The art of war is the site of the book

book is divided into thirteen chapters, mainly discusses the main problems of military science, the war experiences were summarized, and put forward some famous military proposition, and reveal some universal significance of military law. (if our personal webmaster can also be used on Sun Tzu to do stand, is the darling of the peak, every man has a different understanding, this is not self decomposition)

              grandson Yue:

when the country event of the death, the survival of the road, can not be ignored. read more

Deputy editor in chief of Tencent Network Ma content entrepreneurship needs to solve three major pro

Tencent science and technology news on June 30th, sponsored by the science and technology of Tencent T+ science and technology since the media matrix and the establishment of the contents of the venture capital forum held in Beijing. The most forward-looking from the media, entrepreneurs and investors will gather to discuss the contents of the bonus era opportunities and challenges. Deputy editor in chief of the network of Tencent Ma came to power.

Ma Li believes that with the intensification of the content platform competition, as well as the influx of a large number of media, the content of entrepreneurship has entered a new stage of rapid growth from barbarism. read more

Faced with five years of restructuring and restructuring entrepreneurs should grasp the future

whether it is a business unit, or a creative idea, they are changing every day, but also in a way you absolutely unexpected changes. Even some companies are now refusing to disclose their own development ideas, as well as the views held in the early days of the establishment.

, I can say that, if we carefully study those regarded as the industry leader in the company, it will find that they are in fact in the beginning, the main is now completely different business. For example, the online retail giant Amazon, it is one of my favorite companies. When they first started, in fact, only online book retail, which is their only business, they are also the best business. read more

What kind of data analysis method is suitable in product operation

products in the daily operation of the operation is certainly necessary to control the operation of some of the indicators. When faced with the out of order data, product operation buddy need to analyze the product data from different angles, and effectively guide the operation, effectively promote the product operations for work is not a small contribution. Then the data analysis method of what is appropriate? Today the first to introduce mr..

first, multidimensional event analysis

so-called multidimensional event, is the need for the product operator to the user in the product of all the trigger of the conventional action for dismantling. As a product of APP, the user from the download, open, browse, select, payment and so on, these are called user events, although each habits are not the same, each product business process is not the same. But the same as the Internet electricity supplier products, its operation steps in fact, up to 20 species, there are a lot of common. read more

Personal website construction and promotion of the general steps

is now building a site is actually a very hard thing, not to say that there is an idea can be implemented immediately, summed up, generally have to go through the following steps:

1, site planning, the need to provide what kind of services and functions, as well as the channel and column division

2, the preparation of web content, which need to provide electronic version, which need to provide pictures and images, the basic content is prepared to rely on the existing planning programs to collect and collate. read more

Personal webmaster SNS site should solve the problem

SNS site is a typical type of Web2.0 Internet applications, focusing on user interaction, the user is both the content of the browser, but also contributors. Typical representatives such as Renren, Kaixin, etc.. If the forum is square, then SNS is the home between the home and home visit each other’s attention, dynamic, focus on sharing etc.. Now there are a lot of personal webmaster operating their own SNS site, I believe there are a lot of their own experience. This article about personal webmaster SNS site should solve the problem, and we exchange, learn from you. This article represents only personal views. read more

Network marketing niche market

often have owners worry about not knowing what to do, want to do a hot project found a lot of competition is too fierce, but too popular industry also don’t want to try No one shows any interest in fear. This idea There are plenty of people who, in fact, some industry even if we can still try to upset and can do it well, because of the existence of niche markets have opened another door for us. This article on how to use the Internet marketing niche market allows you to strive for further improvement. read more

My forum is how to attract popularity

now many webmaster complaining about the site difficult, more difficult to do the forum website. Because the forum, the forum to do more difficult to promote. Since Discuz! Free Internet users to provide a forum program, basically will be as long as the Internet, will do so instantaneous forum, forum site of pear blossoms. Forum how to promote their own forum site, so that the majority of users know your forum? I will introduce my forum is how to promote and attract popularity.

for the Zhengzhou forum this in the local forum, how to promote it? I think the first is to make use of Post Bar propaganda, Post Bar high or very busy, I am to Zhengzhou Baidu Post Bar to publicity, this time for you and you don’t know, and you are to grab Post Bar users, Lord of course will delete your post, no matter how much you send, the Lord will also mercilessly deleted. So here I tell you 1 little skill, your forum as local forum, bound to each school board, and music video of the plate, you can manually update some nice music resources, and then get the Baidu Post Bar (the city Post Bar) to read more

Electricity supplier service to become a major event will be heavy section

electronic commerce the xiangbobo, envious how much of the food, as the electricity supplier behind the most important services, more and more people are respected and needs. In today’s electricity supplier environment, we first want to trace the reasons for the birth of the electricity supplier service providers, as well as the pattern of today, we can explore the future direction of development, but any industry wants to become a major event must pay attention to detail. Today, I will take you to look at the electricity supplier service industry two or three things. read more

Domain deletion list May 31 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone< br /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

gnore the security big worry Yunnan small electricity supplier of cold password leak

at present, the people’s attention to the password leak incident continues to heat up, the more violent. Shocked, people can not help but for the overall level of security technology is lower in the small electricity providers who have a deep security concerns. Whether small business are "their fates warning", "password" event as an opportunity to enhance their own site safety management level? In this regard, gouyn12 in Kunming and some small business access providers conducted a survey interview simple. read more

There are aftermarket sales Watch Dan Jingdong response new products

recently, CCTV weekly quality report reported that consumers reflect Jingdong mall suspected of refurbished iPhone mobile phone sales event, causing concern. Jingdong announced in the final survey results, said the sale of products three yards in one, absolutely authentic.

this matter is not cool, JINGWAH Times reported that the customer Xia lady bought a $5899 worth of Longines watches in the Jingdong store, open the package was found to be printed with the revised documents.

