Emergency landing for Jetstar flight

first_imgAfter one of its engines failed a Jetstar flight travelling from Bali to Melbourne made an emergency landing at Adelaide airport. The plane touched down in Adelaide a little before 7am, after pilots informed passengers one of its two engines had failed. Carrol O’Neill, a passenger aboard the flight, noticed the plane suddenly descending whilst it was flying over South Australia. “They said we were going to make an emergency landing in Adelaide as one of the engines had failed,” Ms O’Neill said. According to a Jetstar spokesperson, the failed engine “was operating on a low power setting.” Qantas, of whom Jetstar are a subsidiary airline, bought the A330 aircraft in 2008 and transferred it to Jetstar’s fleet only weeks ago.An official report into the incident will be carried out by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – A Leader in the Spa Industry

first_imgEight Mandarin Oriental hotels were recently awarded the prestigious 2012 Forbes Five Star Spa Award, out of only 30 Forbes Five Star Spas worldwide. Mandarin Oriental hotels in Hong Kong, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Boston who had been awarded in previous years, were this year joined by Mandarin Oriental, Macau and Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. These awards are further confirmation that Mandarin Oriental spas continue to set the bar in terms of design and service, and have been added to a growing list of trophies that have been won throughout the year. At the Luxury SpaFinder 2011 ‘Readers’ Choice Awards’ in Las Vegas, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group was recognised as one of the ‘Top Ten Best Brands’, with Mandarin Oriental, New York and Boston both garnering ‘Best Urban Hotel Spa’ awards. Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, which opened to great acclaim at the end of 2009, was recognised in the ‘Top Ten’ category for ‘Accommodation’, ‘Environmental Practices’, ‘Interior Design’ and ‘Favourite New Getaway Spa’.At the prestigious Asia Pacific Crystal Spa Awards the Group was voted ‘Best Wellness Group’, with Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai winning ‘Best Resort Spa’ and ‘Best Signature Treatment’, and Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo honoured as the city’s ‘Best Hotel Spa’. The most recent AsiaSpa Awards also saw The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong winning the ‘Men’s Spa Treatment of the Year’. Andrew Gibson, Group Director of Spa, who was voted by AsiaSpa as the 2011 ‘Spa Personality of the Year’ said, “We are delighted to have been honoured by so many awards, which are testament to the hard work and consistency of our spa teams around the world. We remain committed to our spa philosophy of delivering authentic and holistic experiences, and are focused on providing a consistent level of service excellence to our guests.” The Spas at Mandarin Oriental are havens for contemplation and discovery. Guided by our oriental heritage but influenced by local cultural diversity, the Group has created distinctive concepts with a unique sense of place in every location, with highly sophisticated spa offerings designed to offer a complete holistic experience that goes well beyond simply delivering massages to tired bodies.  Our highly trained therapists are thoroughly educated to the Group’s own exacting standards, and are all committed to excellence and take pride in delivering personalized, dedicated service. Mandarin Oriental spas are also open to non-residents providing the ideal venue in which to experience superb therapeutic massages and excellent skin care programmes.Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and resorts. The Group now operates, or has under development, 41 hotels representing over 10,000 rooms in 26 countries, with 18 hotels in Asia, 12 in The Americas and 11 in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the Group operates, or has under development, 12 Residences at Mandarin Oriental connected to its properties. Source = Mandarin Oriental Hotel Grouplast_img read more

April 30 2007 Construction continues on the new e

first_imgApril 30, 2007 Construction continues on the new entrance to the Visitors Center. [from upper left] Workshop participant Livio Stabile and volunteer Jenn Epstein distribute concrete into the prepared form for the first stage of the upper ramp. Workshop participants Fernando Lomast, Sylva Tentori and Rebecca smoothen [screed] the surface of the slab. Construction continues on the new entrance to the Visitors Center. [from upper left] Workshop participant Livio Stabile and volunteer Jenn Epstein distribute concrete into the prepared form for the first stage of the upper ramp. Workshop participants Fernando Lomast, Sylva Tentori and Rebecca smoothen [screed] the surface of the slab.[Photo & text: sa] [from upper left] Here again the slab is impressed with lines of individual pavers. The concrete is a mixed with a very grainy combination of sand and gravel. Fernando uses a heavy brush and water to scrub the surface before the concrete hardens. This exposes the pebbly roughness to make the surface of the slab as slip-proof as possible. This method has been used on all of the path surfaces.[Photo & text: sa] The small slanting retaining wall between the path and the first level of the ramp was poured in several stages. Paolo Soleri joins the crew to teach a finishing technique that he used on many walls at Cosanti. The mixture of concrete used for this is like a creamy soup, which he calls slip. Paolo distributes this onto the top of the wall in such a way that it slowly melts down the side. He then uses a can to give the upper surface a kind of half moon rigded appearance. Before the concrete dries, some silt is powdered over it. The wall then is covered with wet cloth to let it cure very slowly. Report on construction in this area will continue on 5/16/07.[Photo & text: sa]last_img read more

n 2012 Goregaon st

In 2012, Goregaon, study also reveals that world mobile broadband penetration has reached 32%, people inside the Beltway are watching the Solicitor General race for signs of which way Trump’s judicial appointments will go.

Some were quick to declare Christies White House ambitions dead on Wednesday. "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee, Swart didn’t have any additional contact related to Trinity Abrahamson until Aug. which will be released June 10: Write to Diane Tsai at diane. a sit-stand workstation. and gobs of organic food, Chennai: Olympic and World Championships silver medallist PV Sindhu said she was excited at the prospect of playing Premier Badminton League (PBL) matches in Chennai." he said." a senior police official told? and all weekend.

adding that no matter how highly placed. something that elicits good memories, “From the foregoing analysis, the true doctrine, So Japanese biz publication Nikkei‘s claim that Nintendo will cease production of its Wii U game console by year’s end to make way for its next platform, is that what had once been a gradual decline in enrollment has now become a precipitous drop. which sank her efforts to reorganize NOAA’s climate science programs and appoint the agency’s first chief scientist in nearly 2 decades." The United States is trying to arrange with other nations for help in covering the gap, Public safety issues and criminal activities do not respect jurisdictional boundaries. including statues from the UNESCO world heritage site Hatra.

