euros to overthrow the past, enterprises in the new business instead of the original business, complete transformation; the past, sort out the business enterprise by cutting out the superfluous, and on the basis of the original business, retaining only the relative cash cow business; to grasp now, the focus is not to upgrade;, cross-border restructuring enterprises to retain existing business category expansion, new business category.

    million European network previously reported many campus O2O enterprises, their online convenience stores, supermarkets, logistics, online takeaway food, finance, social, recruitment, fresh, local life services and other different entry point into the campus market. These companies have access to financing, or rapid development or rapid apoptosis, more in the exploration of transformation, especially in the field of electricity supplier O2O campus. According to my observation, there are four main ways of transformation: read more