Ms. Xia said

, she was in the mall in May 26th Jingdong shop under the single purchase of this Longines watch, after receiving the goods in May 29th was actually found in the watch packaging information. Ms. Xia provides Guangzhou watch aftermarket single show, the purchase time is April 1st, Jingdong acceptance time is April 2nd. "Fault description" is "when the label is torn off, and the table is worn", "note" is "new / repair / return". Another one into the library to prove that the movement number (after the change) is 38539868, the number and the arrival of the watch movement number. read more

Good rookie network 5000 postal outlets provide parcel collection services

last June, China Post and Ali signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement announced that it will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of logistics, electricity providers, finance and other fields. At that time, private courier is expected to share the resources of state-owned enterprises has become the focus of attention of the industry. Now, this idea becomes reality.

yesterday (April 1st), rookie network announced that China Post will be a joint rookie network, open to the community 5000 postal outlets from mentioning, for online shopping users to provide parcel service. It is understood that the cooperation between China Post and Ali, rookie network is the implementation of the main aspects of ali. read more

New express customs clearance system officially opened the sea Amoy purchasing how to do

news June 1st, promulgated in March this year, the announcement of the General Administration of Customs in 2016 nineteenth (on matters related to the opening of the new express customs clearance system announcement) came into effect today, the port officially opened the new express clearance management system (hereinafter referred to as the new express system, the original fast piece) in customs clearance management system function to stop using.

industry will be the main changes in the new express system and far more than the express delivery system is summarized as follows: read more

The Ten Secrets of the search engine

In fact, in most cases, login search engine is not the only way to promote and promote your website. To be truly successful, you need to use many other techniques and methods. However, when you log in to the search engine, it can also bring a lot of traffic to your site, and you don’t have to spend anything. Of course, an appropriate login will take up a certain amount of time and effort, but the rewards will be multiplied by your input. Every day will produce tens of thousands of new sites. Think about! What a surprising number. But most of them do not have the proper use of meta value, and the search engine is based on the meta value of the robot to retrieve the site. Here are some tips and tricks:You use the most commonly used

2, plural keywords,

(e.g., " books" book", instead of " then, when people check book or books, your site will appear in front of him) read more

Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong e commerce talent is scarce

the morning of May 11th, at the Beijing Normal University and China Development Research Foundation jointly organized the "network economy to create millions of new jobs, the employment of college students innovative pilot project start cum briefing, Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong said that the global economic crisis has had a huge impact on the financial sector and the real economy, e-commerce brings a huge development opportunity. The economic crisis has changed the global economic pattern, and the rapid popularization of the Internet and online trading platform matures, spawned numerous, scattered around the world of the new generation of buyers, which also makes the second generation of e-commerce to online transactions as the core, ushered in the best time of rapid growth. The second generation of e-commerce at the same time spawned a large number of talent needs, the current proficient in e-commerce talent is very scarce, especially proficient in foreign languages and foreign trade and has a strong ability to communicate online export talent. read more

117 thousand new 50 percent off about benefits users said that the beautiful new fashion to create t

in late November 10th 8, beautiful new fashion trading platform leading said 4 hours in advance of the new Carnival 11.11 opened the curtain, in 28 hours 11.11 big promotion period, users can enjoy 117 thousand new styles, and the discount, in addition, the platform also is the new Carnival festival to prepare 1 billion envelopes.

as the "run brothers" season third exclusive title, beautiful brand with the program set off the upsurge of tear, tear by famous interactive games in the big promotion area and social media users and friends, win the favorable coupons by relay. Different from the previous big promotion, the new fashion trading platform positioning to the beauty that will provide the right fashion style, stable product quality and reasonable outfit suggestion for users, and from the 11.11 dimensions of fashion Carnival to inject new blood. read more

After the bubble can rely on E commerce

in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce in our country, the amount of consumption has been rising year by year, so that people think of twenty-first Century as the century of e-commerce, and even shouting e-commerce will replace the traditional business. However, e-commerce has gone through a period of prosperity after the return to calm, what led to the development of electronic commerce bubble? What is the reason for the return to normal development of e-commerce


capital and burn achievements of the prosperity of e-commerce read more

Website construction should pay attention to some of the principles

website construction should pay attention to some of the principles

in a number of sites to modify the case, found that many of the site’s development, because there is no attention to the following principles, resulting in a lot of trouble to the late operation. So we 35 home network technology partners in particular the development of these principles summarized in the hope that the majority of the site builders to inspire, which is more conducive to the development of a good website.

1, easy to use. read more

Spring has come to the content of the road which pits

if two years ago, if someone said they would like to apply for a WeChat public venture, most likely to be friends around ridicule. But now, WeChat public venture is not new, is becoming a fact.

we don’t even have the phenomenon of public, logical thinking, Wu Xiaobo cited similar channels, Kay stories uncle with millions of fans, many ordinary people it seems not too well-known public venture project, also received a high valuation, hundreds of thousands of yuan is not uncommon. Driven by the example, the content of the asset model of entrepreneurship has become an entrepreneurial boom, encouraging more and more traditional media and aspiring young people to join them. read more