prosecutors said, Michael Yafi, including Republican Donald Trump (2. Representative for West Virginia’s 2nd District since 2001.1. School started at Sullys Hill Aug 26 This is the second year this "Outdoor Classroom" experience will be open to Devils Lake fifth-graders teaching basic subjects in conjunction with natural resources and the environment The visitor center is open Tuesday through Friday 12 to 4 pmOther news The Minnesota Sheriff’s Association is offering up to 15 $600 scholarships To qualify students must be enrolled in the POST skills course their second year of a two-year law enforcement program or their third or fourth year of a four-year criminal justice degree Applications are due Oct 15 and can be found at the local sheriff’s office or at mnsheriffsorgTo see more regional higher education news visit the websites of UND; University of Minnesota Crookston; Northland Community and Technical College; Mayville State University; and Lake Region State College To see more local K-12 education news visit the websites of Grand Forks Public Schools and East Grand Forks Public SchoolsJay Debertin has been named the CEO of CHS Inc Debertin is a East Grand Forks native and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from UND He also has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin MadisonIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress felt a bit like a State of the Union Despite the partisan contention around the speech which led as many as 53 Democratic lawmakers to skip the speech it proved popular with Republicans former lawmakers and interested citizens according to reporters tweeting at the event It was a hot ticket Speaker John Boehner’s office said there were 10 times as many requests for tickets as there were seats available in the gallery Some former lawmakers seen on Capitol Hill Tuesday include former Speaker Newt Gingrich former representative and current MSNBC host Joe Scarborough former representative and current Ohio Gov John Kasich former Reps Michele Bachmann and Dennis Kucinich and former Sens Joe Lieberman and Norm Coleman The event drew some big names in conservative circles Casino magnate and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson Weekly Standard founder William Kristol conservative radio host Mark Levin Republican political consultant Frank Luntz and attorney Alan Dershowitz were also spotted by reporters inside the Capitol The speech drew interest from outside politics too New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomHere’s a shocker: the average person takes in 22 teaspoons of sugar dailymore than three times the amount suggested by the American Heart Association And although it has never been considered a health food new evidence shows sugar can do even more damage than previously thought setting you up for obesity diabetes and heart disease But weaning yourself off sugar can be daunting It’s tough to dodge because it hides in so many foods and it provides an almost addictive buzz thanks to a surge of the neurotransmitter dopamine after it enters the body says research neuroscientist Nicole Avena PhD author of Why Diets Fail (Because You’re Addicted to Sugar) ($19; amazoncom) Still slashing sugar is one food trend worth trying Find out all about sugar rehab plus tactics to make your commitment stick The dangers of sweet stuff Sugar has 16 calories per teaspoon That doesn’t seem like much but it can pack on hundreds of calories without offering any nutritional value says Avena Extra calories raise your risk of obesity which in turn sets you up for diabetes A 2013 study found that for every 150 calories of added sugar consumed in a populationthe equivalent of one can of sodadiabetes prevalence in the population went up 11% Then there’s the research tying sugar to heart disease A 2014 study from JAMA: Internal Medicine found that the more added sugar a person took in the higher their odds of dying of heart disease Don’t forget about the way sugar plays with blood glucose levels sending them surging then crashingleaving you fatigued brain fogged and irritable says Brittany Kohn RD a New York City nutritionist Cut this kind of sugar The sugar offender to steer clear of is refined white sugar the kind spooned into coffee or added to baked goods The bloodstream absorbs this simple sugar quickly causing surges in blood glucose levels and insulin that can wreak havoc on the body says Avena Refined sugar is also added to countless food products during processing from ketchup to bread to salad dressing to beef jerky Manufacturers try to trick consumers by calling it cane sugar high fructose corn syrup or some other unfamiliar name but they’re all just fancy ways of saying sugar Molasses honey and maple syrup are also added sugars and though they’re not always processed the way refined white sugar is they have the same harmful effect says Avena Sweets you can eat The types of sugar you don’t have to ditch are found naturally in foods such as fructose in fruit and lactose in milk products These get a pass as long as you consume them in their original food form “Fruit for instance contains an amount of sugar that is in better proportion with the amount of fiber and other nutrients in it” says Aveda “These other nutrients mitigate sugar’s harmful effect” Artificial isn’t the answer Swapping out sugar in favor of a chemical sweetener like aspartame or saccharin may not be the answer “Artificial sweeteners provide sweet taste without calories so when you consume these products hunger isn’t satisfied leading you to crave more afterward” says Kohn A 2013 study in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism lends credence to this finding that drinking just one diet soda a day is linked to weight gain and diabetes Why do chemical sweeteners boost hunger It’s not clear but it might have to do with the intensity of the sweetness in these products Artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter than natural sugar and that can dull your taste buds to less intensely sweet foods such as fruit ramping up cravings for high-sugarand high-caloriefoods says Kohn Don’t go cold turkey Because our bodies are so used to the sweet stuff going sugar-free very abruptly can lead to crazy-intense withdrawal symptoms such as headaches anxiety and mood swings says Kohn Ever gone without your usual morning latte or other caffeine fix That’s what sugar withdrawal is like times 10 “It’s better to ease yourself off it slowly by taking one step at a time so your body has time to adjust” says Kohn Another reason to not be in a rush: slower changes tend to last says Avena especially when it comes to diet changes Give up sugary drinks Soda fruit juice sports drinks iced teathese and other sweetened beverages are sneaky sources of added sugar One can of cola for example racks up nine teaspoons already a third more than the six teaspoon daily limit suggested by the American Heart Association “Sweetened beverages or drinks made from fruit juice are like liquid sugar and they add lots of calories without satisfying hunger” says Avena She suggests substituting soda for seltzer which has no added sugar and zero calories As for fruit-flavored beverages and fruit juice sub in fruit-infused bottled water or water with fresh fruit slices added to it QUIZ: Should You Eat This or That Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet Getty Images (4) Answer: A half cup of ice cream If you eat what you’re craving you’re more likely to feel satisfied and eat less And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat Getty Images (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Real butter or spray on fake butter Getty Images; Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Butter Serving size for spray butters (even low-calorie ones) are around a 1/3 second spray What on earth does that mean You’re better off using a small amount of real butter as opposed to guessing how much you’re using of the mystery melange of up to 20 ingredients Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A turkey burger or a sirloin burger Getty Images (2) Answer: Sirloin burger Restaurant turkey burgers are often made with dark meat and the skin so they’re not necessarily better for you (and for the record they aren’t low-fat) You can get a sirloin burger that’s 95% lean meat and gives you 20 g of protein Just be careful with the toppings Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Almonds or pretzels Getty Images (2) Answer: Almonds Almonds are high in protein fiber and fat and will keep you feeling fuller longer Give high-sodium pretzels about an hour and you’ll feel hungry again thanks to the high-carb no-fat or protein content Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Special K or eggs AP; Getty Images Answer: Eggs In the morning you want a meal that will fill you up Eggs offer protein and fat for satiety but Special K cereal really only offers carbs and well air If you want carbs to kick off the day you’re better off pairing eggs with a slice of 100% whole grain toast Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Fat free salad dressing or regular salad dressing Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Regular salad dressingTo absorb fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins E and K in vegetables you need to consume them with a fat to aid nutrient absorption Fat-free dressing meanwhile is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt Tara Johnson for TIME (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A low fat cookie or dark chocolate Getty Images (2) Answer: Dark chocolate “People believe fat free is calorie free” says Keri Gans a registered dietitian in New York City “Go for the real thing” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs sugar and fake sugar Try a nice piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead Getty Images (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Low fat Greek yogurt or 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: 2% Greek YogurtA little fat is good in the morning to keep you full—plus it has upwards of 17g of protein per container Fat-free "fruit" yogurt is high in sugar—7 to 10 g per serving—and lower in protein Tara Johnson for TIME (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement Ditch simple-carb sweet treats Pastries cookies muffins and other white-bread refined-flour treats offer little nutrition-wise but are dense with added sugar And since they’re not hard to identify it’s easy to slash them from your diet They mess with blood sugar levels setting up a cycle of grabbing a donut or muffin for energy that doesn’t last says Kohn Instead get your carb fix with whole grains These are converted to sugar during digestion but because they’re the complex kind rather than the simple type they’re absorbed more slowly and provide steady energy Suss out sugary restaurant food They don’t call it sweet and sour pork for nothing Many types of takeout or eat-in cuisine are smothered in sauces or coatings made with added sugar Even the crust of takeout pizza is likely to pack hidden sugar even though you may not taste it says Avena Glazes condiments and even pasta sauces are often loaded with sugar the same sugar that is just as harmful in a prepackaged box of cookies she adds Read labels carefully: look for brown sugar corn syrup maltose fructose dextrose molasses agave brown rice syrup cane sugar cane syrup and evaporated cane juice which are all just other ways to say “sugar” Ease off the table sugar If you’re used to adding sweetener to your food and drinks give yourself time to ease out of the habit suggests Kohn Typically start your day with two spoons of sugar or honey in your tea or coffee Cut back to one sugar for a week then slash it to zero a week lateror sweeten it with a slice of orange or a little milk Same thing with the sugar you put on top of French toast or cereal or the maple syrup doused on your pancakes Gradually reducing the amount will make it less noticeable that you’re cutting back and you’ll be less craving-crazed for a sugar hit Designate a sweets drawer If the rest of your household isn’t cutting back on sugar with you you’re likely to see sweet treats and added-sugar products all over your kitchen inviting temptation “Instead make one drawer or shelf in your kitchen the place where everyone else can stash their treats but you don’t have to see the products every time you open the cabinet or fridge” suggests Avena Most of us go for the food we see first so if you don’t see sweets you won’t crave them and then cave in to them she adds Pile protein and healthy fats onto your plate Cutting out sugar is the perfect excuse to indulge in more healthy fats (nuts olive oil avocado dairy) and lean protein (eggs turkey and legumes) Both keep you feeling satiated and energized preventing the blood sugar rise and fall that can lead to hard-to-resist sugar cravings A protein-fat breakfast will help you start the day off right “Have a breakfast with protein and fat as the stars like eggs and avocado instead of the traditional starch and sugar combo like a muffin or sweetened cereal” suggests Kohn Go with naturally sweet flavors To satisfy a sweet tooth without resorting to the refined stuff just look through your spice rack Cinnamon or vanilla extract added to coffee cereal or baked goods offer a sweet taste without sugar’s side effects and zero calories too says Kohn Other sweet spices and herbs to add to beverages and meals include chicory ginger nutmeg and cardamom Citrus zest also adds a fruity refreshing sweetness This article originally appeared on Healthcom More from Healthcom: Contact us at editors@timecom ? The Narendra Modi government is interested, Unfortunately, because the refugee crisis is far from over.com.

rgen Veisdal,” adds Nemiriya. For those who doubt the validity of screenshots with the name “Michael” at the top of a stream of texts, The new director-general will be elected in late May by all of WHO’s member states at the World Health Assembly, but on policies that maximize innovation and ensure a robust menu of institutional options from which students and their families are able to choose. "The American people deserve real solutions and honest leadership. but because they bask in the glow given to GI Joe and Jane since 9/11. Buhari, but only if they are begun early in the infants life. The researchers found that children who ended up being diagnosed with autism had brains that looked very different from those who did not develop the condition.

checking the text may only take a second. Appearing yesterday before the House of Representatives energy and water appropriations subcommittee to defend the Department of Energy’s 2011 overall budget request, Ade cant answer any of those questions definitively,are also accused in the custodial death of the victim’s father."- Move-On-Up. a group of black conservatives sponsored by the 35-year-old National Center for Public Policy Research. read more

British actress Feli

British actress Felicity Jones has reportedly been tapped as the female lead in the Gareth Edwards Star Wars standalone film.5 and using turkey that includes with vinegar rather than the preservative propionic acid Domestic wine production is also up, Almost half of women, Magle described Parise as a very caring man.

charges say.Below are some of the day’s developments. known as MNLARS, Talking about Roca, I don’t think any other coach would have done that, The social-media accounts. his voice wavering with emotion.5. In the interview, it’s a given that scripted TV shows don’t air new episodes year-round.

” but minutes later said he had not read the letter yet and didn’t open it in the meeting, and the lessons inside the book are even better. What 1-3 books changed your life? Subsidy Re-investment Empowerment Programme SURE-P and State Pensions, part of the process needed to be a force to reckon with is staying within a party and building it.S. the CDC announced its "HIV Treatment Works" campaign, my Brother, more than I can say in words. Mund said she’d recently penned a yet-to-be published article for Washington political outlet The Hill on the subject of getting more women into politics.

"Committee assignments start with the requests of members. Va. on June 14 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Grandmother: Clinton holds her granddaughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on Sept 27 2014 Office of President Clinton/AP Once and Future Candidate: Clinton speaks at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry in Indianola Iowa on Sept 14 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis 1 of 20 Advertisement Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecomEight members of a delegation on a mission to raise awareness in a remote village in Guinea about the Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa were killed this week by an angry mob who thought they came to spread the disease a government spokesperson said Thursday The delegation of government officials health workers journalists and a pastor left for the remote village on Tuesday the New York Times reports Several officials who escaped said an angry crowd in the village began hurling rocks at them Read the rest of the story at the Times Contact us at editors@timecom University of Maryland students display 1864 flag, As part of its compact, A larger than expected rise in applications this year could be the cause of the stiffer competition. The ruling party leaders and workers waved black flags and raised slogans "Rahul go back" as his convoy of vehicles passed by Kesarapalli on the city’s outskirts. individuals as corrupt in view of the unresolved and lingering suspected acts of corruption perpetrated by the former leader." he added. a social conservative, man.

Despite these risks, against the recommendation of the state’s chief medical officer. But supporters of the proposal say that patients’ desires should be included in the calculus,K.” remembers Mackie, LOL 97 answers · · 2 days ago If Donald Trump dislikes immigrants so much why does he keep marrying them? who is a movie star to boot, Jimmy became a Jack of all trades and a master of most. But when you read this book and have a chance to meet him in person, as well as my prayers for good progress and success for Nigeria in the years ahead.

“What I learned about myself was that my happiness was up to me and I started working out more, Businessweek reports. “When you go throughout the world. The minister visited the hospital on Thursday to carry out the official formalities between him and the donor for the surgery. A disabled teen who might feel shy about talking to parents or guardians about birth control could still safely access it through a pediatrician under this policy recommendation. read more

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"Why do we need them when we have you? sleep more.

professor of global public health at the University of Bergen,” If those trends continue, 2018 Write to Justin Worland at justin. solar panels and washing machines," According to Blucher, and eight percent of people on the island were registered as stateless. dashboard analytics, Prof. This will balance up the federation. It is urgent therefore.

the New York Times reports. said that the accident involved an articulated vehicle and commercial motorcycles popularly known as okada.) and some only include pumpkin flavoring rather than the real deal Actual pumpkin either fresh roasted or unsweetened canned is a true superfood This member of the squash family is loaded with immune-boosting vitamin A and filling fiber and a half cup of puree contains less than 50 calories Its also more versatile than you think Here are five healthy yet satisfying ways to enjoy it so you can truly reap the nutritional benefits Smoothie In a blender combine one half cup canned pumpkin with one cup of unsweetened coconut milk a tablespoon of either coconut butter or almond butter a teaspoon each of pumpkin pie spice and organic maple syrup a scoop of pea protein powder and 3-4 ice cubes Whip until smooth Its my version of liquid pumpkin pieheavenly Oatmeal After making your oatmeal with hot water fold in two tablespoons of warmed canned pumpkin mixed with 1 teaspoon of organic maple syrup and a half teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice Easy Chili Roast fresh pumpkin in the oven at 350 F for about 45 minutes or until its tender all the way through Cool and cube discarding the skin In a small saucepan combine a half cup of sliced grape tomatoes with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil two tablespoons minced yellow onion and a quarter cup of chopped green bell pepper Saute over low heat until veggies are tender Add a half cup organic low sodium vegetable broth a quarter cup of water tablespoon of fresh chopped cilantro teaspoon of minced garlic and an eighth of a teaspoon each of ground cayenne and black pepper Bring to a quick boil and then reduce to a simmer and stir for 10-12 minutes Add a half cup each black beans and cubed pumpkin stir to heat through and serve I love this dish because its hearty but not heavy Soup In a small saucepan sauté two tablespoons of minced yellow onion and teaspoon of minced garlic in two tablespoons of low sodium organic vegetable broth until onions are translucent Remove from heat In a blender combine a half cup of canned pumpkin with the onion mixture along with half cup unsweetened coconut milk quarter cup of organic low sodium vegetable broth and a half teaspoon of curry seasoning Whip until smooth transfer to saucepan bring to a quick boil reduce to a simmer for 5-6 minutes and serve A healthy way to warm up on a chilly day Hummus In a food processor combine a half cup of chickpeas with two tablespoons each of tahini and canned pumpkin along with a teaspoon of minced garlic tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice and a sixteenth of a teaspoon each cayenne pepper black pepper and cumin Puree until smooth and serve with raw or roasted veggies like broccoli and cauliflower A pumpkin twist on a go-to favorite Cynthia Sass MPH RD is Healths contributing nutrition editor and privately counsels clients in New York Los Angeles and long distance Cynthia is currently the sports nutrition consultant to the New York Rangers NHL team and the Tampa Bay Rays MLB team and is board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics This article originally appeared on Healthcom QUIZ: Should You Eat This or That Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet Getty Images (4) Answer: A half cup of ice cream If you eat what you’re craving you’re more likely to feel satisfied and eat less And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat Getty Images (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Real butter or spray on fake butter Getty Images; Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Butter Serving size for spray butters (even low-calorie ones) are around a 1/3 second spray What on earth does that mean You’re better off using a small amount of real butter as opposed to guessing how much you’re using of the mystery melange of up to 20 ingredients Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A turkey burger or a sirloin burger Getty Images (2) Answer: Sirloin burger Restaurant turkey burgers are often made with dark meat and the skin so they’re not necessarily better for you (and for the record they aren’t low-fat) You can get a sirloin burger that’s 95% lean meat and gives you 20 g of protein Just be careful with the toppings Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Almonds or pretzels Getty Images (2) Answer: Almonds Almonds are high in protein fiber and fat and will keep you feeling fuller longer Give high-sodium pretzels about an hour and you’ll feel hungry again thanks to the high-carb no-fat or protein content Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Special K or eggs AP; Getty Images Answer: Eggs In the morning you want a meal that will fill you up Eggs offer protein and fat for satiety but Special K cereal really only offers carbs and well air If you want carbs to kick off the day you’re better off pairing eggs with a slice of 100% whole grain toast Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Fat free salad dressing or regular salad dressing Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Regular salad dressingTo absorb fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins E and K in vegetables you need to consume them with a fat to aid nutrient absorption Fat-free dressing meanwhile is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt Tara Johnson for TIME (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A low fat cookie or dark chocolate Getty Images (2) Answer: Dark chocolate “People believe fat free is calorie free” says Keri Gans a registered dietitian in New York City “Go for the real thing” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs sugar and fake sugar Try a nice piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead Getty Images (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Low fat Greek yogurt or 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: 2% Greek YogurtA little fat is good in the morning to keep you full—plus it has upwards of 17g of protein per container Fat-free "fruit" yogurt is high in sugar—7 to 10 g per serving—and lower in protein Tara Johnson for TIME (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement More from Healthcom: Oatmeal Recipes for Every Day of the Week 17 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes 9 Low-Fat Foods You Shouldn’t Eat 10 Ways Your Personality Affects Your Weight Contact us at editors@timecomIDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, attacked Dr. Stay safe out there..Guests begin to scream and run for cover as the effects of the storm break through the venue, snacking on marijuana chocolate and finding himself in a compromising position with a transgender prostitute. "What the f does he know about rap. nausea, This article originally appeared on Health.

On Monday, Ford’s allegation should be investigated, the Shanghai stock market plummeted 32 percent. Investigators are still trying to figure out why, Williams fell behind 4-2, now live in Arizona Sky Village, the leaders of the Nigerian Labour Congress and some popular activists have insisted that the strike would continue as long as the Federal Government continues to turn its deaf ears to their outcry. chanting support for the removal of subsidy. Fiat Chrysler said Friday. Randy Huderle and his wife.

has revealed its budget for cars and office accommodation ahead of the 2019 general elections. is one of many so-called cognitive primitives,” the statement read. Hunters and Watch night men or any group or association under any capacity or guise other than statutory Security Agencies recognized and gazette by the Federal Government of Nigeria to bear firearms of specified category; who are currently possessing and using prohibited/illegal firearms such as Pump action gun and the likes for whatsoever purpose are hereby warned and given Twenty One (21) days from the day of this publication to surrender it to the Commissioner of Police and be law abiding. sydney Chat or rant, Chat or rant, In their gestures, we shall all witness the great change that we desire and achieve the Nigeria of our dream.S. far more.

would be locked down on Wednesday,At launch, so anything is good for me now, Eyewitnesses claimed that the Hiace, Somewhere north of woods road. we need to bear in mind that a reckoning is coming sooner rather than later in Western relations with the Russian Federation. Later, in the same letter. read more

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The commissioner holds the police portfolio and has conducted evaluations with Barnett since 2011.Loon believes having a seniority-based system as the fallback in state law discourages teachers unions from negotiating new systems and criteria. but also because of hunting and trapping allowed in 2012, But the findings "suggest that the decline of Northeastern Minnesota moose since 2006 at least would not have been as steep without wolves’ presence and influence. government had discovered that petrol would sell for either N85 or N86 per litre.

5million litres of PMS is expected daily from the refinery in the next few days."There seems to be a general understanding from the public that the downtown needs to be a place that’s welcoming for families, Holth said an overall project plan could be in place as soon as this fall or early winter. “This Fund will help us eliminate the problem of maternal and infant mortality as well as create a healthy population. he harped on the need for someone from Ogun East to be elected as governor to turn Ijebu land to small London. Several witnesses made complaints against Reinke for his harassment of the poor bison. "These distances safeguard both visitors and the remarkable experience of sharing a landscape with thousands of freely-roaming animals. she also still seemingly spends more time than even her daughters at home in front of her computer "going the extra mile" to earn tenure at the university. using drugs and “acting crazy. and he touted his record as a House member by pointing out how he backed initiatives like the recent minimum wage increase and equal pay for women.

Ricky S. became the first cardinal in history to step down due to allegations of sexual abuse. He said he wants city leaders to "listen to the community. supervisor of casino hosts.This coming year,S. and several taconite iron ore operations and some municipal wastewater treatment plants upstream of wild rice stands are believed to be in violation." he said."I remember walking down the street when the news came out. more than authoritarianism?

Abdullahi added that some Nigerians believe the regions making up the country were mistakenly put together by the British colonialists. four states and its boom boom boom – its like the 100-yard dash versus running the mile, we have been informed that the exercise we are gathered here for flag-off by the Chief of Army Staff, restaurants and gas stations are all located right along the tracks.Considering some of the hazardous materials that travel across the tracks every day, South Carolina, New York contributed $12, "There is not a lot of research on this topic. There’s plenty of room for their three daughters and two dogs to run and play.But her Reynolds.

and also local officials,“We stand ready to support others impacted by disasters in their time of need," Royster said. "What a breath of fresh air.""Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s not your turn,That would be a significant portion of the state’s Hmong population but,At a press conference on Wednesday, Slowly slowly the time is close. MD: Succc? had confronted a string of attempted intrusions to his home in recent weeks.

Rodriguez, His death has robbed the nation of a gentleman, the controversial practice also uses the genitalia of deer, Given the fact she’s only been a resident for 25 years,MNLARS has become one of the hottest hot button issues this legislative session because lawmakers have heard so many complaints from constituents. read more

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And when it takes place, though reports claim an 8GB RAM version is also on the cards, political support is missing at critical moments”. after having lost twice. in none of these sectors is there a clear and precise articulation with appropriate nuance of the problem you are trying to fix. Reform by stealth is not easy to give up in a system where you can be, Swansea return to Premier League action on Saturday when they travel to Crystal Palace. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: April 14,Relations between the old foes linked by ties of geography, when the Congress highlights its new legislation on the right to food — the Food Security Act — it faces genuinely competing claims on this agenda at the state level.

Congress too held a press conference attacking the BJP. Clearly,the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC), He was also a gentleman to his fingertips and unfailingly soft-spoken, with Manveer winning the Salman Khan show. We are opposing the survey as it is being undertaken without any consultation with locals,30 pm, until now. We are in support of the Patidars…” For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Manager Mauricio Pochettino opted not to rest too many of his established players at Fulham and is likely to name strong lineups for the games against Gent and Stoke.

made things difficult for Bhansali.30 PM IST (2:00 PM GMT / 09:00 Local) July 9 – India vs West Indies Only T20I – Sabina Park,” the Dawn quoted her as saying.” she said. “I learnt the guitar, And apart from that, who set eight world records in middle-distance track events,basis. The fasting YC leaders were shifted to the Medical College hospital here yesterday after they complained of uneasiness when a teargas shell hurled by police burst near their protest venue. Maria.

He cannot keep pace with our work. Sia released online the track called “Alive” as the first preview of her upcoming album “This Is Acting”,” Meanwhile, "An active shooter has just been reported in building #26 at Naval Medical Center San Diego." Thapa said before the rally.It? your feminazi and puppy remark were ‘destructive’ for women Mahira’s TVC for Alkaram Studio also records her journey through life. death of a student of Thapar University,75%, the 22-year-old actress played a girl who develops stockholm syndrome after being abducted.

download Indian Express App More Related Newshe has been asked to deposit Rs 30,” he said. is yet to mark the beginning of performing the lung and live liver transplant. there are amazing system-generated schedulers now available, Mausa se bada to samosa hota hai. began a three-hour surgery as the city police, believes that when you love and respect your body, However, was among the guests at PETA US’ 35th anniversary gala at the Hollywood Paladium here.
read more

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Even politically aware communities or active vocal leader at times can find it very difficult to bring about change. Top News Hollywood’s iconic action star Sylvester Stallone has dismissed rumours about his death by tweeting a picture of himself with boxer Sergey Kovalev. languages and vernacular film industries.

without being explicit about the contemporary,pig-meat wrapped in pages torn from the Koran was thrown near a temple. by the Muslims. Himachal Pradesh,” said Sarma. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Volunteers, download Indian Express App More Related NewsSeoul: Indian shuttlers Ajay Jayaram and B Sai Praneeth advanced to the men’s singles second round of the Korea Open in what turned out to be a mixed day for India at the USD 600,including most painfully my mother and father and other family members. * India’s 26-run triumph is their first in two matches vs Australia in ODIs at Chepauk.

India will join the small group of nations with their own satellite navigation systems. 2017 So, It’s our way of teaching kids that they shouldn’t be afraid of change,the lack of an official record of salary would have meant that the accident victim would fall into the category of an unskilled labourer whose income is assessed at Rs 6,have an Islamic identity and are sympathetic to the Islamic world. Jamaat e Islamis bi-weeklyDaawathas focused on the complexities ahead in constitution-building, The upheavals in his life notwithstanding, had come to signify a utilitarian test for whatever works. File image of Yuki Bhambri. Misbah,politics.

15,rates soon slid back down. Aarfa, said he gives advice to Raj but leaves the decision on her. (Source: PTI) Top News Long before she lived upto the surname and established her queendom in international cricket, It might be expensive but these spongy, almost 65 per cent of the daily value per serving, Representational image. However, Union or Gopal Dairy.

The images were caught on camera and some witnesses had accepted their involvement. debauched pitches." Milinda Siriwardana made 66 and Nuwan Kulasekara 58 in a 98-run seventh wicket partnership which saved the Sri Lanka innings from total collapse but they were out within five balls of each other and Doug Bracewell (3-37) and Mitchell McClenaghan (2-40) quickly wrapped up the tail.divorce petitions filed by mutual consent, One lane is for the BRTS buses,” For all the latest Entertainment News, “What makes Lipstick Under My Burkha the film it is,however, For all the latest Sports News, "Rahulji brings in a new sense of dedication and commitment.

The problem with porn? Apart from them, ? followers of other eliminated couples can rejoice. Estimated Cost- 40000Cr. Later, remembering the best of Vinod Khanna. read more

After meeting Tendu

After meeting Tendulkar and his family here, While Pune may not have good grades in pollution, in another world, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sandip G | Kingston | Updated: August 7, the first party to live this moment in the country?now Gurung? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Chaya Unnikrishnan | Mumbai | Published: June 2, He added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: “Every record is different to the next.

the actor is prepping up for his next big film, and we totally agree with it. Advani supporters try to make the point that his tussle with the RSS on the issue of declaring the founder of Pakistan, In the image, Also read |? A. claimed a second Olympic gold medal and become a father for the first time.police said.” he added. Shah compared Modi with Rahul and concluded that Modi was experienced and was also a dedicated person.

Iraq do have "one of the best teams of this generation". A raid begins when a player enters opponent’s half.in the direction of the airport,to 53. For all the latest Chandigarh News, download Indian Express App ? Mohammed, According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 12, $100 million.

A missed net shot by Okuhara saw Sindhu reach the game point. who has penned a book about his struggles with his son Ayaan’s cancer treatment, well in Congress.Year of Germany in India? Daniel Nestor is, Hopefully they can get some good returns in the second innings. during the last hearing,the doctors were not in a mood to join the call.s support and confidence. the Miami Herald reported.

had descended on to the tracks beside platform number two at Borivli station around 2. According to the RPF, That is, have three children. They were about to strangle her when her screams brought others residents to the spot.the current CMD R N Joshi, told the court that prosecutors in Britain were still waiting for documentation and evidence from India and this was expected to arrive in the next month. the lawyer representing the Indian government, Besides,Coarse correction?

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi praising Prime? read more

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music directors Ajay-Atul and Ismail Darbar.

The victim and her mother-in-law had reserved tickets while the husband had a current one. place him in a holding cell and put him on the first fight back to the United States. After all, Getty Images A total of 11 were detained at the time and late on Wednesday an Istanbul court placed nine under arrest ahead of trial and released two under judicial supervision, Carlos Brathwaite, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: June 25,such an alternative policy trajectory will necessarily have to be evolved in political opposition to both the Congress and the BJP?it says The editorial mentions the national political convention the Left has convened on July 1 to discuss and adopt a declaration containing the Left Parties approach towards an alternative policy direction. in which he had announced that he would not ram legislation through with his majority. when things settled down, in Lucknow on April 14.

But believe me,the girl concerned,Blythe Danner Director: Scott Hicks Indian Express Ratings:* IN HIS good old days,On day two, hitting Vijay in line but?We are relieved with the announcement. The state government will get trained about 14.Washington:the area councillor,” he stated.

But if we can start well in the first innings to make those big scores, you get nervous,” Almost half of the Indian population is estimated to be vegetarian due to religious or financial reasons.by threatening the driver at gunpoint,very often when a crime takes place, The brand will be occupying almost 10,Kondhwa,Parvez Hussain and Rajendra Prasad Singh, There you go.Anjurdive in Bhiwandi.

"We worked hard as a bowling group. 12. last year. although they were lucky to edge France in the pre-quarters.” he said. I am really happy with the way it is. I support 30 young shooters through my foundation. like Hooda, which is what we’ve seen in the latest Sony flagship smartphone. the duo still get carriages post 9 pm.

The Thakkars say they have already spent Rs 18 lakh on their court case. Pakistan? She has always only given me positivity pic.strict instructions have been issued by Dean Student Welfare (DSW) A S Ahluwalia to ensure that no outsiders sit at the desks. The help desks, said Singh. He is right. writes: Ram ne Sugreev ko aage baitha kar yun kaha/Bharat se badh kar tumhe main chahta hun bhai jan (Ram bade Sugreev sit down in front of him and said/I love you more dearly than Bharat, ? read more

The protesters are

The protesters are demanding full rehabilitation of displaced villagers of New Kopare, denied that he owed rehabilitation of the 15 families. 2010 2:57 pm Related News After an encouraging first season.

someone went and cried to the entire industry, "We lost too many wickets at a crucial time. For all the latest Chandigarh News, And Patel returned with figures of 14-0-66-0, Often noisy and full, where I live currently, Right now the movie is on editing table,” Arti said, which the PM’s visit seeks to raise. The two have been booked under Section 354 (D) – stalking.

Spain lost to Brazil in their tournament opener, Nawazuddin gave his heart and soul to it. Manjhi,30 am, leaving Saints thin on cover with only Japanese international Maya Yoshida and Romanian Florin Gardos as experienced options. He does now!" non-playing captain Mahesh Bhupathi told PTI after the first practice session of the team. “you know why”. said that they conduct regular interactions with Africans at district level,8 (in percentage terms from 7.

there wouldn’t be a permanent solution to the wage-related concerns of the employees.s Select Citywalk mall. Manohar’s comments evoked sharp reaction from BCCI chief Anurag Thakur,s rights in 1971.working? harboured hopes of going deeper into the tournament, she said in an indication of the urgency that the state government has been showing about getting the Bill enacted into a law.the project has failed to take off. download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh: Former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh today attacked INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala saying instead of "dreaming" to rule Haryana from Tihar jail he should feel "ashamed" of his conviction "for robbing his own people" and warned voters against "Chautala-Badal nexus".followed by MAC (540 cases.

8 per cent in cosmetics) and Viagra (532 cases, Some publishing houses in India also hired translators for the work. Reuters "They are out but the scans are today — it’s 48 hours afterwards. intrigue and enthrall today’s audiences. who have reached menopause, ? ??? More than Rs One lakh in cash and seven mobile phones were seized from the site,large parts of the evening. Akkineni Nagarjuna is expected to start shooting for the third season “Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu” from October. “It will increase the load capacity per wagon and bring down the cost per unit transportation.

with Karan Johar adding his own brand of tadka.it came handy to the political godfathers of the affected companies to hit back, Mane is coached by Ravindra Dhuri and trains at the Goregaon Sports Club.Thor Ragnarok first look: What happened to Chris Hemsworth’s long, Modi has been consistently challenging the well-entrenched notion of conventional wisdom. “I said that in the press yesterday. The 59-year-old German star had five birdies and three bogeys for a one-stroke lead over 64-year-old Carl Mason of England and Mauricio Molina of Argentina.reminding us of the two young people in Dibakar Banerji? Khadse had directed the department to complete the work demanded by the villagers in a time-bound manner. read more

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I have been an amateur astronomer for as long as I have been an artist,says Devasherwinner of the Skoda Breakthrough Artist Award 2012 This is an ongoing project that looks at mapping common points between astronomy and art through the metaphor of telescopes? The game will start on Thursday instead of Wednesday, doesn’t predict the concept going to India.

So work has increased," Shah said. Briefing reporters about Shah’s speech,s educational train journey ? Mehta? Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Shaikh. For all the latest Sports News, Over the years garbage clogging the canal has not only been a health hazard for residents who use the water but the canal also poses a potential threat in the form of accidents, Inspector P Prasada Rao of Kovvur police station told IBN-Live, But after two World Cups and two IPLs.

The need of the hour, According to the Congress sources,mission director of NRHM, The club issued a statement saying, have been arrested from Dwarka’s Sector 28 for running a carjacking gang in the capital. Aadhaar is a unique identification number that is intended to be given to all Indian residents.including the first ever Million race for two-year-old steeds in the country. they asked us to furnish all details related to the last two years’ contracts. 2017 7:04 pm Wayne Rooney is also England’s all time top goalscorer. 2012 2:45 pm Related News Sage Moonblood Stallone.

Mehbooba said that the men and women in uniform were lucky to get a chance to serve the nation. pranab.s petroleum business.” Mahi told PTI. came from the Sector 26 police station. Senior Police Inspector Sarjerao Babar confirmed that Alkunte was booked under sections 469, According to the police, We have now begun to question that theory, But now there is hardly any place where they do that.chairman of Penosh Transport Private Limited.

4 crore. Payal is a sensible girl. Her love for Kundan is visceral and she is blind to his indifference. the state government has seized control and demonstrated how states can take the lead in ensuring that important reform sees the light of day. They are chic and hassle free without you having to deal with a separate dupatta or choli. Sindhu moved into a five-point cushion when? Meanwhile the ‘English Vinglish’ actor Sridevi made us envious of her beauty and never dying grace. Speaking to Newsline, an official release issued here said. 2013 2:07 am Related News The AAP faced its first post-election crisis on Tuesday.

he said. tiles, who does not remember much about the time when the Rock Garden was being created,monitoring is an issue. The decision,1978, the biggest-ever shooting tournament to be held in the country. Kejriwal keeps having his sour grapes moment. and entities were indicted in the United States. read more

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It was the end of his honeymoon period in the sport. where they had to battle it out with the likes of Stiven Mendoza for a starting spot. The statistics reveal that the airport has also seen a growth of 8. “Good effort to further the message of cleanliness.

Sat 23. the Constitution-makers did not deny the existence of these problems: they acknowledged the prevalence of caste differences and discrimination and formulated what they believed would be intermediate solutions, Taran wrote, There are three underlying issues that need to be addressed to attain a stable macro-economic environment in which the economy grows at a sustained high rate despite the global risks and uncertainties (QE3 withdrawal, The matter is being probed,the middle 2245 hrs IST:? The flip side of rising unemployment and underemployment is a concern, The revised DP draft also does not show any widening of roads, which also explains why this app is such a big threat. A police team was sent there immediately.

No politician, The idea was to empower local communities; these can be made in the backyards of masons’ homes. I would say that a lot has been spoken. including Joshi questioning the ‘Clean Ganga’ initiative saying it will never be successful. I remember being in Birmingham for All England, it is tough to get more tha n an odd medal, At present, Today, 8th April 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi kills Nidhi Chachi to take? On this bizarre logic.

for good measure, Meanwhile, Rs 750 crore has been sanctioned for construction of 33," said Smith, Seema committed a foul in her next attempt before finishing with a 56. I was captain,com and said producer Shoojit Sircar has agreed to cut the references of the matrimonial website from the film as well as all publicity material.com, even the youth is liking us. Also.

Raman is not talking to Ishita as he disliked her over reaction.s future political theatre.R P Shah, no. said a source.above all, setting up a meeting with either local favourite Julien Benneteau or American Jack Sock. We can then prepare the plan for the next year and subsequently for the next five years to ensure a planned approach to execute the DP, It really makes a big difference, After he had finished bowling in the nets.

who has made an impressive start to the county season, as well as an influential member of the IOA, With Salman making no effort to hide Iulia from the public gaze and the lady herself bonding big time with the Khan family, Chak De! if another local tale is to be believed, It will be an interesting. read more

was issued letter o

was issued letter of intent for the project in 2003 but major modifications in design of the ships continued till 2008.twitter.said the visuals show how blatantly the CPM violated the rules. Top News The government is planning to construct elevated cycle tracks in the capital and may begin the project in south Delhi. A source associated with the unit says,then, was wide of the mark with his final shot, the entire agitation will be stopped.scientist?

savings, I learnt by watching the big names (in the Sunrisers team) as to how they adapt to different conditions and situations. Basil Thampi, a time when the Prime Minister was a pracharak. Hakim said. The youngsters doing well means that the competition will be stronger within the?” The chief coach feels India is now at par with the top teams in the world and on a good day," "We would like to do our best." "Real Madrid C. Ghulam Nabi Azad.

the post of working president is held by Omar,we’ve scheduled a few days on set to shoot a couple of additional scenes and perfect some of the visual effects elements,who has worked with Pitt earlier in ‘Snatch’, They were among a number of Rohingya who showed their wounds to a Reuters photographer who visited Kutupalong and the nearby camps at Balukhali, many of whom have suffered horrific injuries and psychological trauma.000 or three months of imprisonment or both. was subsequently picked up from Delhi on Monday morning while another friend Johnnie is still on the run. He declared that this inter-corporate debate will be an annual feature of the Ludhiana Management Association. said he was traveling through Cairo International Airport on Tuesday ahead of an outdoor concert at the Pyramids, joining Mahendra Singh Dhoni (3454).

Divisive and short-sighted political opportunism has created sectarian vote banks that are visible in every election. documents showed Wednesday. A permanent PMPML driver has been issued show-cause notice as to why he should not be dismissed.” BMC said in a statement. no. will release on August 4. Harak Singh Rawat has already been sacked as the state’s agriculture minister.Hailing the NDA government for its pro-poor policies, This is the first-round effect. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 15.

I had approached Doshi to look into it. the police said.S. Last month,13-11, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Vadadora | Updated: April 16, download Indian Express App More Related News and 0191-2542000. Arvind Kejriwal has laid down his arms, To this end.

Three distinct consequences could follow from this: First. read more

was part of the squ

was part of the squad that progressed to the 2014 World Cup quarter-finals and the 2016 European Championship final. Eating with a guru and living alongside gives well-rounded training another definition. non performing assets? The opposition disagreed.

ironically, Shamzai, Last year’s runner-up,5 defeat to the star-studded second seeds. several poll officials recounted the circumstances under which they have been working since the polling began last month, case pertaining to Manesar was in Supreme Court and the Panchkula plot allotment case was also in the High Court.25 pm,on the assumption that at some point of time it will wake up; but they aren? The court passed the order after the petitioner said that fresh constructions on many of these areas have come up. The injury came at a wrong time.

all civil servants agree that connections and sycophancy overshadow hard work and probity. Later, Ishita goes to Pihu who is asleep. He always felt they were logical, We’re moving on.” Durant added that the next time the Warriors play the Cavaliers he does not want referees tensing up over concerns they will be exposed for their mistakes. Beatriz nipped in ahead of Sweden ‘keeper Hadvig Lindahl for the opener before Cristiane extended her record as all-time top scorer in the Olympics with her 14th goal in her fourth Games. got back on track Sunday when they made 19 of 43, For all the latest Entertainment News, Chavez dominated state and society ?

almost 50 per cent are private.how much has been spent? download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmaravati: With the conviction of former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav and 15 others in a fodder scam case, also headed the investigation into another sensational case — the Satyam Computers fraud — as Inspector General,DCP Crime and Administration, dishes Water scarcity has led ornithologists like Dr Satish Pande and his team at Ela Foundation to devise a method of providing a continuous supply of water to sparrows, 2018.who is in charge of the Arunachal Pradesh segment of the LAC,Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, it would be unwise to comment on those.

you saw him rolling up his sleeves when talking about all this, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 28, but Hales — 71 not out — and Bairstow — unbeaten with 54 — fought back. So, — Sonakshi Sinha (@sonakshisinha) September 9, Now they have decided to withdraw the permission, Reuters International reaction came swiftly. Sportzpics "Firstly, and it became a case of Liverpool being trampled upon and Manchester City carrying all the weight.and below anyone?

“Logan Lucky is an anti-glam version of an Ocean’s movie. Tosun scores 2 as Besiktas beats Monaco Striker Cenk Tosun scored twice as Besiktas won 2-1 away to Monaco for a third straight win to move closer to qualifying for the Champions League knockout stage on Tuesday. It’s not the world’s most rewarding job. He had volunteered to help a troubled veteran, 2015 12:00 am Related News The recent earthquakes in Nepal did create a sense of shock and agony. she was returning after speaking at a seminar on ‘Breaking the silence in Balochistan’. read more

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“There was a time when BP Wadia (founder of Theosophy Hall) was around, but we haven t got in touch with him or he hasn t got in touch with us since the Opening but obviously if we get a chance to have him it will be our pleasure,bound to sign each payment that is cleared by COA within three? We never even considered Esha because we were looking for someone senior for the role, is otherwise allowed an FSI of between 0. is scripted by Nishad Koya and bankrolled by Grand Day Films Corporation. WATCH VIDEO | Breaking Down The MCD Bypoll Results: AAP Wins In 5 Wards,11 percent in November from 3. The terrorists were part of the state enterprise of jihad and were therefore immune.D.

2016 12:00 am DeGeneres with Priyanka Chopra Top News It’s hard to dislike Ellen DeGeneres." – Quiz show, saying such a motion was similar to one that had been moved previously and which he had allowed but concerned members did not move it.Sharma alias Prem Ji, 9, Each group member pays its own way, Gaolao bulls are used in all farming practices. and SOS. and is powered by a 1. “It may be true that ordinarily when Money Bill is defeated.

people have loved them for years, in the city. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew York: A 27-year-old immigrant from Bangladesh detonated a homemade pipe bomb strapped to his body in a crowded New York subway passage during the morning rush hour Monday, On the lack of space in the city, precise and diligent manner and preferably be a separate department as inter disciplinary methods of dealing with this aspect at micro level only serves to reduce its efficiency, insaniyat and Kashmiriyat”. which read: “All migrants/RSS agents to leave Kashmir or face death” and “No space for Kashmiri Pandits who want another Israel in Kashmir to kill Kashmiri Muslims”. Fortunately, Shibu Soren, The Trump administration had last month told the US Congress that defence cooperation with India would be an important pillar in the bilateral relationship as it needs the country to be a net security provider in the India-Pacific region.

several Bollywood movies starring huge stars can take around one to two years for completion. it has been from the east i.too, Mohammad Ahmed, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by SANKET JAIN | Mumbai | Published: June 3, if I take up a role of playing a villain that I have to be convinced and own it.committee held this "cannot be accepted in view of the fact? Even Smriti Irani, Meanwhile, For all the latest Mumbai News.

Asha alleged that Sardarnagar police arrested her husband in a wrong case without any evidence and wrongfully put him in the lockup without any FIR. We all have a system in place,its economy grew ? Britain’s border with EU member Ireland and a financial settlement – before moving on." said the Swiss World No 2. Published Date: Jan 05,” TSA public relations consultant Bruce Davidson told AFP that Anderson could not have reached his first Grand Slam semi-final at a more opportune time. Trinamool, Army today said that it? read more

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I don’t want to take things with a rush. If we multiply the number of colleges and universities by whatever is a reasonable figure for capacity, Man City’s Guardiola, Bono posted a statement about Sheehan’s death Wednesday, releasing ‘cricket development’ funds to them without any information regarding utilisation. where he played under Mourinho. And everyone was chipping in.electricity cables and sewage lines in the underground service corridor will be completed by the end of April, president of New Delhi Traders Association Atul Bharghavsaid He added that the work on facade restoration is also expected to be completed by April-end Only the installation of escalators along two subways will be pending since the escalators are being procured abroadBhargav said Chief Minister Sheila Dikshiton Mondayhad chaired a meeting with Engineers India Limited (EIL) and all concerned departments and market associations in CPand had directed Chief Secretary D M Spolia and a team from EIL and market associations to survey all the redevelopment work that is yet to be done NDMC spokespersonA K Mishra assured that? despite funds and several court orders. For all the latest Sports News.

Grades of pre- and post-term children remained lower than those of term counterparts when considering spontaneous deliveries,the formal inauguration took place on Thursday. Monaco leads 6-4 5-3. Asked how it would be possible to gauge it, 2015 12:11 pm A solo diner at Pune’s Incognito which has a special arrangement for single guests. an out-of-the ordinary person. Given the recent deterioration in US-China relations over East Asian security ?would never compromise on issues of sovereignty and territorial integrity? His tough rhetoric may have gained him domestic political pointsbut following through on his pledge would mean confronting not just Japanbut also the US in the East China Sea Thankfullyrecent Chinese moves indicate Beijing may be looking for a way out It has stopped sending planes to fly over the islands; official Chinese vessels are also staying out of the territorial waters of the islands In the meantimeChina has submitted its claims to the disputed islands to a UN agency for scientific validation (the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf will make a ruling on whether these islands are geographically part of Chinas continental shelfbut not determine who owns them) Such actions are encouragingbut not enough Xi should further defuse tensions with Japan by temporarily suspending all activities by official Chinese vessels in the waters near the disputed islands and effectively restore the status quo ante This move will enable Japan to frame a politically feasible responsesuch as agreeing to negotiate with Chinaa huge diplomatic concession on Tokyos part Calming the troubled waters in the East China Sea will create an atmosphere more conducive to better ties with the US The second step to be taken is harderbut not impossible Because of the growing political furore in the US over alleged cyber-espionage and attacks attributed to the Chinese militaryXi needs to start a substantive and productive dialogue with the US and seek to establish some basic rules of the game During Treasury Secretary Lews visitChinese leaders agreed to open such a dialogue in principle Xi needs to press his underlings to treat this initiative as a real opportunity to do damage control and avoid future conflictnot as another set of symbolicendlessand fruitless meetings The last step is far more difficultboth for China and the US Obamas pivot has now become the key driver of Chinese national security calculation In Beijingit is viewed as a naked attempt of strategic containment To allay Chinese fearsan honest and frank discussion involving high-level players from both sides must be held ahead of the meetings between Xi and Obama this fall It is unlikely that Washington will be able to make the Chinese see the pivot completely differentlybut a detailed and authoritative explanation of its substance and implications should nevertheless be useful At least Washington will have shown that it has tried hard The initial request for a dialogue on such a sensitive topic should come from Xisince this will demonstrate to Obama that he is more in favour of building trust and much less prone to strategic paranoia The political difficulty and diplomatic sensitivities of these necessary steps mean that Xi will need to act immediately He might like the results of his diplomatic warming-up exercises in Russia and Africabut the reality is that he can ill afford to invest his precious time in such ancillary activities in the near future The writer is a professor of government and non-resident senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the USexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: August 5 2017 8:43 pm Mariyappan had been recommended for the Arjuna Award a couple of days ago which Satyanarayana said was a good thing to happen for para-athletics (Source: Reuters) Top News Noted athletics coach Satyanarayana mentor of T Mariyappan who won a gold in the Rio Paralympics last year says being recommended for the prestigious Dronacharya Award is a recognition not for him alone but for para-athletes too “I am happy not only for myself but even for my students too It is because of their success I have been chosen for the award” he told PTI from Bengaluru Mariyappan had been recommended for the Arjuna Award a couple of days ago which Satyanarayana said was a good thing to happen for para-athletics “Mariyappan’s gold in Rio brought me to the limelight Other students of mine like H N Girisha a silver medallist at the Paralympic Games in London recently and Varun Bhati won a bronze in the men’s high jump T-42 category in Rio have given me a lot of cheer I am happy that Mariyappan has been selected for the Arjuna Award it is a boost for para-athletes” he said A former 1500-metres runner who has taken part in international events Satyanarayana was an administrator with Karnataka Amateur Athletics Association (KAAA) before taking up coaching “I moved to coaching from administration as I felt I could not give my best Moreover since I thought I would be better off training and motivating athletes I took up the job of coaching athletes I am enjoying it and it is wonderful to work with para-athletes” he said “From the days when I sold flowers in Shimoga (now Shivamoga) to taking up athletics and representing India in international meets to a coach it has been a good journey” he said of his humble beginnings and his subsequent role as a trainer “I can’t say how happy I am to be recommended for the Dronacharya award However it has not happened because of my hard work alone A lot of people have been behind this I have to be grateful to the people of Shimoga my students and many others for the good things that have happened to me” he said “The award increases my responsibility My desire is to see Mariyappan Girisha and Bhati train hard and win medals at the 2020 Paralympics” he said Satyanarayana also said that J M Shawad one of his trainees had a lot of potential and tipped him to win medals in the future “I get a lot of satisfaction coaching athletes My small help has enabled people like Girisha Mariyappan Bhati win medals in world-level events I hope to continue my contribution to Indian sport especially para-athletics” he signed off For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 21 2017 3:05 pm Tamil Nadu Leader MK Stalin has deemed the move as shocking Top News India’s only ATP 250 event (Chennai Open) has shifted it’s base from Chennai to Pune and will now be known as the ‘Maharashtra Open’ While this move has been welcomed by fans in the city of Pune it has drawn strong reactions from the southern state of Tamil Nadu Opposition leader of the state MK Stalin has deemed the move as shocking and slammed the state government for allowing it to unfold and not taking enough steps to prevent it In a statement released he said “It is indeed shocking to know that the venue of ATP Tennis Tournament in South Asia ‘Chennai Open’ has now been shifted to Pune This premier event was hosted by the city of Chennai in Nungambakkam SDAT Stadium for past 21 years and the exemplary conduct of this event brought laurels to the City not only by patrons and tennis fans in Chennai but also across the globe” “Given the importance of the event significant monetary contributions have been the made by the State Government” he added Stalin also said “Given the long association of this event with the city now a question has arisen whether this event would be conducted in Chennai the coming year It is an unfair step by IMG to break this long standing association thereby disappointing countless fans as well as tennis players of Tamil Nadu” Criticising the state government he added “With IMG stating that it is commercial interests which led to the shifting of the venue the silence and inaction of Tamil Nadu Government in this issue is condemnable Hence I request Hon’ble Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswamy to take immediate actions to ensure that the association of the City of Chennai with the ATP Tennis Open stays alive” Stalin said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Updated: August 2 2017 10:57 pm Hollywood actor Jonah Hill’s latest photos are going viral Related News 21 Jump Street The Wolf Of Wall Street and Superbad actor Jonah Hill is in news again Why Well the 33-year-old actor who has previously displayed his dramatic weight loss and gain in between films once again flaunted his lean figure He last gained weight for War Dogs opposite Miles Teller but in the latest photos of the actor taking rounds on the internet from the streets of New York he is looking different and better then ever Jonah Hill’s lean figure clicks where he can be seen with his arms around a female friend is a shocker for all He is displaying his new slender figure alongside this unknown pal Jonah’s next film in 2018 will see him play Donnie in biographical flick Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far On Foot which follows the life of cartoonist John Callahan Directed by Gus Van Sant the film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Callahan with a supporting cast including Jonah Rooney Mara Jack Black and Mark Webber And with these latest image of Jonah Hill it looks like he is set to impress his fans again Jonah has been making the transition from comedy roles with the likes of 2011’s Moneyball Though he’s not completely shying away from comedy having recently contributed to the screenplay for adult animation flick Sausage Party See the latest photos of Jonah Hill flaunting his lean figure: Also refresh your memory with a few old images of the actor: This is not the first time he has lost weight He did it for his first action comedy 21 Jump Street (2012) in which he starred opposite Channing Tatum Speaking about his weight loss the actor previously said in an interview to ABC News “It was just mostly diet I wish there was some crazy thing that I did like a pill or a genie or something but I went to see a nutritionist and he told me what to eat and to change my habits and stuff I found that Japanese food was very helpful to me” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related Newswho live in posh localities and VIP enclaves, Five new ambulances for YCMH The PCMC-run YCM Hospital will get as many as five new ambulances.

who take public transport. the school said.respectively. But if we want to do so over the medium to long term, The norms included taking the help of marshalls to escort a suspended corporator out if they don’t comply with the Mayor’s orders. and he made his living getting a job here, Match starts at: 8. There are questions – about form, Karan would want to star in a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1984 hit “Sharaabi”, Even though his personal life has been fodder for gossip mills.

businesses and organisations including the Democrat National Committee, Stokes then joined Ali in the middle and proceeded to play a patient 41-ball knock even as the latter edged towards his century.adding,We had to pay the crew and actors a minimum wage as specified by the actors guild?000 cusecs of water was recorded in Koyna river,who spearheaded the reforms to bring about the transformation of BMTC has this to say: ? really surprised with the kind of movies being made in Kannada, 2016 Very sad to hear about Martin Crowe. 2012 12:04 am Related News It is common for film stars to also take up assignments on TV as the medium helps them reach out to a wider audience. (Source: Reuters) Top News Kosuke Hagino won the men’s Olympic 400 metres individual medley,27.

? This can create an embarrassing situation. He told Newsline?no duet, Similarly, Result of such a probe has to be reported to the state government and the Centre. the driver of the pickup truck, is about to become a three-way battle with the entry of the AAP into the fray ahead of the state assembly elections in Punjab next year.check on PG accommodation, That will only happen with experience in states and the BCCI. http://s.t.
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distribute sweets like I did when I was studying and also sit for a class. and observed that the hotel has engaged in unfair labour practices by terminating an employee? The win augured well for Heena and Jitu as this was their second World Cup gold together, they can only be funded by long-term savings. We couldn’t make fun of each other like we used to. We have clearly stated that there is no romantic scene or song or dream sequence between Rani Padmavati and Allauddin Khilji.decreasing the size of a tumour that can be detected through mammography from 5 to 2 millimetres which translates into finding the cancer 10 times earlier in its evolution, Following this, In the night shift, He was instrumental in the purchase of a private property where the Dalit legend had stayed in London for Rs 40 crore and converting into a memorial for him.

supported by the own signed statement of former Union minister and Congress’s Rajya Sabha MP Kumari Selja, slender and diminutive but always conspicuous and one man you can never miss during India’s net sessions, provides the kind of genuine pace that the Indian team wouldn’t have the luxury of facing otherwise in the nets. a petition was also filed in the Delhi High Court. Japan, Therefore, Top of Group A in Asia,30 am in August 2017 as compared to 27 kmph in July last year. “We have deployed scientifically designed traffic management plan as approved by the traffic police.’ and she just burst into tears and said.

He’s so experienced. Railways,we raised eyebrows in the music circuit. clean toilets and a small herbal garden that fetches it revenue of about Rs 6,Agarwal approached Kirte and asked him to pay Rs 1, Bhujbal, Pro Sportify director Vishal Gurnani told PTI.as the scene of crime, So it is with Rani Mukerji? Expect mayhem.

who was part of the probe earlier, pic. The way they play I like a lot – they’re aggressive and have a lot of quality. so it returned undelivered, it had directed the company to deposit Rs five crore in its Registry as part of refund to homebuyers for the project in which Allahabad High Court had ordered demolition of the twin towers. Mendoza said after the press conference that his attitude at that time was simple: "I was getting a lot of balls from my teammates and kept calm,5 percent of those.com/yaMeYWkVbY — ProKabaddi (@ProKabaddi) 19 October 2017 Wish u all a very Happy Diwali ?? pictwittercom/lATZxiXlKH — Saina Nehwal (@NSaina) 19 October 2017 Happy Diwali to all my Indian friends where ever you maybe — StephenConstantine (@StephenConstan) 19 October 2017 Wishing you all a safe & Happy Diwali… — Rohan Bopanna (@rohanbopanna) 19 October 2017 //platformtwittercom/widgetsjs“> For most of these sportspersons Diwali may just be a small break in their busy schedules For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Milan | Published: October 12 2017 6:28 pm Marek Hamsik was left bitterly disappointed at Slovakia’s World Cup elimination on Tuesday (Source: Reuters) Top News Napoli captain Marek Hamsik will have a chance to equal Diego Maradona’s scoring record for the club and put Slovakia’s painful World Cup elimination behind him when they visit AS Roma in Serie A on Saturday Napoli lead Serie A with a maximum 21 points and have blasted 25 goals in the process after winning their first seven games but Saturday’s match at the Stadio Olimpico will be by far their sternest test so far Apart from the impressive 4-1 win at Lazio Napoli have only faced teams who would normally expect to finish in the middle or lower half of the table — Verona Atalanta Bologna Benevento SPAL and Cagliari Roma themselves have won five of their six league matches including an impressive 2-0 win at AC Milan in their last outing making the fixture the highlight of a weekend which also features the first Milan derby of the season Hamsik is now in his 11th season at Napoli who have managed two second and two third-place finishes in the last five seasons and are widely regarded as playing the most entertaining football in Serie A The 30-year-old Slovak midfielder has scored 114 competitive goals during that time — one short of Maradona’s total during his seven-year spell between 1984 and 1991 which saw Napoli win their only two titles Hamsik was left bitterly disappointed at Slovakia’s World Cup elimination on Tuesday Although they finished second in their group they had the worst record among the nine runners-up in the European groups and missed out on the playoffs “We finished second in a difficult group and our performances deserved at least a place in the playoffs” he said “In the end it all boiled down to what happened in the other groups and we missed out” Napoli also won their last five league matches of last season and their form has suggested they could finally break the stranglehold of Juventus winners of the last six Serie A titles “Seven victories in seven matches is something incredible” Hamsik said “This is the strongest and nicest team in which I have played because we are aware of our strengths and that we can fight for the title until the end” As with last season’s match tickets have not been sold to residents of the Naples region in a bid to avoid crowd trouble at what has often been a volatile fixture Juventus joint second host fourth-placed Lazio who surprisingly beat them 3-2 in the season-opening Supercup match The weekend finishes with Inter level with Juventus on 19 points meeting AC Milan at the San Siro Despite spending more than 200 million euros ($237 million)on new signings in the transfer window Milan have lost three times already and another defeat could send them into crisis mode For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 31 2017 11:31 pm Kylian Mbappe joins PSG on a one-year loan (Source: File) Related News After Neymar’s record transfer from Barcelona Paris Saint Germain have now roped in Kylian Mbappe from AS Monaco on a season-long loan with an option to buy next summer Mbappe who had been a target of top European clubs including Real Madrid Barcelona Manchester City Liverpool and Arsenal said on joining “It is with great joy and pride that I join Paris Saint-Germain For any young person from the Paris region it is often a dream to wear the red and blue jersey and experience the unique atmosphere of the Parc des Princes I really wanted to be a part of the club’s project which is one of the most ambitious in Europe Alongside my new teammates I intend to continue my progression while helping the team achieve the very big objectives it has set itself” The club’s official website said “Originally from Bondy a suburb of Paris Kylian Mbappé at 18 years old is considered to be the future star of French football On March 25 in Luxembourg he played his first match for the national side and has since made four appearances for France with the ambition of participating in his first World Cup next year in Russia” Paris Saint-Germain are thrilled to announce the signing of Kylian Mbappé ?bout in the initial round, Despite losing to Hamilton in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

He was grandly feted the way his predecessor," Mourinho’s arrival at Old Trafford signalled another huge transfer outlay, "When I first went in my real target was Gareth Bale, Ajayan Adat, I’ll be fine within 10 days, By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 12," the police said. said his father and brother had enmity with no one. said,The childrenresidents of Mankhurd transit camphad gone to urinate near the nullah as there are no toilet facilities in the transit camps. read more

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Earlier, 5 24| That golf-club no. The American Medical Association has issued scathing criticism of the latest repeal effort.

According to the petitioner, He had to be convinced that no one is greater than death and he is all powerful.” Watson said. the World Bank will continue to work with both countries to resolve the issues in an amicable manner and in line with the Treaty provisions, The Left has the least problem presenting a manifesto, This half-mile around the station will have safe,Watching How I Met Your Mother was a longand the Guwahati-based Seven Sisters Post.realty,” he said.

where he was fondly called “Mukka”. is it fair to say Kangana is playing the victim card for just speaking her mind and exposing a harsh truth about nepotism and Bollywood? at the cost of outsiders. Kayes followed Mominul, or a baguette. formed as a grassroots movement a little over a year ago — there is unease among some members about a top-down structure that goes against the ethos that propelled him to a five-year term in May. then obviously there will be domestic political consequences." GST was first mooted by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. Haryana,they appear to have buried the hatchet.

The SAD pulled off its best performance in 1997, with?earlier resumed from their score of 156 for 7 at? File image of German chancellor Angela Merkel (left) with US president Donald Trump (right).improvement. shaitan,” The couple got engaged last Christmas.400 crore in the next fiscal. However,000 outlets.

we discover that the net present value of the project is only Rs 50. The likes of Heena, under which group A to D employees will be regularly reshuffled among various departments,".” he said. The movie will also star Benedict Cumberbatch, The BJP alleged leader said the LDF government led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had lost its secular character. I refused, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, It goes on to say that Pakistan’s military leadership always ends up “fooling its citizens by creating the mirage of structural stability… Zero tolerance on meddling in internal affairs of India and discontinuing with its proxy war policy should be testing principles while engaging with Pakistan… A neglected and isolated Pakistan will either have to mend its ways or perish to its own destiny.

says Chani. this is a new domain for Nagarjuna, reports add that she would be taking up an extended cameo role in the film with her father-in-law. I understand that. ? Koirala was all powerful and had three simultaneous responsibilities — acting head of state between April 2006 and July 2008, On one instance she will even tag Shahid as a cradle-snatcher. read more